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    Yo Radio Show

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    Get Ready For A Hot! 2 Hype Saturday With Your Favorite DJ. Muzik From Yo Radio.
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    The Madhouse Radio Network *Put Yo Ass On Blast "Family or Not"*

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    Tonight....CD aka Crazy Dirk, plans on GOING OFF!!! Put Yo Ass On Blast....Family Or Not!!! He just doesn't care!!!! Its going to be uncut and 100% REAL!!!! He is not playing!!!! Enjoy the show and Welcome Inside Of The Madhouse!!!!!

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    Yo Radio W/ Muzik.

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    Yo Radio Interviewing Pam Sweeney tune in and hear what she doing in the gospel game With S.W.A.M.P. Magazine. Saint With a Mission & Purpose.


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    Yo Yo Yo

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    Not Yo Mommas Radio Show

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    Get ready for "Not Yo Mommas Radio Show" on the Pipebomb Radio Network TONIGHT (8pm EST/ 7pm CST / 5pm PST) hosted by former WWE Superstars of the groundbreaking tag team of Men on a Mission, Oscar and Mo with Dreami Mimi. One thing is for sure, when Oscar and Mo are on together... the cannons will be set to fire and opinions will soar as "Not Yo Mommas Radio Show" takes over the Pipebomb Radio Network!

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    The Ancient Cherokee Church of The One God YO HEE WAAH​

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    Ancient Cherokee Church of The One God YO HEE WAAH?

    Explore The Ancient Cherokee Church of the One God YO HEE WAAH Native American Church website at http://TheAncientCherokeeChurchOfTheOneGodYoHeWaah.org/


    Since 1 B.C., there has not been a Christian who does not tell of “Jesus” by using that very same name. Since 500 A.D., there has not been a Muslim who does not tell of Mohammed by using that very same name. In 1750, the Cherokees knew Jesus and God by five commonly accepted Old Testament names, yet knew nothing of the New Testament name “Jesus”. Where and how did the Cherokees obtain such ancient knowledge? When asked, upon first contact with Europeans, they replied “directly from God”.

    Go Hee Dah
    (A Long Time Ago)

    “We Cherokee knew long before the Good Apostle John that what ever is true is from Unayklanahi, the one creator of all things, God.” “You need not bow to other human permission to believe in anything you believe to be true; as a Cherokee it is your responsibility to do so without fear, for this is the most traditional way of the Cherokee.”

    The one God of the Cherokee was not the vengeful god of a small tribe of war loving people. The one God in whom the Cherokee believe is benevolent and has no specific chosen people.


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    Yo Radio With MuzikMan

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    Hey lets get your Praise On with Yo Radio
    Wed.28,2009.. keep it locked.Its Gone be Hotttt!2p.

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    Not Yo Mommas Radio Show with special Guest Kamala

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    Hailing from the Jungles of Uganda, Kamala was one of the most savage and terrifying Superstars professional wrestling has ever seen. No one, not even his long-time handler, Kim Chee ever seemed to know what the Ugandan Giant's next move would be, leading to a many bad nights for the men that stood across from him. Having trained alongside names like Michael Hayes, Percy Pringle, and Terry Gordy just to name a few, Kamala was groomed to be one of the greats. He debuted in 1978, facing The Great Mephisto. Harris originally wrestled as Sugar Bear Harris, then "Ugly Bear" Harris and "Big" Jim Harris. In 1982, Kamala first came into the wrestling scene when he was brought into Mid-South and World Class Championship Wrestling by the devious General Skandor Akbar. While there, he terrorized numerous opponents before leaving for WWE in 1984 going on to face superstars like The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, and Jake "The Snake" Roberts for example. Tonight Oscar and Sir Mo will speak about all that and so much more when Kamala invades Not Yo Mommas Radio show

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    KXYS Express Yo Self Radio

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    KXYS EXPRESS YO SELF RADIO with the speak her mind, sexy Host Kalypzo and KR the hip hop hood wink L7 is gonna have some fun, speak on the real and begin the week with some great topics, Current communty outrageous news, "War On Drugs Segment 1" How drugs was brought and took over the country. We are gonna give the percentage of drug usage in different races and how we can change the community with ways to keep it out your home.
    " KXYS South Central Soundz" will be doing an excluzive interview with ILLTONE, Ill Tone is formerly part of the hip-hop group Broken Logic. Who has shared the stages with multiple group such as Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko bringing his Canadian hip-hop music to the USAwith his music "Likes and Dislikes from his new EP, Songs About N0thing and a few more tracks.  www.illtonemusic.com 
    On our relationship topic we will be gettinto when does jealosy becomes possive and how do you catch the signs before it becomes, "CRAZY,DERANGE" We also gonna do our good old 80 babies segment.So come catch us September 5 at 9pm-12am Call in number is (714) 242-5263IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE ON THE SHOW EMAIL KXYS AT BOOKING@KXYSEXPRESSYOSELF.NET OR YOU CAN ALL (323) 982-8950 and book an inteview.

  • Coon Train's Coming...

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    Tonight, 8pm Central, 'The Rundown with Renee' on Yo Momma Black Radio.. HERE  WE GO AGAIN!... The Coon Train is coming back around, & this week we finally get to go in! Charles Barkley, Ray Hagins, Kevin Heart, Raven Symone, Pharrell Williams, & Michael Jordan are all on-board!! This is an Anti-Politically Correct Zone!! Join us to Listen/Comment/Question @ (929)  477-3763 or click the link...   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/yomommablack/2014/12/18/coon-trains-coming

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    CHOO! CHOO! The Coon Train is coming!...

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    Tonight at 8pm CST, 'The Rundown with Renee', on Yo Momma Black Radio, is all about the train. The COON Train! Renee & Dahwah will go in on all the coons coming out the woodwork lately & why! On the Mike Brown & Eric Garner cases, comments made by Charles Barkley, Ray Hagins, Pharrell Williams, Kevin Hart, Raven Symone & etc, will all be discussed. Join us to get in on the action! Listen/Comment/Question @ (929) 477-3763 or click the link below.. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/yomommablack/2014/12/11/choo-choo-the-coon-train-is-coming

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