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    World Talk Rock Report WIth Kat Vecchione & Chuck Skull

    in Entertainment

    Chuck Skull & Kat Vecchione once again take you from the Hollywood to the Hollyweird. Oh, and don't forget, ICE HOCKEY, AND THIS IS A NO WRESTLING, NO DRAMA, AND NO REALITY ZONE!!! Live chat and simulcasting with mixlr Radio, so call into the show!!! 646.478.5337

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    NWO's Impending Analysis Report Pt. 4 "History of the NWO" Founding Fathers

    in History

    Tonight, we will continue on with the Founding Fathers role in the Illuminati plan for the New World. Join Dr_Impending and Carla V. from Hidden Agendas as we plunge forth into this intense history lesson of The Order of the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, Rosicrians, Knights Templar and so much more to come. If knowldege is power, then we hold the key. Only on the World Famous NWO Truth Radio. Studio line (657)383-1541, press 1 to join the conversation. subscribe to us on youtube New World Order Live 

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    The Gettin It In Show: The Beast System

    in Radio

    No one can properly understand what’s going on in the world today unless you begin with the Word of God. The Bible teaches in 2nd Corinthians 4:4 that Satan is the god of this sinful world. As such, Satan needs a way to control this world. Satan uses occult organizations to accomplish this. Such organizations are: Skull and Bones (officially The Order Of Death), Rosicrucians, Bohemian Grove, the Russian Orthodox Church, Freemasonry and others. The word "occult" means "secret." Satan operates in secrecy because his works are evil, and must be hid from the eyes of the public, lest Christians expose Satan's works of darkness (Ephesians 5:11). The Devil works through members of the occult to infiltrate and influence every area of society — religion, the music industry, public schools, Hollywood, The Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), the United Nations (UN), Wall Street, corporations, government, et cetera. But is it deeper than the Bible and is there a metaphysical meaning behind the Beast system? 

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    Red River Radio Tales from the Pages Presents Rebecca Jaycox and Alonna Williams

    in Books

    On Thursday, January 28th at 4PM EST - 6PM please join Barbara Ehrentreu for Red River Radio Tales from the Pages. My guests for this first show of the new year will be Rebecca Jaycox and Alonna Williams who writes for children and has written sci fi too. This looks to be a show you won't want to miss. Rebecca Jaycox has written The Other Inheritance, a YA book that delves into the realm of fantasy. Alonna Williams has written several books, Pirates of the Lost Cove: Journal of the Red Skull  Book 1 and Pirates of the Lost Cove: The Skeleton Key - Book 2.  and The Last Borns. Also there is always the possibility of guests calling in on any of my shows. Learn all about their lives and their writing as I interview both of these new authors. 

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    Spiritual Gifts What Are They and Do You Have Them?

    in Spirituality

    Meet Pearl James:

    Have you ever thought if people knew what you can do they would think you’re crazy?

    Well they might. Some have certainly thought I was. My story is almost as old as me.

    I had my first experience with my spiritual gifts at only 2 years old it was so freighting to me that I closed that door hard and fast. I put a big padlock on it and a bold sign that said “DANGER KEEP OUT”. And so I thought I was safe but as a teenager I again thought I would take a peek just for fun, just to see what would happen, so served as a medium for my friends at a party one night. This experience was just as terrifying as the first so back on went the lock and banner and I added a brand of skull and cross bones. That should keep me safe and sane.

    I was not going down that path ever again! But “THINGS” kept happening that I didn’t want to think about and so for the next 35 years I lived in denial. I ignored all the “crazy things” until one day I realized that lots of people considered me a little crazy. I could not ignore the mountain of evidence that there was something just a little different, a little off, a little…crazy about Pearl. So I decided to take another peek on the other side of the scary, scary door. At first I opened it just enough to let the hidden evidence fall out and I learned ways to protect myself spiritually and I begin to see me in a different way. Now,almost 20 years later I actually like me and yes, some people consider me completely crazy, but I know I am Crazy the Right Way. Accepting and embracing my Spiritual Gifts, though not always easy, has been a blessing to me and is my gift to the world.

    Join us as we journey down the path on Accepting and Embracing Your Spiritual Gifts.



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    BtP Ep12 - 67?!? Don't add any characters on your way through the parking lot!

    in Pop Culture

    Get your Windex and paper towels, nerdgasms abound in the first 10 minutes.  Brian “Third Leg” Ibbott drops a load of MCU’s “Infinity War” speculation and swaps thoughts with Charles and Paul.  The Russo brothers drop a possible spoiler bomb of information, in a recent interview.  The hosts wax geeketic on how to introduce FF and Spiderman into the MCU.

    Ryan Coogler is set to visualize and guide the creed of the Black Panther and direct the future of Wakanda in the MCU.  The hosts reveal they haven't seen Creed.  SPOILERS, it's awesome!!  Paul fantasizes high ideals and tone for the upcoming feature.

    ABC teases upcoming Marvel projects, consisting of a second comedy, a Mockingbird pilot order, and a secret project helmed by John Ridley; the hosts fill-in the blanks with their flights of fancy.

    Deadpool gets crafty with alternative billboards and pitches to get more of the ladies into the theater.






    Hosts: Charles McFall, Paul Klotz, Brian Ibbott

    Producer: Mike Woodard

    Breaking the Panel is brought to you by the Giant Size Team Up Network.

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    World Talk Rock Report With Kat Vecchione & Chuck Skull

    in Entertainment

    It's Thanksgiving Bash on "WORLD TALK ROCK REPORT"!!!  Smash your mash, scram your yams, and sunkin your pumpkins!!!


    Again we go from The Hollywood to the Hollyweird, and everything in between.  We keep it REAL!!!  Call into the show at 646.478.5337 and also hang out in our chat rooms here and in mixlr.com

    Don't forget this is our last week on Blog Talk Radio, so we will say our goodbyes here.  Thanks BTR for having WTRR for over 10 years!!!!

    Don't forget, we'll be on mixlr, icloud, soundcloud, itunes, audioboom, and american patriot radio dot coms coming next week!!!

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    Darkness joins Sign Guy's Wrestling Show

    in Sports

    From the PNW comes one of the creepiest wrestlers to hit the scene in a long while. Darkness makes his way to the show for the first time ever. He's often holding conversations with both his minion, Minion, as well as a skull. He's had an unholy alliance with Emperor Void as well as making a huge splash as a singles competitor. We'll make an attempt to get into what makes this man tick in what could be one of our more unique interviews of all time.

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    Author2Author with Eliot Pattison

    in Writing

    Bill welcomes novelist Eliot Pattison to the show. Pattison  has been described as a "writer of faraway mysteries," a label which is particularly apt for someone whose travel and interests span such a broad spectrum. After reaching a million miles of global trekking, visiting every continent but Antarctica, Pattison stopped logging his miles and set his compass for the unknown. In the late 1990's he decided to combine his deep concerns for the people of Tibet with his interest in venturing into fiction by writing The Skull Mantra, which won the Edgar Award for Best First Mystery. We will be discussing among other things, his most recent historical novel, Blood of the Oak. Don't miss it!

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    The Big Perm Show #91 - A Night Of Peoria Comedy w/ guest Brett Erickson

    in Entertainment

    The train wreck leaves the station this Sunday night @ 8 p.m. CST /  9 p.m. EST !! Don't miss it !!

    Joining us at 8:30 p.m. CST this Sunday night will be Peoria Comedy Legend ....... Brett Erickson !! Brett is performing this weekend at The Jukebox Comedy Club and will join us to talk about a number of topics that just might peel your skull back !! 

    We'll also be talking shit and crushing feelings with our brand of uncensored & adulterated fun !! Join us as we fill your ear holes with talk about everything from gun control & micropenises to death & taxes !!

    If you're feelin' froggy.... LEAP !! Call in and be a part of the conversation at (347) 857-1024

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    in Military

    Bobby Henline is an American hero who spreads joy and hope through his love of stand-up comedy.A veteran of Desert Storm by age 19,Bobby was inspired to re-enlist in the Army after the attacks on Sept.11th, 2001.He deployed to Iraq three times.Twice with the 82nd Airborne Division and once with the 3rd Armored Calvary regiment.On April 7th, 2007,tragedy struck when Bobby’s Humvee was hit by a roadside bomb just north of Bagdad.Of five men in the vehicle,Bobby was the only survivor.Over 38% of his body was burned and his head was burned to the skull; he spent six months in the hospital fighting for his life,and within two years Bobby’s left hand had to be amputated.To date he has had over 40 surgeries.
    In Aug ,2009 Bobby pinky swore with his occupational therapist that he would try stand-up comedy in LA while he was in town for a doctor’s visit. Shortly thereafter, during an open mic night at the Comedy Store,Well-Done Comedian was born.Bobby believes that God kept him alive for a reason

    Rev.Bill McDonald Known in the military veteran community as the ultimate advocate and supporter of both his fellow Vietnam veterans He has been assisting and aiding both communities since the end of the Vietnam War and his own return to civilian life.He lobbies both the California St. legislature as well as Congress as a pro bono crusader of veteran rights and issues.Bill was a Huey helicopter crew-chief/door-gunner with the famed Tomahawks 128th Assault Helicopter Company in Phu Loi,South Vietnam in 66-67.This was one of the most decorated helicopter units in the war. He was awarded many medals and ribbons including The Distinguished Flying Cross,The Bronze Star Medal, 14 Air Medals,The Purple Heart Medal.author of several books A Spiritual Warrior’s Journey Purple Hearts Scared Eye and his newly updated autobiography Warrior A Spiritual Odyssey” A new book is coming out next year Alchemy of a Warrior’s Heart