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    Recycling Rare Earth Metals To Minimize the Global Footprint

    in Energy

    Rare earth metals are actually not rare in and of themselves but tend to be present with other compounds in very small quantities. Rare earth metals are used for a myriad of reasons including electronics, fuel cells, fiber optics, magnets, CRT’s and LCD’s, as well as their extensive use in green technology. In this segment of The Clean Energy View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to expert, Jack Lifton, a Founding Principal of Technology Metals Research, LLC and a Senior Fellow of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security. We are going to address the issues of recycling for reducing the global footprint and as we also reduce the use of fossil fuels. 

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    Carbon Footprint For The Million Man March

    in Real Estate

    The Million Man March was an event that took place on October 16th 1995.  19 years ago.  Many say it was a successful event and then you also have some that say it was not.

    Today on "It's My House" we shall measure the Million Man Marches "carbon footprint".   We shall define what a "carbon footprint" is and then relate it that definition in everyday practical terms; plus add in major events since the Million Man March that might not had happened if the people who participated in the event know what a "carbon footprint" was.

    We shall also explain why knowing what a carbon footprint is so important and in knowing, one can reverse the effects of white supremacy. 

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    Networking CEO: Susan Newman, Visual Footprint Expert

    in Business

    Susan Newman


    Brand Visibility Expert — Award Winning Designer —

    Visual Footprint Mentor — Speaker — Author — Environmentalist


    Susan Newman is a brand visibility designer and visual footprint expert. Since 1994, Susan Newman Design, Inc. has built a reputation for developing award-winning, innovative, branding design, quality print marketing and creative, functionally sound web solutions throughout the United States and abroad. SNDI designs for entrepreneurs, small businesses, start-ups, and international corporations. Susan is the founder and host of Broadcast Louder, an online educational webinar series for entrepreneurs and small businesses, and the host of Suzy Brandtastic, an internet radio show. Susan is also the co-founder of Frogs Are Green, LLC, an environmental awareness organization.

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    Lynnclaire Dennis : A Footprint in Eternity, Discovering Your Youniverse

    in Spirituality

    Lynnclaire Dennis' life is a true love story. Recounting two Near Death Experiences in “A Footprint in Eternity” it is clear that her autobiography and work exceeds that of one woman.  The story she tells is mine and yours for a royal We is reflected in every me. 

    It's the story behind the scientific/academic book  "The Mereon Matrix: Unity, Perspective and Paradox"; and the small guide book "Discovering Your Youniverse and Living Plan Be" that present why and how her life work is providing a new understanding about the science of life, the art living, and the dynamic nature of social science, life-like systems. 

     A Footprint in Eternity
    http://www.mereon.org                                                                              http://www.twitter.com.MereonLegacy
    ?The BeLonging Projects

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    Your Digital Footprint Leaves a Trail: 5 secrets about online brandbuilding

    in Social Networking

    Host Lori Wilk, founder and Chief Creative Officer of Successipes whose companies inspire and lead entrepreneurs from ideas to actions, from possibilities to profitability through education media and marketing welcomes her special gues, Patricia Monica Ojeda will discuss how "Your digital footprint" leaves a trail. Patricia makes it clear that there's no place to hide online and that your activities are searchable and what you do does not disappear .Patricia Monica Ojeda is a Sr. Management Consultant and Executive Coach and runs her own consulting company.She is a leader in the Hispanic business community and IT industry. In this episode you'll learn some of the secrets of online brandbuilding and also the 5 things that could wreck your reputation and online brandbuilding efforts. Lori Wilk will Co-Host this episode with Ellen J. Harris, Founder and CEO http://www.BusinessAccelerated.com and creator of the One Hour Business Plan. Follow Lori on Twitter@Successipes. Participate in her fanpage at http://www.Facebook.com/LoriWilkpresents. Attend live upcoming events including http://www.4LeapsOnline.com

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    Concerned Voices - by Latasha Vanish

    in Youth

    Topic:Youth Ministry; Being who God wants us to be join us for our 508th episode of BevNat

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    What Have You Done in 2013--What's Your Hand & FootPrint?

    in Lifestyle

    2013 has come and is almost gone--- thinking back @ this year ask yourself this--"What Have I done to leave my Hand & FootPrint ? Whether you have or haven't, let's talk about it. Join me and my guest:author, Transformational Life Teacher/Trainer, Coach, Speaker,BlogtalkRadio Show Host--  Dianne Rosena Jones  as we RECAP your Year and discuss tips for how to make your Hand & Footprints last in 2014.

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    Past Lives with Melinda Vail ~ LIVE Call In!

    in Health

    Caroline’s guest today is Melinda Vail, clairvoyant, medium, and spiritual life coach who will talk about the karmic footprint and its effects on your physical, emotional, and spiritual field. Melinda teaches that there are five attributes of your karmic footprint. Nature, or your personality traits; physically from your DNA and family background; and nurture, the belief system or what you were taught as a child about yourself. Melinda will discuss the Akashic records, or the wisdom you brought in from past lives; and how you relate to and create through "The Law of Attraction," And she will provide readings with those who have crossed over. Please join Melinda and Caroline in a fascinating discussion to help unlock all of the "secret" information you may hold in your energy field!

    “I’ve been a Caroline Sutherland fan ever since the first moment I met her in the ’90s. In fact, she fulfilled a dream of mine. At our first meeting, Caroline looked at me, clearly saw my deficiencies and nutritional needs, and on the spot designed a special plan for my particular body. I felt understood for the first time.”
    - Louise Hay, Author of You Can Heal Your Life


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    Serious Microhydro: Using Local Energy Sources & A Min Eco Footprint

    in Energy

    Waterpower is the largest source of renewable energy in the world today, and microhydro is a mature, proven technology that can provide clean, inexpensive, renewable energy with little or no impact on the environment. Serious Microhydro brings you dozens of firsthand stories of energy independence covering a complete range of systems, from household pressure sites to higher pressure installations capable of powering a farm, business, or small neighborhood. Topics include: Low head and medium head sites, AC-only systems as well as ones using a battery/inverter subsystem, Stand alone power supply or grid intertie setups, and Hybrid systems (combined with photovoltaics or wind). With all the variables involved in microhydro, there is no “typical” system. These case studies represent the most comprehensive collection of knowledge and experience available for tailoring an installation to meet the needs of a site and its owner or operators. If you are considering building a system, you are bound to find a wealth of creative solutions appropriate to your own circumstances. Serious Microhydro shows how scores of people are achieving a high standard of living from local energy sources with a minimal ecological footprint. It has particular appeal to homeowners, teachers, renewable energy professionals, activists, and decision makers who want to understand the technology from a “hands-on” perspective. In this segment of The Clean Energy View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to Scott Davis, an award-winning renewable energy project developer with decades of experience operating, installing, designing, selling, and teaching microhydro technology. He is a founder and president of Friends of Renewable Energy BC, and the author of Microhydro: Clean Power From Water.

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    Shattered Lives: WildBlue Press Author Series - BRADLEY NICKELL

    in Books


    A twenty-three year veteran of the Las Vegas Police Department, Bradley Nickell discovered a hidden talent, writing. His first endeavor, REPEAT OFFENDER, is the ultimate true crime, life on the streets of Vegas from the birdseye view of a police officer working hard to protect the community.  

    A contributor to American COP Magazine and POLICE Magazine, writing law enforcement-themed features, Nickell found enjoyment in the writing process and began to use his experiences to formulate his true crime book. Nickell says, "It’s not just about entertainment or education for me, my passion is to leave a footprint that lasts." 


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    One of 27 Ice Cream Shops To Visit Before You Die

    in Business

    We are meeting with and Jim Ryan, COO of CREAM.  Headquartered in Millbrae, California and recently named one of "27 Ice Cream Shops You Need To Visit Before You Die," CREAM is a rapidly growing fast casual restaurant business that specializes in high quality ice cream sandwiches and other confections.

    Founded in 2010 and franchising since 2012, CREAM currently has eight locations open and operating throughout California's Bay Area and plans to expand its national footprint over the next several years.

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