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    The Catch Up Show! Its been a while

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    Its been a while since my last show, so we're going to talk everything! Baseball, football, basketball, hockey, I'll get as much as I can in. Who's loving baseball's next wave? Joc Pederson, Mookie Betts, Kris Bryant anyone? All that and more, hoping to get some calls! Be sure to tune in!

  • Parents Perspective ..... Open Forum

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    This evening we would like to open up the phone lines for conversation and dialog on any and all aspects of sports minus sports scores.  Let us look at the industry from a parents perspective and how it affects not only us, but our families as well.  Let's talk basketball, football, baseball, and more.  Will the concussion issue hinder the games of footbal, soccer amd lacrosse as we know it today?  Will the change in initial eligibility GPA for Division I athletes help or hurt children in low income communities?  These are some of the topics we would like to explore and more.

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    NFL Draft Podcast featuring David Cooper, Indiana, LB

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    Cooper started all 36 games during his time in Bloomington and recorded eight-or-more tackles 16 times. He wrapped up his career with 231 stops, 136 solo, with 5.5 sacks (41 yards), 18 tackles for loss (63 yards), one forced fumble, one fumble recovery and four pass breakups. Cooper graduated with a bachelor of liberal studies degree in December 2014.

    2014 Honors: Named IU's Defensive Teammate of the Year.

    2014 (Senior): Finished fourth on the team with 60 tackles, 34 solo, with three tackles for loss ... started all 12 games ... paced the team in tackles twice (Indiana State and Penn State) ... opened the season with eight stops and one TFL in the Indiana State win ... made nine tackles the following game at Bowling Green ... collected six stops and one tackle for loss at Michigan and against Penn State ... posted seven tackles vs. No. 8 Michigan State ... closed out his career with six stops, five solo, in the Purdue win ... netted six games with six-or-more tackles.

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    F*#! The Grammy's

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    I have had it with the supposed "mainstream music" disregarding Hard Rock and Metal music like we are some disease to be cut out and disgarded.  So we get about 8 Minutes of real Rock N Roll with AC/DC  (other than a bunch of shots of  Paul McCartney dancing in the aisle to ELO, very disturbing, and a cameo for him performing with Rhianna and Kanye West) and then we get ignored for the remainder of the show. I mean even Jeff Hannemann gets left out of the "In Memoriam" segment, why because he was only in Slayer so he doesn't count? I am officially boycotting this putrid show until they start to acknowledge my favorite music and they rid us of Kayne West. I am so tired of this idiot forcing his views and opinions on us and subjecting to his "singing" (great use of the Auto-tune app) that I am gonna dedicate a portion of this show to my rants and feelings are this subject. So please tune to Hear that and I would love to hear your opinions on this topic.

    I will also give my take on the Quiet Riot Documentary that just saw . I

    We will also turn the page on the footbal season and start our assault on the remainder of the winter sports and of course Baseball, the national past time (maybe). We will spend some time breaking down the off season for both teams and discuss the many issues facing both teams with Pitchers and Catchers ready to report.

    Boy I am  not sure 2 hours is enough time to fit this all in but I will do my best and I look forward to our usual witty banter (ok maybe not). So tune into blogtalkradio.com This coming Thursday Night @ 6:30p.m. est and I will give you my best effort as always.


    So please bring the Noize!!!


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    Seth and Sean Sports

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    Seth Kamens and Sean Palmer return tonight to discuss the situation concerning Johnny Football, The Superbowl , and the Greatness of Tom Brady. Sean will also express his anger on a brand new episode of Seth and Sean Sports.As always the boys are coming to you live from the big bad New York City.. Call in to discuss 760-283-0846 #sethandseansports #superbowl #NFL #Backsportspage!! Check out the show page on Facebook and on Twitter!!




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    BAMS prepares for National Signing Day with Richie Petitbon

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    Recruiting is coming down to the wire, and BAMS is all over the visitors, and potential flips. We will be joined by 2015 Tide commit Richie Petitbon to discuss the recruiting class, and we will also welcome Luke Robinson to discuss a bit of basketball onto the program. Cary Clark, Drew DeArmond and Thomas Watts will also expound on the newly minted 2015 Crimson Tide coaching staff. The action starts at 7:00 this evening. Be there, or be Auburn

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    Can we just play the game already!!

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    Deflate Gate! Can we stop with this already? It's just days away from the next national holiday (unofficially), the Superbowl. The matchup between the Patriots and the Seahawks should be a great game, yet all I hear on local radio and the papers is DEFLATE GATE!!!. Listen I understand that people are fascinated with the Patriots and what they perceive is their thumbing of thier nose at the NFL and it's rules, but I think this has been all talked out and I hope we can spend some time breaking downs the ingame match ups and what I think will be the strategy each team will use to win this game. I hope to get you guys to call in and discuss your thoughts on the big game.

    Their is lots to talk about in music news, Michael Sweet and George Lynch just released a cd and I will give my review, Who is playing drums for AC/DC on their um coming tour?, Motley Crue announced where and when their final show will be played and I saw the video from their late night television apperance so we can discuss all of that and much much more.

    Please Tune in this Thursday Night @ 6:30 p.m. est to blogtalkradio.com and search "tom florio's Hard rockn sports" to hear this and more. and as always I would love to hear from you as well.

    Remember keep on Rock N'!!!!!


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    I will take the world "HEART BY HEART"

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    Thats right,as a follow up to the Pete Rose show last week, we will have Rock N Roll Hall of Famers and original members of the band HEART, on this weeks show. They are hitting the road with a new project called "HEART BY HEART" which is not a tribute band but a second incarnation of HEARTACCORDING To steve Fossen a Founding member and original Bass Player of the band. We will get into the origins of the original band, the breakup. Their coming together to play at the Rock N  Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony and finally, all the details on this new project.

    The NFL conference Champioship will be played the Sunday before the how so can discuss these games and touch on the Supebowl, 

    I wouls also like to get into some of the comings and goings of the current Hard Rock and Metal music scene so we will definitely be following up on that.

    So much stuff and so litte time to get there,so tune in This Thursday January 22 @ 6:30pm est to listen to this action packed show


    Keep on Rockn!!!


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    The Locker Room

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    There's a new sheriff in town, who's going to get that money, oh how the mighty have fallen, musical coaching chairs, and NFL Divisional round results.

    NOTE: If you have facebook, join our group page on WTLC Talk Radio.

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    Happy 80th Birthday Elvis!!

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    Yes My first show back on Thursday nights after the Holiday Hiatus, just happens to be the King of Rock N Rolls 80th Birthday. While I will not be spending a hude amaount of time on ElvisPresley, I would be remiss not at least celebrate the Kings Birthday. 

    The NFL Playoffs began this weekend and we will discuss the results of those games and preview next Weekends Divsional playoffs games as well. Divisional weekend is always the best week end of football.

    The coaching carousel in the NFL is turning and we will spend a few minutes disecting each of the positions and talk about the Jets hadling of their two openings. Did Doug Marrone leave the BILLS head coaching job with some knowledge that he was coveted by the Jets? Some people think so, and I will certainly give you my opinion. 

    I will try and give you my year end on the Giants, we will talk Rangers Hockey, as the team is playing at an elite level and the Knicks who are not. 

    So much to discuss and we will squeeze in some Music news and play you some tunes to start off our new year.

    So make sure you tune in this Thursday January 8th at 6:30 pm est and listen to my rants and by all means call me with yours


    Thanks and Keep on RockN!!!!