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    Diabetes and Foot Problems

    in Health

    Please visit our website at www.WhyMeDiabetes.org

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    Big Foot Exists: An interview with Thomas Steenburg

    in Paranormal

    Thomas Steenburg: www.sasquatch-bc.com. Thomas is one of the legends in studying and researching the legend of Sasquatch. Thomas has travelled all over the Pacific Northwest of North America, searching for Big Foot. He has also recorded hundreds of encounters from everyday people, and has found thousands of footprints and casted the giant feet. His 30 year quest still isn’t close to being over.

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    Get Fit, Feel Fabulous with Britt: "The Foot Guy" Talks Reflexology!

    in Lifestyle

    Curious about the benefits of reflexology?

    Tune in to Get Fit, Feel Fabulous with Britt when "The Foot Guy" Scott Donat joins the show:

    Scott Donat was born in Ontario, Canada, in 1963. He had an extraordinarily difficult childhood and was an alcoholic by age 16. In 1986, he moved to Florida, got married, and quit drinking. His emotional and spiritual growth began in AA and expanded when he became involved with emotional breakthrough workshops as a participant and facilitator. He has since become a certified reflexologist, hypnotherapist, and ordained minister. Today, Scott is known as The FootGuy, and he uses Reflexology, essential oils, and his personal wisdom and insight to help guide others on their paths to health and wellness.

    During the live show, Britt and Scott welcome your calls at (347) 945-7246. Please join them for an informative program all about reflexology!

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    Mother/Source Puts Her Foot Down, with the Company of Heaven at Her Side.

    in Spirituality

    This week we will be broadcasting on Saturday, May 9th at 2 PM EDT instead of our usual Wednesday show.  Mother God will speak of the decision to create a course change in Earth's wavering trajectory by putting her foot down concerning the attacks on Lightworkers in recent years.  No dark elements will be allowed free reign any longer.  Hear it in her own words, through Kathryn.

    What a celebration!  This very special Saturday show has been planned by the Company of Heaven to bring you up to date on developments in the Universe.

    The Masters on our show will help to provide an enhanced field to help you reach through the Veil to break through to new connections with Higher Dimensions.

    Come share this exciting show.  You will be amazed when you hear what is being prepared for you.

    Looking forward to connecting with our Family of Light,

    Kathryn and the Team

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    Getting Your Foot in the Door

    in Jobs

    Who says job hunting has to be so hard?

    Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter has been helping people find work by recruiting, providing great information and coaching without any BS for more than 40 years. He is a LIvePerson job hunting expert.

    You can receive a complimentary subscription to No B. S. Job Search Advice Ezine (a $499 value) at www.Jeff Altman.com.  While you're there, explore the great content and job search tools to help you find work.


    On this show, Jeff will speak about a number of ways to get your foot in the door with a company.

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    When Love Hurts: Making Your Pain Your Foot Stool

    in Family

    Monday, March 30th, 7pm

    Meshelle "Indie Mom of Comedy”
    Comedienne/Award Winning Playwright/Author/
    "When Love Hurts: Making Your Pain Your Foot Stool"

    Often times we find ourselves in situations where love hurts. It
    paralyzes us into believing that a better life can't be obtained. Our
    girls love and they love hard. Understanding how to overcome hurt is
    important for their self-esteem. Join us for this critical discussion.

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    Honor Thy Author-" Let Me See...Your Foot Work"

    in Books

    Topic: “Let Me See…..Your Foot Work"  

    Guests: Author Randy Coxton

                Author Corey Esco

                 Author  Malaysia Rose

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    Chronic Foot Pain with Dr. Roy Mathews DPM

    in Health

    Chronic foot pain can impair your mobility, affect your ability to exercise, and may indicate other medical issues. In this episode, we'll be talking to Dr. Roy Mathews, a podiatrist practicing in Vancouver and New Westminster. With his extensive background in Kinesiology, as well as in amateur and professional sports, Dr. Mathews focuses a large portion of his Podiatric practice on relieving the persistent foot pain of his patients. Dr. Mathews shares his wealth of experience and expertise widely, lecturing regularly to businesses and running clubs across the city, as well as to the Vancouver Sun Run clinics. Tune in to this episode if you have any questions or comments on any of the following foot ailments:

    Chronic Lateral Foot Pain
    Club Foot
    Corns, Warts, or Bunions
    Damage to Tendons
    Diabetic Foot
    Fallen Arches
    Flat Feet
    Foot Fracture
    Heel Spurs
    Ligament Sprains
    Morton’s Neuroma
    Plantar Fasciitis
    Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Stress Fractures
    Turf Toe

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    Desiree Interviews Tina Aldatz, Founder of Foot Petals

    in Business

    TINA ALDATZ, Entrepreneur and CEO, made her mark on the world as a self-starting entrepreneur and founder of Foot Petals, the revolutionary line of designer insole cushions for women’s high heels. Listen as she shares her story, challenges, victories and secrets to success.  In a nutshell...Tina  grew up in a domestically violent home, I was a child of drug and alcohol addiction, we lived in a shelter for battered women and I was a pediatric burn survivor.  Tina created Foot Petals to help fill a gap in the market for women’s high-heeled foot support. Through her strength and tenacity, Foot Petals became a wildly successful multi-million dollar company that was recognized by Inc. 500 as one of the“500 fastest growing companies in America”. Tina has also been featured in Forbes Magazine as an “entrepreneur to watch” and was honored to become the 2011 National Latina Business Women Association’s (NLBWA) “Business Woman of the Year”.

    Sty tuned for hr upcoming book entitled "From Stilettos to the Stock Exchange".

    For more info visit www.TinaAldatz.com

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    PMP: Start the Year off on the Right Foot

    in Spirituality

    As some of you may recall, KaliSara said that she and Stormcrow had been tackling the cleaning and organizing of their home while the Bugs were at their grandparents. That inspired this episode. Cleaning/Cleansing your home and purging your life of unwanted and unneeded things and energies. So, let's start the year out on the right foot and start getting rid of stchuff we don't need!

    In this episode RevKess and KaliSara will take a step back to the basics and talk about some of the easy and necessary things to do to protect your home, your person, you family, and your belongings. Along the way they will talk about cleaning/cleansing your home, car, and even work place to make it a safer, happier, healthier place to be. They will also talk about some of the basics of self-care.

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    Foot Whispering

    in Health

    Randy Eady, M.Ed, former professor and therapeutic counselor in Behavioral Sciences and Leadership at the USAF Academy, Colorado is otherwise known as the foot whisperer. He has been using (and inventing) a variety of simple, affordable foot-focused tools successfully with clients, including renowned author, new-thought leader and wellness guru, Louise Hay for several years.  He says, “This approach is ideally suited to address movement and balance challenge conditions for people suffering a variety of symptoms or simply wanting to maintain or improve movement confidence." Randy is one of the featured speakers at the 2013 Parkinsons Recovery Summit in Santa Fe February 21st-24th. He will show how to apply an innovative "off-label" use of Far InfraRed delivered to the feet to help with circulation, neuropathy, toe-curling/muscle-cramping and will showcase a simple to use movement transcendence tool for balance, core strength and flow that helps frozen shoulders, lordosis, stenosis and other spine conditions, as well as improving range-of-motion and opening the pelvis/enhancing 3-D diaphragm expansion for better breathing, balance and cross-body coordination!

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