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    "… Fooling stupid Americans" – Jonathan Gruber

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    MIT professor Jonathan Gruber whose resume includes helping Governor Mitt Romney developed a Massachusetts health care reform otherwise known as Romneycare And help develop the Affordable Care Act or Obama care fully admits that he had to lie to help get the bill passed.

    Gruber who served as top Obama administration consultant during the writing of Obama care credited Obama care's passage to the lack of transparency and counted on the "stupidity of the American voter."… More

    – I want my Obama phone –

    Also on the program will talk about amnesty for illegal aliens as the present is getting ready to act with an executive order allowing at least 5 million illegal immigrants to stay in the country.

    We hope to get your comments pros or cons on this or anything else that's on your mind this Saturday, November 15, 2014 give us a call at 646-721-9887

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    Do You REALLY Want To Make Money? Or Are You Just Fooling Yourself

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    OK.. This is an open forum and we can discuss anything here.  How to make money online, whatever.  I get tons of questions about how to make money online from home but the FIRST thing you need to do is to take a personal inventory of your character.  Are you a self starter?  Do you follow through with tasks you begin?  Do you give up at the first sign of a problem?  Or do you work to find a solution to that problem?

    Let's face it people, business isn't for quitters and cry babies.  To be a success you need several attributes... you can't give up and you need balls of steel.  You need to be willing to do what the unsuccessful people are not willing to do... most of the time that means getting a SOLID education so you have the tools to be a success.  Just like building a house, you will need a solid foundation, good tools and a good work ethic to make something that will provide you a stable place to live.  

    My website is TheKinghumanElite.com and I have TONS of training materials there to get you on the path to success.  It's up to YOU to get real and take the classes.  If you're not willing to put in the time and learn, then no amount of coaching will help you.  Don't be lazy!  Do your homework FIRST!!!




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    White House Air Space Violated

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    So the Secret Service is playing off the recent intrusion of a drone on White House Grounds as no threat. Who are they fooling, this is a major threat. It is a vehicle that can used to drop a weapon or chemical agent of mass destructions. They could use  a drone to transport and detonate a bomb of some type. Clearly there is a weakness in the air defense system to detect low flying objects such as drones. If I were president I would be concerned that my daughters and mother in law and other relatives were placed in a threatening situation. How did it get there? Will they be able to trace it back to the person who flew it there. Depending on model there is one drone that can go at least a mile away from where it originated. This is a serious national security intrusion.

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    Alvin and Calvin Almond - Exclusive Interview -Thurs, Jan 22, 2015 - 7:00 PST

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    Alvin and Calvin Almond was born in the deep south of Virginia. Growing up in the era of Segregation, the identical twins started their music career at a early age of eight years of age. They traveled the southern chittling circuit throughout high school dancing and being known as the little James Browns Twins. Folks would come from all over to witness the magical JB moves that they performed. Playing saxophones and fooling people were very exciting for the twins. Even taking our show as we attended Morgan State University in Baltimore Md. Although being the youngest of five boys, we always kept that twinship even to this day. Doing our Lil James Brown routines and learning from his songs that taught us lifes values. We witnessed him several times live but never imagined that we were on a course that would one day bring us into Mr. Browns life as his godsons. Knowing that we must leave the south, we ventured some three thousand miles to California against our Mothers wishes as we were her baby twins. It was in 1979 that we ventured across the country to find that pot of Gold they say was waiting there. By this time, we found a deep sense of spiritual self and gave our lives to God. That alone would save our life and prepare us for LaLa land. We changed our music message about Gods love as we kept our James Brown Funky sound. Way ahead of the Kirk Franklin and J Moss plus others years later. Being Identical Twins, we had no problems getting into plenty record deals. Capital, Solar, Motown plus others. The only catch was that we would conform to secular music. That we refused. Even Mr. Joe Jackson invited us into his private office and enticed us to sign with his company if we would change our gospel soul style. Motown, which we loved offered the same. Mr. Fuller Gordy, Berry Gordys brother took us under his wings and taught us well. He said Twins!!! 

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    LatinoTalk Texas 2015, 0004 Immigration still the Fulcrum in Politics

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    Happy Martin Luther King day!  LatinoTalk Texas is news issues and interviews impoortant to American Latinos.  Today, Martin Luther King Day, I read a piece I published a few years ago in SomosRepublicans.com entitled, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr - Martyr. Today's episode is titled "Immigration Still the Fulcrum in Politics" and I prove that up with several articles detailing how immigration issues still balance the politics in Texas, among Republicans nationally, and in American Latino Politics. Republicans in Texas seek to investigate and immigration status of students in Texas and I state this will result in ethnic discrimination against Latinos in Texas and not all students. This is wrong and immoral and will result negatively against Republicans. Additionally, Republicans are accused nationally of avoiding immigration topics in the upcoming 2016 debates by not allowing Univision to cover their debates. There is more news about Univision as they are in a whopping 96% of Latino homes in America and now, its majority owner, Haim Saban, has formed a relationship with Hillary Clinton and says it is a dream of his for her to become president. Powerful news and I conclude that the Republicans are fooling themselves to think they can win any more national elections without earning the Latino vote. I conclude that even Jeb Bush who strongly favors Latinos and CIR cannot win as a Republican considering that the rest of the Republican party then and still even harder today strives to drive away Latino voters with their anti-Latino legislation in Texas and nationally.

  • Paula White's New Beau Fooled Around And Is Falling Headlong Into Hell (11)

    in Christianity

    Paula White's new beau can't seem to get Elvin Bishop's hit song (I Fooled Around And Fell In Love) out of his head.  What this bewitched soul doesn't realize is that he is fooling around with a dangerous of woman (the kind of woman that leads a man straight into the bowels of hell - Proverbs 6:20-29; 7:1-27; 9:13-18).  Wolf Tracker will turn this timely program into an "INTERVENTION" in hopes that Mr. Boaz will listen to reason and run for his life!

    Wolf Tracker cordially invites she-wolf Paula, her new boyfriend, her business manager, her entire staff at Paula White Ministries and all of her church members at New Destiny Christian Center Church her to tune in daily.  They of all people should not miss this riveting series.

    Wolf Tracker is a tireless protector of Christ's global flock and an avowed enemy of all Prosperity Gospel Wolves who masquerade in sheep's clothing in order to fleece the saints!

    Please tell your fellow church members, saved family members, saved neighbors, saved co-workers and saved friends about this riveting and uncompromising internet radio program!

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    Mayweather vs Pacquiao Is It Really True?

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     "My focus is Manny Pacquiao, let’s make it happen.”

    Mayweather has been more vocal all week and at the WBC Convention told the media on hand that he feels that Manny Pacquiao and Bob Arum don’t want the fight.

    “I’m really not sure like I said before,” explained Mayweather. Bob Arum, Manny Pacquiao has been fooling the public for years. I never spoke about the fight. Years later I finally decided to speak about the fight. The first time we didn’t fight because of random blood and urine testing. The second time we didn’t fight because he didn’t want to take the 40 million. Now Bob Arum is trying to throw another excuse out there talking about they don’t want to fight May 2nd. Why not let’s make the fight happen May 2nd.”

    We will with out a shadow of a doubt be taking live calls on air from you the voice of the people. Call 646-478-3068 to voice your opinion, remember you can voice your opinion in writing by becoming part of the team and writing for the site contact Joe Habeeb at Theboxingvoice@yahoo.com Be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube and Blogtalk in order to receive one email a few minutes before we go live. Stay up to date on the sport you love by following us on Twitter @Thaboxingvoice for the most recent news in the boxing world. 

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    Why Do We Self Sabotage and How Do We Get Out of Our Own Way?

    in Motivation

    What is it about us that feels so engrained in us that we put roadblocks up when it is time to grow and change and ignite ourselves into the lives we say we want to live? What ways have we found that sound like great acceptable reasons as to why we are not fulfilling our souls or our mission? How is it that we can go for years fooling ourselves and accepting fooling ourself along the way? Tune in and Join the Conversation Tomorrow Morning at 5:30 AM PST! 


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    Satan Exposed-Cracks beginning to appear in the “Cradle of Islam”

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    It is widely reported that the primary foundational text for Islam, the Quran, tells its followers that there are no intermediaries between God and the individual but countries hell-bent on controlling those that they govern does not wish this to be so.  They have been fooling Muslims for so long now and have racked up wealth beyond belief that to have it questioned now means extreme measures must be taken.  According to an article written by Caryle Murphy for GlobalPost titled “Atheism explodes in Saudi Arabia, despite state-enforced ban” the time has come where many who were supposed to be leading people to God are driving them away.  Man may believe that it is okay to live in mansions and have more money than they could ever spend while their fellow human beings struggle to make a decent living but it is becoming even clearer to many that this is not God’s way at all.  Finally, we are beginning to see that what is proclaimed to be God’s will has been easily disguised but is now being exposed.

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    Should Obama Sign The Executive Order to Jump Kick Immigration Reform

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    Well the matter has been on the table and a bill has been stalled in the House for months. Oh, please. All the melodramatic Republican outrage isn’t fooling anybody. The only reason President Obama has to act on immigration reform is that House Speaker John Boehner won’t.On June 27, 2013, the Senate passed a bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill by a 68-32 vote. Boehner refuses to bring it to the House floor, even though he knows it likely would pass. Make that because he knows it likely would pass. Most House Republicans vehemently oppose the Senate measure -- though it’s hard to understand why -- which means the votes to approve it would come from Democrats and the few remaining GOP moderates. By doing the right thing, Boehner would incur the wrath of his own caucus. That’s his problem, not Obama’s.

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    Book Marketing Strategy: How to Acquire Potent Publicity for Your Book

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    Did you know that publicity is a subset of a book marketing strategy? Thousands of today's traditionally and self-published authors have been led to believe that gain actionable publicity is as easy as pie. In fact, there in no shortage of self-proclaimed publicists who continue to make tall claims; fooling authors into a mindset that with a hefty publicity investment their books will fly off the shelves. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the average traditionally and self-published author distributes only 200 units. So, what does an honest and effective book publicity strategy consist of? That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE."

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