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    Networking Faux Pas/Networking 101/Doug Kelley

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    Yes, Virginia there are stupid questions and networking faux paus!!

    This week on The Networking Diva Hour, hear some of this important information when your networking and some really stupid questions people ask!! How do your Social Skills measure up? Also hear ways to amp up your personality.

    My co-host this week is Doug Kelley who will discuss Networking 101 and how to better your experience. Doug is a expert on Networking and has spent 28 years as a professional beggar ( in the non-profit industry), raising or directing the raising of $200 Million for institutions Nationwide!!
    Log into the link below during the LIVE show on Friday 3/6/15 or call with your questions to 646-478-3651

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    Effective Networking for 2015/SIP & SPLATTER NETWORKINGS

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    Networking these days is becoming more and more important for career related advice. It can be done at any age, any time. Networking should start with an elevator speech. The idea of an “elevator speech” is to have a prepared presentation that grabs attention and says a lot in a few words. What are you going to be saying? By telling your core message, you will be marketing yourself in a way that will make people want to know more about you.

    If you want to network with people in a specific field, go to events where you think they’ll be – make your own luck. Opportunities to network may arise from planned events or spontaneously at on- and off-campus functions.

    This week on The Networking Diva Hour my co-host will be Kathleen Saltmarsh-Voss, owner of Sip And Splatter – Social Art-working with a Heart. Every Sip and Splatter painting party is a fundraiser that raises money for worthy causes and 30% of the proceeds goes directly to your chosen charity! Kathleen also host a LADIES NIGHT NETWORKING with Valerie Crisp from Waddel & Reed, a free event that allows up to 30 business women to talk for about 4 minutes each about their businesses

    Check them out @ sipandsplatter.com

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    "Power of Networking"

    in Self Help

    If you're lacking the tools and skills to succeed in networking this show is for you. Soy interviews Richard Hardon and he gives power to the word networking.  Richard says "if you're under earning, it's not what you do, it's who you know." Your network is your net worth.  After hearing this show you will make meaningful connections.  This power builder says, "Networking should be building something and not just doing something".  Guest: Richard Hardon, Business and Success, Powerbuilders Team,  http://www.richard-hardon.com.

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    Networking for Success – The Power of Connection

    in Finance

    Networking isn’t just about meeting as many people as you can, is it? What about collecting and sitting on as many business cards as possible?

    How can introverts and people who are not comfortable networking increase their success when they are meeting other people at an event?

    What are the keys to successfully growing your own personal network? 

    On this episode hear from not 1 but 2 experts on networking and find out how it can be  FUN and PRODUCTIVE! Get ready to learn the ABC's of great networking!!

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    I'm FOCUSED on my PURPOSE with Candas!

    in Self Help

    Here on PLR you know it's all about PURPOSE and there are MANY different ways to walk it out. But the ULTIMATE thing is to stay FOCUSED! Losing focusing will take you off course and could very well set you back. Tonight we'll have the AWESOME Candas Ifama Barnes, aka the Wordsmith, with us sharing some of her story and encouraging you to remain focused as you collide with your destiny! 


    Candas Ifama Barnes, founder of Masterful Communication is a Linguistic Alchemist™ and is known as the Wordsmith Extraordinaire. She is a multiple #1 best selling, transformational author, a sought after dynamic speaker, a successful publisher and a professional communicator.

    Born from her belief in the power of stories to change perspectives, offer a healing balm and transform the world, Candas birthed the 1 Millions Stories project through which transformational books and stories are being shared through multimedia channels. Each year, Candas facilitates sold-out, high-end writing retreats where she powerfully supports authors in completing full manuscripts of their books and preparing them for best-selling marketing and publication campaigns.

    With over 37 years experience in mastering and expertly implementing the craft of speaking and writing, Candas’ writing is featured in Forgiveness: 21 Days to Forgive Everyone for Everything, by multiple New York Times best-selling author Iyanla Vanzant and in the #1 best selling business and marketing book, KaChing: How to Add a Digit to Your Income, by master business strategist, Tina Brinkley Potts. Her current book is the #1 bestseller, Sacred Musings: Essential Questions for Connecting Body, Mind & Spirit So You Can Live an Extraordinary Life.

    Candas can be reached at publishyourstorynow@gmail.com. 

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    Michelle Ngome - Marketing & Networking Strategist

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    Michelle Ngome is founder of Line 25 Consulting, a professional development firm that specializes in digital marketing and networking strategies. She is the author of Network, Navigate & Nurture: The Equation to Strategic Networking. In addition, she host the podcast Networking with Michelle focusing on professional development topics interviewing influencers at the top of their career. She’s based in Houston, TX, enjoys traveling and being a foodie!

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    Why Influence Trumps Control/Dr. Tonya Henderson/Part 2

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    Listen in this week to The Networking Diva Hour to hear Dr.Tonya Henderson as she continues the follow up on The Curse Of Perfectionism with part 2 on Why Influence Trumps Control and answers all your questions on this subject. Changing markets & how a change in one area can ripple out into other industries & markets. Working with others and meeting their needs as a way to accomplish what you want. o Not so different from getting your kids to do what you want them to do!

    My co-host this Friday is #‎TonyaHenderson with Gly Solutions. Dr. Tonya Henderson is a management consultant, author, and speaker. As a veteran and former civilian defense contractor, she has served in various capacities including leadership, technical, and coordination roles affecting multi-agency systems integration efforts. Check out Glysolutions.com

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    It takes Teamwork to make the Dream Work!/Lisa Coffey/E-Women Network

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    This week on #TheNetworkingDivaHour- Suspending judgment becomes easier when you realize that you don’t have to necessarily like everyone in your network.  That is not what networking is all about.  You have friends for that.  Your network is going to be full of diverse people.  If we believe in true, deep-down definition of networking, it is about giving information, giving resources, giving access, giving leads, building relationships, and giving clients to others.  Not every person will be your best friend.  However, you can bet that everyone will have his or her network of phenomenal connections with people who you need to know and who need to know you.  As you develop a connection and establish trust, you will increase the likelihood that she will be open to sharing, caring and giving to you as well.

    My co-host this week is Lisa Coffy, Managing Director Colorado Springs Chapter, eWomenNetwork. 

    At eWomenNetwork.com, their vision is a vast network of female business owners and professionals all connected to each other. We want success-minded women to have easy access to each other's skills, talents, knowledge and resources. Their philosophy is that you must first and foremost give to others "first." We believe that by giving and being "other-focused" you create a world of abundance for all. For us, networking is really the art of "giving" and searching for ways to serve the needs of others before focusing on ourselves.

    Check it out @ www.ewomennetwork.com/chapter/colosprings


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    Stay focused

    in Family

    This show will encourage and inspire you to stay focused in the middle of drama and issues

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    The Indy Cafe FotoVisura, global networking platform for photographers!

    in Entertainment

    Fotovisura is the global networking platform for photography and media:
    Fotovisura is the global networking platform for photographers, editors and organizations to connect, share, hire and get hired. The platform is three-tiered offering: photographers an annual membership which includes a hosted website linked to our networking platform with access to additional resources and tools to further your work and career; editors, image buyers and researchers, a profile with access to light-boxes, our advanced search engine and marketing tools; and media organizations, a profile to share and promote your about, mission statement and news to our networking platform. Fotovisura.com's mission is to build a virtual home where the key players in the photography and media industry can connect, share and network as well as obtain interconnected resources and marketing tools to further their mission, work and career. http://www.fotovisura.com

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    Networking Squared Featuring LBN Southfield

    in Business

    Todd Gullich, Nancy O'neale, Evan Kaplan, Hayward Little