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    Fluent Motion Exclusive; Children's hospital

    in Self Help

    Feeling great, its the stat of a new year!!! 

    Join us tonight as we share our experiences at Children's Hospital! 

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    Roman Reigns Is Fluent In Bro

    in Wrestling

    We recap Sunday's New Japan Destruction in Kobe, another record low rated Raw, and preview tons of upcoming shows like Brock at MSG, NXT Takeover, and even UFC 192. 

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    in Indie Music

    Below Da Surface Radio is the #1 Indie Radio show with over 220,000 listeners! We are a driving force that brings indie and labels together! We are a part of the Shay Star Radio Network! Without this platform we would not be where we are! We always keep The show live with "Trap It or Scrap It" and we got that Butter B Mix followed up by the Stoned Report with "PeeDee" and occassionally "Smack" gives out the "smackyaself Award!


     Brandon Todd born and raised in Brooklyn New York, Todd has been rapping since the age of sixteen. Growing up in the inner city music kept Todd out of the streets and in the booth. Music was he his escape and creative outlet to avoid getting caught up in his troubled environment, Todd has been steadily perfecting his craft over the years and has worked with some well known artist. Such as Ca$his former Shady Record artist and current Bad Boy Records signee King Los. Todd is currently finishing up his debut LP titled 'From Me To You' which is set to drop first quarter 2015, we expect great things from the young emcee as he`s set to have a big year!

    Just added for an interview is the boi EFLUENT CHECK OUT THE BIO:E-Fluent is a 28 year old, hip-hop artist from Binghamton (upstate), NY. He started recording his first mixtapes in 2008 and by 2010 he was releasing them online. 
        He is best known for his award winning A TRIP UPSTATE series and his BOTH SIDES OF THE COIN series with fellow emcee, Myneframe. He is also known as being prolific with his work, releasing fifteen projects over the past five yeARS!

    We are always working whether it's behind the lens, in front of the lens, blogging or broadcasting through the airwaves. ShayStar created a platform to cross brand and now we will show you how we win! 

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    Spanish Coffee Hour with Jaddian Forte

    in Social Networking

    Tonight on "Black Towns Radio" Jaddian Forte is back with more entertaining confersation about Mexico, Latin America, and how to learn Spanish............plus exciting war stories.

    If one of your goals is to visit a foreign land this year in 2016, then tune and and take notes. Jaddian is an African American man who is currently living in Mexico.  When he moved there he didn't know the language, but now he is fluent in Spanish. He will offer you information on how to live, where to live and how to earn a living while in Mexico.

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    720 Degree Coaching - Nicolai Nonnenbroich - Orlando, FL HP WorkShop

    in Sports


    Host: Bill Patton

    Guest: Nicolai Nonnenbroich joined the JMU men's tennis staff as an assistant coach in October 2015.

    Nonnenbroich came to the Dukes after spending two years as the assistant women’s tennis coach at California University of Pennsylvania. He helped lead the Vulcans to back-to-back Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference championships (2014, 2015) and a No. 1 Atlantic Region ranking, as well as an appearance in the 2014 NCAA Tournament quarterfinals. The 2015 Intercollegiate Tennis Association National Assistant Coach of the Year, he coached three players to top-35 national rankings in singles action and a doubles pairing to a No. 11 national ranking.

    Born in Germany and raised in France, Nonnenbroich is the son of two volleyball coaches. His father won multiple national championships in both Europe and Africa, and he is currently the head coach of the men’s national team of Cameroon. Nonnenbroich is fluent in German, French and Bulgarian, and he is currently learning Spanish.



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    Be Brave and follow your passion!

    in Self Help

    Host Dionne Adessa interviews Fashion blogger and Fashion photographer, Mangue Banzima of QuiStyle on how he manages to create a life of success and happiness out of his passion to showcase individual fashion and style.  This is definitely an episode to tune into if you have the desire to begin to follow your passion, but do not know when and how to begin

    Bio - With over 15 years of experience in New York City fashion, client services, management and consulting, Mangue Banzima, is the founder of Qui Style, a fashion and lifestyle blog that documents and forecasts current trends on the streets of New York City.
    A passionate shopper of luxury and custom made to measure, and an enthusiast of people and their personal style, Mangue captures signature looks and original personalities in every street fashion shot.
    Mangue has served as a stylist for numerous fashion magazines and publications. As a creative and business consultant, he also advises companies and professionals in the arts, law, business and fashion worlds.
    Fluent in French, Mangue enjoys surveying the streets of different cities and currently lives and works in New York City.

    - See more at: http://www.quistyle.com/bio#sthash.dYZfSFtX.dpuf


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    CHRIS DESCHENE - Fluent or Not? Navajo Internet Radio

    in Politics

    CHRIS DESCHENE - Fluent or Not?  Navajo Internet Radio

    Let's Talk about it.  October 9, 2014 OHA will be hearing the Deschenen case.  And let's other stuff

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    NAVAJO TALK RADIO: NN Election-Fluent Navajos vs Non-fluent Navajos?

    in Politics

    NAVAJO TALK RADIO: NN Election-Fluent Navajos vs Non-fluent Navajos?

    The Navajo Nation Council passed a law yesterday to accommodate Chris Deschene to continue his run for NN Presidency.  What are your thoughts?

    The Navajo Nation lawmakers included this language for a specific reason, what does that original intent to maintain the integrity of language?


    Call in.

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    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - Wallace Bruschweiler & William Palumbo

    in Politics Conservative

    Countries invited to the meeting Vienna re: Syria has resulted in a major division already, with Sec State Kerry standing with the Gulf States.  We want Assad gone now. But he’ll be allowed to stay for six months after fighting ends — Russia has told him what he’s going to do.  

    We’re at a stand off with this.  Why was Iran invited?


    William Palumbo, researcher and founder of the New Coalition of Concerned Citizens, a group of retired military, law enforcement, analysts, and journalists who are focused on exposing the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States.

    Wallace Bruschweiler of Florida, active with intelligence and counter-terrorism on four continents for three decades. Fluent in four languages, he is an expert on international security issues with over 30 years’ hands-on experience operating in Europe, Middle East, and North Africa.

  • Quantum Healing with Candace - Halloween 2015 with Alba Weinman

    in Spirituality

    If you love Dolores Cannon's work, you will love this show. Candace Craw-Goldman and Alba Weinman both practice Dolores' method of Quantum Healing Hypnosis! (QHHT)

    To learn more about Candace and her QHHT practice go to NewEarthJourney.com

    To learn more about Alba and her QHHT practice go to albaweinman.com 

    Alba's QHHT SPANISH practice go to AlbaAlonsoHypnosis.com

    To find out more about Dolores Cannon or to locat a qualified QHHT practitioner go to DoloresCannonqhht.com

    Alba was born in Havana, Cuba and came to the United States shortly after Fidel Castro took control of the country in 1959.  She grew up in Fort Lee, NJ viewing the New York City skyline from her bedroom window and after finishing High School, moved to Miami, Florida where’s she lives now. She has worked in the telecommunications field for 35 years and is always finding creative ways to use Information Technology to improve her life and business. The most unconventional technology she uses is Automatic writing, a practice in which her guides and spiritual teachers communicate with her via a pen and paper.

    Alba is fluent in English in Spanish and practices QHHT in Miami, Florida.  She has a YouTube channel under her name where you can view some of her hypnosis sessions.

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    Ideagen Exclusive Ideas Leader Interview with Gallup's Mohamed Yousef

    in News

     Mohamed Younis 

    Senior Analyst, Gallup World Poll 

    Mohamed Younis is a Senior Analyst for the Gallup World Poll. He is also Gallup’s subject matter expert on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). His research at Gallup focuses on employment challenges in the Arab world and relations between Muslim majority and Western societies. 

    Since 2012, Younis has led one of Gallup’s newest initiatives focused on advanced analytics. Relying on Gallup’s sciences as well as external data sources, Younis leads a team of strategic advisers who monitor and consult on real-time geopolitical shifts around the world. 

    During his time at Gallup, Younis helped design the most comprehensive and wide-spanning public opinion study on youth unemployment in the MENA region. The study’s goals included measuring entrepreneurial aspirations among young people in the region and exploring the local challenges they face in attaining job training, using job placement services and accessing capital for their start-ups. Younis briefs policymakers on how Gallup’s findings can inform decisions when tackling youth unemployment. 

    As the MENA region expert for the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, Younis regularly briefed global leaders on the statistical drivers of Muslim-West tensions and perceptions across and within Muslim majority societies and Western ones on attitudes toward Islam, extremism and prejudice. 

    Younis studied political sociology at the University of California, Riverside, with an emphasis on social change in the MENA region and the Muslim-American experience. He received a juris doctorate degree from Washington and Lee University School of Law and is a member of the Virginia State Bar. Younis has studied and worked in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Qatar and is fluent in Arabic.

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