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    How to Target Social Media to Reach your Market

    in Entrepreneur

    Ethan Bloch, Co-Founder of Flowtown, started his first business at age 13 where he used the social channels of the day (chat rooms and instant messaging) to acquire customers. In college he created a video podcast and used YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to build a global fan base. Today he's the co-founder of Flowtown, a Small Business marketing tool that helps you acquire and retain customers through social media. Ethan shares his tips and personal experiences about using social media for business and how it can boil down into real measurable ROI.

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    6 Tools For New Media Interactions

    in Internet

    When all you have is an email address, Flowtown can give you a name, age, gender, occupation, location and all the social networks that person is on. Check out FlowTown.com >>How often do you communicate with the people you should? etacts tracks that for you (for free). Visit Etacts >>SWIX is like Google Analytics for [...]

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    Build and Strengthen your Business Relationships

    in Marketing

    @seosteve and @ebloch join us to talk about the business builing values of including social media in your web site plans