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    Are you surviving or thriving?

    in Self Help

    Do you feel like all you do is to keep yourself afloat? Would you like to feel more buoyant and able to create a flourishing life for yourself? Join Nancy Gentle Boudrie as she explores the mental space where you currently reside and how to transition to a greater sense of prosperity.

    “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” ~ Dr. Maya Angelou

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    Identities That Prevent Flourishing

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    There are certain behaviors or identies that can be mistakenly adopted by those who want to succeed in life, yet these identities can actually prevent you from getting what you want.  When we know what these identities are, we can make the necessary adjustments and be who we are and achieve success much faster.  Those identities will be discussed in this episode.  

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    LifeThoughts Radio guest Leroy McKenzie Jr.

    in Writing

    LifeThoughts Radio welcomes

    Author | Enterpreneur

    Leroy C. McKenzie Jr.

    For more information about Leroy visit:


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    Tara Antler-Heart of Flourishing in Your Sexiness

    in Self Help

    Join me, Tara Antler, and Morgan Toombs as they have a candid, playful conversation about what it means to live a flourishing life and feeling sexy throughout!
    We will merge these two worlds showing you how they are not that different. We will be talking about what sexy means and why we want to redefine it so we can live flourishingly happy lives. And how you can tranform or redefine sexy to fit any age or stage of life!
    And, we are CELEBRATING Morgan's first published book!!! “Sexy … it’s not that serious: How to feel sexy at any age and size”.
    About Morgan: Morgan Toombs, BScN, is a charismatic speaker, change inspiring educator and pioneering expert in the interconnection between body, health, and esteem. As the author of the book, "Sexy ... it's not that serious: How to feel sexy at any age and size," Morgan has inspired thousands of women around the globe to ignite the confident power of their authentic sexy so they can experience increased confidence, improved relationships, and boundless passion and joy.
    Morgan offers private coaching, live events, training programs and retreats at locations around the globe.

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    Whose Life Are You Living?

    in Relationships

    After seeing the movie Beyond The Lights over the holidays we having been carrying the conversation deeper with a few individuals. The movie offered so much take aways that we are want to continue it with you. How are you finding your voice? How are you breaking away from the traditions of your family and peers in order to live your authentic life? How is your relationships flourishing or not flourishing as a result? Join us live and be a part of the conversation.

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    A Kind Voice on Big Ideas & Philosophy

    in Lifestyle

    Our guest Greg Evans is currently the director of The Happiness Enhancement Group (HEG) which attempts to promote and increase happiness and human flourishing in individuals, couples, families, organizations, schools, and communities through the applied use of evidence-based positive psychology. He is the creator of The Applied Positive Psychology Program; A professional evidence-based certification course on the science, philosophy, and experience of happiness. Greg also works with organizations based on a large amount of research suggesting happiness (i.e., human flourishing or a state of maximum human functioning) is the primary precursor to success, rather than just the result or what is known in academic and corporate circles as the happiness advantage.  Join Kita Szpak as she talks to Greg about flourishing and how important kindness is the context of happiness.

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    Living in the Endorphin Zone (the science of happiness) with Terry Hill

    in Self Help

    Living in the Endorphin Zone (the science of happiness) with Terry Hill

    Thursday, November 6, 2014 @ 1pm (CST) my guest will be Terry Hill from Terry Hill & Associates.

    Terry Hill, holds numerous professional financial credentials and a Bachelors and Masters Degree from San Jose State University. Terry works with people who want to live their lives to the fullest as they grow, manage, and protect their wealth. His clients include executives, business owners and retirees who entrust their investment and financial affairs to a top-quality, committed professional.

    The Science of Happiness (Human Flourishing), integrating scientific research with profound insights and compelling stories, Endorphinomics (“En-door-fin-NOM-icks”) leads you through a comprehensive, evidence-based process for maximizing your emotional, physical, and financial well-being.

    You’ll discover your POWERS, PASSIONS and PURPOSE, and then create a plan to build a successful life around them.

    • Increase your productivity, income, and freedom.
    • Enhance your health, vitality, and longevity.
    • Strengthen your romantic and other relationships.
    • Discover your “calling,” the key to meaning and fulfillment.
    • Achieve your full potential in every domain of your life.

    Endorphinomics will help you define and live your best possible life!

    Join me today @ 1pm and LET’S GET HAPPY!!! 

    Talk soon, 

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    Living Life On Purpose Women of Impact Mary Ann Davis & Chara Armon PhD

    in Self Help

    Join Life Purpose Expert and Career Coach, Suzanne Strisower as she hosts this unique conscious living lifestyle show, interviewing people about their making a difference on the planet.

    My Guest from 12-1pm PST: Dr. Mary Ann Davis

    Mary Ann Davis is a visionary entrepreneur who took a tiny little school in downtown Cincinnati to three campuses and an online division with annual revenues in excess of $25 million. Recently, she founded M. Davis Publications is the focus of her endeavors where she brands new, innovative publishing concepts in partnership with highly successful authors.

    My Guest from 1-2pm PST: Dr. Chara Armon

    Chara Armon, Ph.D. teaches about the connections between humanity and the natural world.  She stands for defending Earth and human health simultaneously and transitioning our lives into a healthy, sustainable balance.  Her aim is to ignite attention to the need and opportunity to heal human and Earth health as the same endeavor, for mutual flourishing.  www.MutualFlourishing.org

    Contact Suzanne:

    For information about sponsorships, to be interviewed on the show contact Host, Suzanne Strisower

    Visit her websites: http://www.yournextstepcoach.com to learn more about her books and coaching. 

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    The Joan Henry Radio Show

    in Entrepreneur

    The Joan Henry radio show is a fun forum for individuals who are interested in becoming an entrepreneur to connect with like-minded individuals, as well as entrepreneurs who are looking to take their business to another level to learn from other successful entrepreneurs in their respective fields. The show features guests who spoke on a variety of business related topics such as: goal setting, recognize opportunities, Mindset, creative thinking, problem solving, planning and organizing, financial literacy, taxes, branding, marketing, etc. The show also features guests from multi-level marketing, franchising, and other marketing concepts 

    Leroy C. Mckenzie Jr. is a native Baltimorean he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. He is the Marketing Director for Making It Happen Inc. Organization and the former Executive Director of the Black Writer’s Guild-PG Chapter. He is the President/CEO of JNF Enterprises, which is a Distribution, Publishing, and Business Consulting Firm. Mr. Mckenzie has written a business finance book, The Customer Is Not Always Right, A Common Sense Guide To Establishing A Strong and Flourishing Business, a book on entrepreneurship, Young & Gifted, The New Generation of Entrepreneurship, and a book on Leadership, The Art of Leadership, Success Strategies for the 21st Century Leader.

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    in Religion

    It is the will of God that His children prosper in all things. There is an oil that is released upon the child of God that destroys yokes and causes the favor of God to premeate your life. Knowing what God has already said concerning His children is vital in your pursuit for wholeness. Tune in and be blessed as Apostle Lewis shows you how to in the word of God. 

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    Conversation with Corey

    in Radio

    Conversation with R & B singer Vaughn Anthony.  Vaughn is the younger brother of nine-time Grammy Award-winning performer John Legend.

    For Vaughn Anthony, the music business is family business. Influenced by his family’s services in his grandfather’s church, VA was instilled with the same passion for music as his older brother, John Legend. After nearly a decade of training, writing, and perfecting his craft as a performer along side John, VA is quickly evolving into R & B’s missing intonation. Emerging from the shadow of a superstar has required Vaughn to dig deeper into his soul and allow the flow of his magnetic energy to speak volumes. “When it comes to my younger brother, he’s got to prove that he can stand on his own,” shares Legend. “I want him to be out there flourishing as soon as possible. Musically I feel like he’s ready to do it,” recalls Vaughn’s older brother, Grammy-winning crooner John Legend.

    For more information about Vaughn Anthony:

    Visit www.indiegogo.com/vaughn-anthony or at www.VaughnAnthonyMusic.com


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