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    How attending conferences can help your business

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    Join Katharine Giovanni and I as we discuss the importance in attending conferences and the benefits your business will receive from doing so. In particular we will be discussing the upcoming ICLMA Conference in Tampa, Florida in September.

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    UnVarnished Show

    in Politics Conservative

    Today, Project Educate the Electorate welcomes Tommy Castellano, who is one of 4 Republican candidates hoping to make it past the Florida primary for U. S. Congress in District 11 on August 24. Please join us as we ask him tough questions to find out what he knows, how he thinks and also to get his voice on record, so that when he is in office, we can hold his toes to the fire when it comes time for him to vote on issues! Join us in the chat room and ask him your own questions!

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    The Outlaw Thursday Throw Down

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    Join the Outlaw and guest as we talk about all the current news and events going on in the sports world. This Week we explore Nascar and a MMA Event being held here in Jacksonville Florida.
    Combat Athletics special guest!
    Justin K Racing Team, Special guest!

  • Scott McFarlane Florida Kingsnake Breeder

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    On this fun filled episode of Dakota Aquatics Plus we will be talking to Scott Mcfarlane Florida Kingsnake Breeder.We will be talking to him about his breeding technique and what works best for him. So if you are planning on getting Florida Kingsnakes this is you show . We will also just discuss the hobby and its future and what his plans are . This goul be an awesome show so please join is live and if you have any question call in at (718) 766-4119 press 1 to talk to us live on the show. The show will be at 1pm central time .


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    Former SI fantasy columnists Jonathan Phillips and David Young give you entertaining and informative analysis on fantasy baseball among other things. It's a FLORIDA SPECIAL as we're joined by founder of Rotoexperts.com Ben Ice to preview the Tampa Bay Bucs and Miami 'Fins. Dave Young returns from a week with the in-laws, poor guy, and he'll have plenty of pent up baseball information ready as we cover recent injuries, the Carlos Delgado news, Jose Guillen speculation and the return of Jordan Zimmerman, Jacoby Ellsbury and many more.

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    All About Wine :: California

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    Love wine? We do! Join us for an hour of informative and entertaining discussion about wine. Hosted by Ron, cellar master, vineyardist, tasting expert and wine maker with Florida Estates Winery. Call the show and add your thoughts or questions. Each Thursday @ 7PM eastern...it's All About Wine! (This week, we continue with California wines)

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    "Concepts in Eating Spiritually" with Life Coach Jay Etzel

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    When you understand eating from a spiritual perspective, you will revolutionize your approach to nutrition! *** Join Dr. Jeff and Chaim as they discuss "Concepts in Eating Spiritually" with special guest, Life Coach Jay Etzel. *** Topics covered: A Spiritual Approach to: Digestion, Food Combining, Organic vs. Inorganic, Whole Food, and Raw Foods *** Plus the last 15 mins of the program is reserved for listener questions. *** Jay Etzel's Bio: Teacher, life coach, creative consultant, and president of Great Aspirations, Jay lives in Mt. Kisko, NY and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Great Aspirations is a multi-disciplinary cultural enhancement company that specializes in: education, entertainment, politics, executive coaching, and creative development for individuals. Jay holds a Masters in Education from Sacred Heart University (Fairfield, CT), and an undergraduate at Univ of Conn. (where he created his own major called “Human Services”, studying every aspect of human health and happiness (mental, physical, spiritual, etc). He has worked with high school and college students in leadership, and has been a health educator for 20 years. Jay has even created his own leadership and health programs. *** (Dr. Jeff broadcasts from Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Chaim from Jerusalem, Israel.)

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    Wednesday, January 13, 2010 Florida Contact Information for Family of Haiti Earthquake Victims.

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    Wednesday, January 13, 2010
    Florida Contact Information for Family of Haiti Earthquake Victims On January 12th, 2009.
    Florida Contact Information for Family of Haiti Earthquake Victims
    On January 12th, 2009 a powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck 7 miles outside of Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince causing devastating widespread damage for up to 100 miles from the center of the earthquake. There are also Tsunami warnings posted throughout the Caribbean for islands such as Cuba, Bahamas and Dominican Republic.

    The US and Haitian Governments said currently all communication with the island is down in the form of telephone and internet communication. Reaching someone by phone in the country is spotty and not expected to be back up until the end of this week. If you are searching for loved ones in Haiti, whether it is a resident of the nation or Missionary, these are the best numbers to reach someone in Florida and Washington D.C. that may be able to help with locating who you are looking for.

    Haitian Consulate in Florida
    If you plan to contact the Haitian Consulate in Florida they have an office located in Miami, Florida. Please remember this is a small office that has less than 20 employees that will more than likely be overwhelmed in the coming weeks.

    Address: 259 Southwest 13th St. 3rd Floor, Miami, FL.
    Contact Number: (305) 859-2003?

    Haiti Embassy
    If you are in Florida, or anywhere else in the United States, and want to speak to someone but can't get through to your local consulate office the following is information for the Haiti Embassy in Washington DC.

    Address: 2311 Massachusetts Ave. NW Washington, DC.
    Contact Number: (202) 238-6700?

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    How to HIt a Homerun When Life Throws You a Curve Ball.

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    Overcoming bouts with poor self esteem and encounters with a few negative professional educators including one who said, “You will never amount to anything. You will never see the inside of a college and you will never graduate from high school.” Such comments have propelled Rufus Curry to become a man of action. With the love of his mother, maternal grandmother, the vision and attention of some divinely placed teachers/Coaches/ a Librarian and community angels (as he calls them), he was able to complete high school and graduate from Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (F.A.M.U.) where he began to gain his footing and take a more firm posture in who he was to become. Spend the evening with Rufus as he takes you on the journey from being a kid with low self-esteem to becoming a lauded military serviceman, mentor and an award winning author.
    Also joining us on the show is Dr. Tina "Chickenlady" Dupree. Dr. Dupree is an expert in motivational programs expecially designed to inform, inspire, motivate, and leave a posititve and lasting impression. Her motto is, "You've invested countless dollars and time in other things, now it's time to invest in yourself." Tina is lovingly known intenationally as "The Chicken Lady." As owner of Motivational Training Center, she presents personal and professional development keynote speeches, corporate training programs, and monthly seminares on the topics of Public Speaking, Professional Speaking, Customer Servive, Leadership, and Training Trainers to Train. Join us this evening for a dose of inspiration!

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    Anastasia Apa

    in Politics Progressive

    joins us to talk Florida politics

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    Heavencalls with Medium James Vitale

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    I am honored to have James Vitale as a guest today on the show. James Vitale is a natural psychic, medium and trained Remote Viewer. He was raised in Southern California by his single father. He always knew he was a little different, but it wasn't until he had several paranormal experiences that he recognized just how different.

    James had trouble with social interactions in childhood because he could always discern others intentions and perceive deception, no matter how well masked. Eventually he learned the balance between what most perceive socially and what he psychic senses told him.

    In his late teens, in a desire to be accepted by his peers, James rejected his psychic abilities. This led to several years of disastrous decisions, including his marriage to his first wife. He is very blessed however, to have three children from this first marriage.

    In 1995, after some serious soul searching, James joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This seemed to trigger something in him, as his psychic abilities just exploded. Even though James did his best to fit into his new found Church Family, his perceptive abilities made him different from other Mormons.

    James lives in Florida with his three children. He is writing a book about the practical application of psychic information to daily life. He continues to do psychic readings and on rare occasions, teach Remote Viewing to dedicated students. You can check out his website at www.mormonpsychic.com. We will be doing free mini readings also.

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    Shared Sacrifice Daily--Special Guest LeAlan M. Jones

    in Politics Progressive

    LeAlan M. Jones, Green Party candidate for United States Senate from Illinois, joins us for a live interview. A June survey made by Public Policy Polling saw Jones picking up 14% of the vote. Also, an editorial by Ernesto Aguilar. Gregory Vickrey joins Matt Stannard as guest co-host. 8-9 PM mountain time.

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