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    DaVine Kreatians

    in Spirituality

     Welcome and Happy New Year! I F.L.Y. Foudation is a proud sponsor of the DaVine Kreations. The uniqueness in mixing colors and different flowers, whether they be silk or live floral arrangements, is such an inspiration to me.  There are so many flowers, so many different types of foliage that are used with arrangements, that it is simply mind blowing.  The awesomeness of the God that we serve is amazing.  He thought enough of us, HIS Creation, to form each one of us with our very own uniqueness.  Each one of us are unique, there are no duplicates of us, we are the original and only one.  Regardless of our skin color, our size, our shape; we are fearfully and wonderfully made. 

    Many thanks and blessings upon all believers and supporters of DaVine Kreatians Prayer Radio Broadcast.  Tune in everyWednesday at 6:00 p.m. EST at 1-646-716-7541 where we will come in agreement with the Word of God and whatsoever we ask, we receive of HIM, because we keep his commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight.  You may email prayer requests to davinekreatians@gmail.com or dial 321-328-0757.


    Pastor Kathy Riggins

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    Why you shouldn't be afraid of? -Said to be haunted places...

    in Paranormal

    Please join our show as Jeffrey L. Porter, SR calls out the lies in the GHOST HUNTING world. How television and local ghost hunting teams are using horror film style techniques to get views...

    Join our show by phone at: (347) 637-1432 or in our chat room. Call to share stories, experiences or comments.


    Show topics:

    # 1. Phantom sounds: voices, music or repetitive noises, sound of footsteps, laughing, crying or music, knocking, tapping or scratching in the wall or loud crashes and bangs.

    # 2. Phantom smells: perfume, cigar, foul odor and floral odors

    # 3. Cold spots: Throughout the home or business

    # 4. Unusual physical: Dizziness, light headedness, a feeling of oppression or pressure on the chest, or nausea, feeling of being touched, the feeling of being watched, hair standing on end or extreme apprehension.

    # 5. Electrical interference: Lights may flicker or fail, televisions and radios turn on and off and appliances start up on their own, Doorbells ring at odd times, batteries suddenly drain and equipment like cameras and recorders may fail only to resume working later as though it never happened.

    # 6. Physical manipulation: Doors and windows suddenly slam shut, cupboards may open and close and objects may be hurled from their original position and land in the middle of the floor.

    # 7. Full body manifestations

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    Water Lilies - Green Scene

    in Environment

    Water Lilies will be the topic of discussion on Natures Talk Shows the Green Scene. How to maintain year round in your ponds or garden areas.Water lilies are a well studied clade of plants because their large flowers with multiple unspecialized parts were initially considered to represent the floral pattern of the earliest flowering plants, and later genetic studies confirmed their evolutionary position as basal angiosperms. Analyses of floral morphology and molecular characteristics and comparisons with a sister taxon, the family Cabombaceae, indicate, however, that the flowers of extant water lilies with the most floral parts are more derived than the genera with fewer floral parts. 

    On Friday December 11th at 9pm est,8pm cst and 6pm pst. We look forward to you joining us. If you would like to join the conversation visit our chat room on our web page or call in to our studio number 1 -949-534-0637.

    Thank You,


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    Floral artist Hitomi Gilliam is in the house

    in Art

    Have no idea where to go this summer?Come to the 18 Annual Newport Flower Show on the weekend of June 21-23, 2013. This year's theme,Jade-Eastern Obsessions, will take visitors on an exotic tour of Far Eastern traditions and beauty.
    Internationally-renowned floral artist Hitomi Gilliam will headline a lecture series on Friday, June 21st showcasing work inspired by Ikebana and the Zen appreciation of nature.
    Today we are very honored to have her on the air. Let's start our flower adventure from here!

  • The Color Calendar

    in Self Help



    Today’s guest:  Diantha Harris

    Discussion topics: Simply Color for Everyday Living (the enlightening new book, featuring 25 professionals who use color every day) and the Simply Color book launching party on Twitter (#simplycolorparty)


    Diantha Harris is a color therapist who has studied Interior Design, Healing Touch, Feng Shui, Ocean Oracle and several color healing therapies including Aura-Soma, Colour Mirrors and Floral Acupuncture.  She is the author of Simply Color for Everyday Living, Simply...Color and the “Simply...Color” card deck and is also the creator of the “Simply...Color” color sprays. www.lifepotentials.net


    About the host:  Eleyne-Mari is a Color Luminary, certified color therapist and the director of Aura House School of Color and Light.  She is the founder of Color Healing Radio, Color Therapy Month and the “Rainbow Writing” method.  www.colortherapyschool.com






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    BTB: The Jane Wilkens Michael Show: Life in Full Bloom

    in Women

    Today on the Jane Wilkens Michael Show…Better Than Before, Jane’s guest is Frederique Van der Wal, who has taken her phenomenal success as an international model and fashion icon, including starring in campaigns for Victoria’s Secret, Revlon, Guess? and MCI, and translated it into a career that spans the worlds of not only fashion, but film, television and business. After receiving the distinction that is the Dutch equivalent of being knighted---a flower, the Frederique’s Choice lily, was named after her in Holland---she went on to create the ever-growing floral enterprise, Frederique Choice. Jane and Frederique will talk about all things flowers, including her fabulous lifestyle e-commerce site (just launched in the U.S.) that offers a variety of premium flowers and bouquets, as well as the impact flowers and aromatherapy have on our beauty, behavior and emotional well-being. Jane will also be joined by the remarkable Jenna Leveille, a fitness and wellness enthusiast, who will discuss how, through incredible dedication and hard work, she started the journey to reclaim her life on August 13, 2013, and is now 139 pounds lighter. Jenna will share her secrets for continuing to stay in the best shape ever.

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    In Life Now Radio with Coach TMB and Bing Goei

    in Lifestyle

    Host: Coach TMB

    Guest: Bing Goei

    Topic: When People Say You Can't-Connecting The Dots In Your Life

    Bing's Bio

    Bing Goei is an immigrant from Indonesia and come to the United States via the Netherlands in 1960 and settled in Grand Rapids, Michigan. With hard work and dedication, he built Eastern Floral and successful established seven locations, 60 year-round employees and more than $5 million in annual revenue.  

    Besides running his successful business, Bing is a passionate advocate of diversity and entrepreneurship.  He created a program at the Goei Center called the International Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence, which is a business incubator that offers low cost space to young, minority and women entrepreneurs in Grand Rapids.  This program has caught the attention of the Kellogg Foundation, GROW, MEDC and other local organizations.

    Bing received many awards and recognition for his achievements as an Asian American entrepreneur, which include: 2008 Junior Achievement West Michigan Business Hall of Fame; Michigan Floral Association Retailer of the Year – 2008; Top 50 Teleflora Florist in U.S. and Canada and Best Florist Wards by various publications– 2002-2007; 2005 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for West Michigan – Retail Division; 2001 Minority Business Person and 2000 Small Business of the Year.

    Visit Bing Online


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    Dendrophobia: Why Some People Fear Trees

    in Environment

    Tune in to this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, as host, June Stoyer talks to Vinnie Drzewucki, Urban Horticulture and Forestry Specialist at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Nassau County about The Fear Of Trees.Vinnie Drzewucki is the Urban Horticulture and Forestry Specialist at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Nassau County working out the Horticulture Center at East Meadow Farm in East Meadow New York. Vinnie’s is an ISA Certified Arborist and is a New York State Senior Certified Nursery and Landscape Professional. His career spans more than 30 year in the field of horticulture, working in management positions at several garden centers and nurseries on Long Island and teaching horticulture and business classes as an adjunct professor at Farmingdale State College. Professional volunteer work includes serving on the boards of the New York State and Long Island Nursery and Landscape Associations. Vinnie is the author of 2 books, Gardening In Deer Country and Flower Beds ad Borders in Deer Country. Vinnie grew up in Floral Park and lives in Freeport New York with his wife Lisa. Vinnie says that he does not do gardening at home because they say you shouldn't bring your work home with you. Today’s show is brought to you by LiquidWeb.com the most reliable hosting provider with  24/7 heroic support!  Listeners of today’s show will receive $100 credit towards Storm Servers (VPS & Dedicated hosting) or can get one free month of shared hosting by using the coupon code: “orgview”. Please visit LiquidWeb.com and make sure you tell them that The Organic View sent you!      

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    in Current Events


    I enlisted in July 2007 as a 68W combat medic. Served 3 months in Egypt for support in Almaza. Swapped as a recruiter for a time. Got out in Jan 2013. I went into firefighting after my time in service because I felt the need to serve and hell my country still. Due to physical injuries I had to stop fire fighting and am in school to get eventually get my masters in psychology. Currently I train service dogs for veterans with a fellow Warrior Pointe member.

    Bob Obernier

    Former FMF Hospital Corpsman, 25 year career in the Fire Service & retired as a Battalion Chief. Hazardous Materials Incident Commander, Tallahassee Fire Department Hazardous Materials Responce Team. 5 years SWAT Medic Team Leader, Tallahassee Police Department Tactical Apprehension & Control Team. USAR Tech, Medical Specialist, Safety Officer, FLTF-7. Type 3 IMT Operations Section Chief with the City of Tallahassee.

    Brett Johnson
    Co-Founder / CEO
    Veterans Sportsman Alliance

    Ryan Weaver is a high energy, all-American, rockin’ country music artist who proudly served as an active duty Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot, Chief Warrant Officer 3, in the United States Army. His first co-written single, “Crank It” was recently released to secondary radio with its music video playing nationally on ZUUS Country and The Heartland Network. His follow up single, Growing up with a family of eleven in a small town in Floral City, central Florida, Ryan joined the Army right after high school. After several years of working in the Military Intelligence field, Ryan followed in the footsteps of both of his two older brothers, Steve and Aaron, by attending Warrant officer Candidate School and flight school. He graduated top of his class in flight school, becoming a Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot.


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    Positive Impact Radio-Alix Haisha and Patti Carpenter

    in Entrepreneur

    2 pm Central, 3 pm Eastern: "Positive Impact Radio," hosts Carol Wachniak 

    Join Carol every week, to talk to people who are making a Positive Impact in the World!

    Today's Guests are Alix Haisha CEO Founder Fung Shui Photographer Fengshuiphotographer.com                                     and Patti Carpenter  CEO Founder of www.pinktaxi.org, 

    Our Sponsors are Lyoness SME Businesses and Sponsored Charities

    Chicagoland Accurate Services 

    Problem Buster Energetic Construction Design 

    Botanicks.info  Custom Energetic Healing Floral Designer

    Genesis 1 Management LLC  Social Enterprise "We Take Ideas and Turn Them Into a Reality"

    So Soft Baby Made in the USA Organic Bamboo Mother and Baby Designer Clothing Line 

    Squirrel Bank and Company Teaching Financial Literacy to ages 3 - 12 

    Miracle Moments Midwifery, Lactaction and Doula Services

    Fiji Foundation - The Educational Foundation for the Children of Fiji 501c3 "Building Global Entrepreneurial School Campus's." 

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    A Conversation with Artist Nancy Medina

    in Art

    Join artist and marketing expert Leslie Saeta as she highlights way to sell your art. Leslie is joined by April co-host Margaret Sheldon. Today we are interviewing one of the best and most talented floral and botanical artists. Nancy Medina’s beautiful floral paintings are known for her composition, color and masterful brush strokes. Her paintings have been featured on covers of magazines nationally and just over a year ago Nancy left her corporate job to pursue painting and teaching art full time.