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    Tis the Season for Sports Fighting

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    The Holidays bring out the best (and sometimes worst) in all of us. In this episode, it's the latter:

    - We start in the NFL where the Cowboys face redemption or relegation, the Commsioner finally seems to get it (sort of) and the playoff picture just begins to gel

    - Well the College Playoff board has spoken. Did they get it right? Mr Feltman and Mr Bowers debate it heavily and we make our selections for the CFB Power Hour Challenge

    - Mick's Pub is all decorated for the season and it's proprietor spins us yarns about current events, movies, cars and so much more

    - What a night for our resident Cubs Fan! Mr. Feltman and Mr. Copening break down all the latest from the Winter Meetings in baseball

    - We finish with News and Notes including Liverpool out, Monte gets dinged, the Stars preach patience, Donovon goes out on top and more

    All that and your calls at (347) 308-8637

    So listen LIVE Wed Dec 10th from 830-1030p CST or anytime after on Itunes (search The Sports Narrative under Podcasts) or at www.thesportsnarrative.com

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    Curtis Harwell Discusses How Digestion Affects Fat Loss or Gain

    in Fitness

    Having a healthy digestive system ensures your weight-loss plan will be successful. To improve your digestion to lose weight, make sure to consume adequate fiber and fluids and increase your physical activity if possible.

    Fiber -- Feel Light and Regular

    Eat more fibrous foods to increase weight loss and prevent constipation. Fiber resists your digestive enzymes, meaning it is not broken down but stays intact as it passes through your digestive tract. As it travels, it forms a gel and absorbs some excess fat, cholesterol and sugar, which is passed through your stool. Only plant foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seed, beans and legumes provide fiber. Nonstarchy vegetables such as greens, tomatoes, broccoli and eggplant are good low-calorie options for weight loss because they contain only about 25 calories per 1 cup raw or 1/2 cup cooked.

    Many Nutrients Contribute to Metabolism

    A healthy metabolism is critical for successful weight loss and digestion. Many high-fiber foods are more nutritious than their low-fiber alternatives; whole grains, example, offer more nutrients than refined white grains. High-fiber foods contain more vitamins and minerals important for your metabolism, including B vitamins. This family of vitamins is involved in many metabolic processes, such as the breakdown of food into energy.

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    The Ed & Fuz Show Episode 51

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    Fuz finally woke up from grabbing dem cakes and woke up angry with TMZ's handling of former DC Marion Barry's death. After Fuz tees off on the tabloid web site, the guys discuss Sting's presence at this year's "Survivor Series," the Cleveland Cavaliers struggles as they continue to figure out how to gel as a team, the thrashing of Chris Algieri at the hands of Manny Pacquiao, Frankie Edgar reminding the UFC how damn good he is at the expense of Cub Swanson -- possibly complicating things for Conor McGregor's title hopes, and Giancarlo Stanton getting P-A-I-D.

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    Diabetes Problems and Solutions-USC Prof. Dr.diZerega discusses new treatment

    in Health

    Diabetes Problems and Solutions: Breakthrough medical research could offer a new treatment option for diabetecs with foot sores. Dr. Gere S. diZerega a professor at the KECK School of Medicine at USC in Los Angeles, is leading a new approach to wound healing that he developed from studying how women’s bodies heal after ovulation. This new Phase III clinical trial is called STRIDE, and your viewers may be eligible to enroll for free evaluation and treatment.

    How diabetic foot ulcers impact everyday life for people with diabetes
    The current state of Americans living with diabetic foot ulcers and the unmet need for this condition
    Why seeking treatment for foot ulcers can help those living with diabetes put their best foot forward
    Why diabetics with chronic foot ulcers are needed to help evaluate an investigational topical gel’s ability to heal these ulcers

    More than 100 research centers nationwide are involved in Dr. diZerega’s research efforts. If your viewers would like to learn more or find a local research center in your area go to www.gotfootsores.com for additional information. Participants in this research study will be seen by a doctor weekly and will receive the topical study gel and laboratory services at no cost.

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    Achieving Vibrant Health with Oxygen Therapies- Dr. Garry Gordon

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    Dr. Garry Gordon is an internationally recognized expert on chelation therapy, anti-aging and energy medicine therapies. He is a consultant for various supplement companies, lectures extensively on oral chelation therapy and detoxification, and has co-authored several books including “Detox with Oral Chelation” and “The Omega 3 Miracle”. Dr. Gordon was on the Board of Homeopathic Medical Examiners for Arizona and is Co-Founder of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM). He is Founder/President of the International College of Advanced Longevity (ICALM) and Board Member of International Oxidative Medicine Association (IOMA). He is also a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee for The National Foundation for Alternative Medicine. Dr. Gordon hosts and participates with over 4000 healthcare professional members from 68 countries, in a free “virtual” online school called FACT (Forum on Anti-aging and Complimentary Therapies).
    To learn more about Dr. Garry Gordon

    The free-radical theory of aging is wrong. Oxidative stress is produced by the body as an essential step for proper metabolic health and functioning.

    Reductants AND Oxidants (RED-OX) supplied in equal quantities, are required for maximal intracellular production of the major antioxidants Superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase, and glutathione.

    These biological redox messengers are responsible for cellular signaling and communication within the body – they amplify and clarify the signals sent to the immune system when bad or damaged cells are detected.

    In addition to Ozone, HBO and UVB therapies, there are now safe, powerful and affordable treatments such as EWOT, LiveO2 and stable Redox Signaling Molecules in water and gel suspensions, available for home use.

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    Healthy Habits Maintains A Joyful Lifestyle

    in Lifestyle

    The holidays are one time of the year when you really want to feel your best. But they're also a minefield of health woes, from cold and flu bugs to party hangovers.

    Beyond getting the flu vaccine, there's a lot you can do to help your body weather the season. This is how to keep healthy—and merry—as you shop, travel, and celebrate.

    Think perky thoughts 
    On those days when you barely have time to breathe, recall something that made you happy and you can get a boost.

    Smell the shower gel 
    The act of savoring—mining pleasant moments for their joy—is a proven happiness booster. In one study published in The Journal of Positive Psychology, 101 men and women kept diaries for a month, recording positive activities they participated in and how much they did or didn't savor them. Those who tended to enjoy a good thing—and share their delight with others—maintained high levels of happiness no matter what the day brought, whereas nonappreciators needed positive events to get into a good mood.


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    LIVE! with Cathi---Activate Your Brain

    in Fitness

    Take time to live, our world/life have so much to give!

    Wouldn't you agree that most of us want an active brain for life.  The body and brain DON'T AGE, WE DO!

    Current perception, you either gel Alzheimer's or you don't, but there's actually more of a sliding scale of brain health as we age and a lot depends on genetics, lifestyle and choices.

    Fact, if everyone in the U.S. adopted just one positive habit, like getting regular exercise or learning to manage stress, within five (5) years we could expect one million fewer Alzheimer's cases, this according to the Alzheimer's Prevention Program.

    Exercise and memory, when you get your heart to pump more blood, it sends more ox;ygen and nutrients to the brain.


    Physical/cognitive health...etc.

    Weight Lifting...etc.


    Tease your noggin with...etc.

    Talk to your Doctor...etc.

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    Episode Two: The Offense

    in Sports

    On Episode Two of VolNation's Power-T Talk, Daniel and Zack discuss the 2014 Tennessee Volunteers offense. The guys discuss if Justin Worley can lead Tennessee to a bowl game and if he will be the starter at the end of the year. They then get into the skill positions and how the young guys look to make their mark at Tennessee and how much impact they will have. Finally, the offensive line is replacing five new starters. How soon will Tennessee's new faces gel and can they replace the production from last year?

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    Trifecta: Sports Talk / Collective Fashion

    in Lifestyle


    Join Sports Analyst Zach Collins as he tells it like it is in the NFL / NBA / MLB.

    To listen or join in, simply dial 646-378-1303.


    Collective Fashion

    Join cohosts Nick K and Sarah as they discuss the fashion industry.

    * Adidas trending

    * Sally Hanson new gel polish

    Trend Alert

    * Maternity style

    * Mens Fall trends

    * Staple summer pieces you should not be afraid to buy in August

    * Potion for perfect beach waves

    * Who wore it better

    * Best and worst dressed of the week

    To listen or join in, simply dial 646-378-1303.


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    Gowey Protocol Gel for pharmacists and physicians

    in Health

    Information to equip health care providers with the best way to use the Gowey Protocol Gel.  Will also discuss clinical trials and research as it relates to the pitcher plants.  

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    Talking Biting Horror-Comedy CHASTITY BITES

    in Paranormal

    Now available on DVD, VOD & SHOWTIME, bitingly satirical feminist horror/comedy CHASTITY BITES is as clever as its title.

    Joining us to talk blood and abstinence are the film's writer/producer LOTTI PHARRISS KNOWLES, director JOHN V. KNOWLES, and co-star, Countess Elizabeth Bathory herself, LOUISE GRIFFITHS.

    In the 1600's, Countess Elizabeth Bathory slaughtered more than 600 young women, believing that if she bathed in the blood of virgins she would stay young and beautiful forever. Still alive today, she's found a perfect hunting ground as an abstinence educator in conservative America, and the young ladies of San Griento High are poised to be her next victims. But will her unholy ritual finally be stopped by Leah Ratliff (Allison Scagliotti), feminist blogger and ambitious reporter for the school paper?

    Louise Griffiths made her 2006 film debut in '06 horror movie THE DEVIL'S CHAIR, booked her first lead role in dark comedy THE REVENANT, and appeared in ALL'S FAIRE IN LOVE, starring Christina Ricci and Matthew Lillard. She's also recognized from viral ad campaign for Axe shower gel co-starring Jaime Pressly, Axe Cleans Your Balls.

    Lotti Pharriss Knowles co-produced HBO Documentary Films’ VITO, produced feature I AM DIVINE, and award-winning shorts SHADOW.NET and WEAK SPECIES. Her original screenplay for CHASTITY BITES was a semi-finalist in the Acclaim Film & Television Screenwriting Competition.

    John V. Knowles directed techno-thriller short SHADOW.NET, based on a WIRED Magazine article about the underground world of Internet movie piracy. He formed Weirdsmobile Productions in 2005 with wife and producing partner, Lotti. In 2011 he formed Conceptive, Inc. to create broadcast-quality branded entertainment for the web.

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