• HeatherAsh Amara, best selling author of "Warrior Goddess Training"

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    Interview with a Real Goddess is a special series of The Goddess Diaries Radio in which I share meaningful conversations with REAL GODDESSES from all walks of life. 

    In this episode, my guest is  best selling author and founder of TOCI (Toltec Center for Creative Intent), HeatherAsh Amara. HeatherAsh's latest book is "Warrior Goddess Training: Become the Woman You Were Meant to Be," the many challenges facing women today and how women can open to their authenticity. HeatherAsh opens up about her personal journey and how she apprenticed with Don Miguel Ruiz (author ofThe Four Agreements) and she discusses the transformational power of firewalking. 

    To find out more abut HeatherAsh's newest book and the online companion Ecourse, please click here: www.thegoddessdiaries.org 

    The Goddess Diaries Radio empowers women to remember their/they're magic! Listen in to hear messages of moon magic, Goddess lore and occasional tips for getting in touch with your womanly instincts! To sign up for the newsletter: http://eepurl.com/XW6hX 

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    Lynda Nguyen: How to Open Yourself to Life's Calling

    in Motivation

    Host: Svetlana Kim, Speaker, Author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee, Consultant, Hypnotist, and Community Advocate. On May 11, 2009, Svetlana was recognized with the the Daily Point of Light Award (Award Number: 3983) by Points of Light Institute created by the administration of President George H.B. Bush to honor individuals creating meaningful change in communities across America. http:www.svetlanakim.com. 

    Our Guest: Lynda Nguyen is an Empowerment Coach, in the San Francisco Bay Area. A Master NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Life Coach; she uses specialized modalities to work with Pain Management, Stress Reduction, Fears, Phobias, Anxiety, Grief/Loss, Self-Esteem, etc. She helps clients create actionable steps towards an empowered and embodied sense of being. A Vietnamese refugee, and life-long seeker, Lynda has overcome many personal hurdles to attain her unshakeable resolve; opening her up to her life’s calling, in the field of development and human potential. A certified Firewalking Instructor and Reiki Master, Lynda believes in the universal energy force, as well as the powerful mind/body connection. She hosts an annual Ted-style conference every Fall, Bonfire Heights, in California. She is also leading ‘Embodied and Empowered’ Workshops through out Northern California. Contact: Lynda@bonfireheights.com- www.bonfireheights.com

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    "Spiritual Finance" with Life and Business Coach Kerry Cudmore

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    Join your Host Pamela Marie Edmunds tonight as she welcomes Kerry Cudmore to her show.  They will be discussing Kerry's Life Coaching work others, but most specifically her work with "Spiritual Finance."  Learn about some of the ways you can change the way you view finances in your life.

    More About Kerry Cudmore;

    Kerry Cudmore, CPCC, PCC is a professional certified life and business coach, empowerment trainer, and firewalking instructor, who has made a lifetime study of human expression. She creates and teaches methods that make complex concepts easy to understand and master so that clients and class participants can create joyful, prosperous, and fulfilling lives and businesses. She is founder of the Spiritual Finance Initiative, which is devoted to changing our individual and collective relationships with money. 

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    ExpandingU RADIO

    in Education

    Presented by: India Irie Sanatana Dharma & Pauli D. 

    SPECIAL GUESTS: CARY ELLIS, Author of the 21st Century Human and Paul Exall of Spiral Earth!!

    From Cary Ellis:  what IS a 21st Century Human? Healing BROKEN arm in 6 HOURS, firewalking with Tony Robbins, working with wild dolphins (the light and sound not visible to naked eyes and ears), Director of the Wheatgrass Institute and the Gerson Cancer Therapy Institute and partaking of many MIRACULOUS healings, how Quantum Physics impacts us!!

    From Paul Exall:  the Health Revolution, what is Spiral Earth? the truth about how we heal, ORMUS or not ormus? the importance, structure and function of water, Spiral Earth Ceramics, MORFF--Manchester Organic Rejuvenation Farming Foundation, Seto Inland Sea Clean Up with EM, training and products to support individuals, community groups and business in natural farming techniques [the core of which is based on bokashi composting and EM]




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    Golden Goddess

    in Women

    A program for that Sassy, Saucy, Savvy, Sage and Sexy Woman in her September years.  

    At 10 a.m. meet The Star Polisher, Carol Hess as she shares a story of overcoming fear and firewalking.

    At 10:30 - our Creative Visionary Sandra Longmore shares her wisdom of letting go of the past that no longer serves us.

    At 11 - from Inner Affluence, Evelyn Kalinosky asks if it is time to ground our inner superwoman.

    Musical interludes throughout by Rebecca Zapen of Zapen.com.

    Brought to you by The Creating Calm Network -- sign up for our weekly program guide at www.CreatingCalmNetwork.com.

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    BlackHeart Radio #11

    in Spirituality

    If you'd like to donate to keep BlackHeart Radio on air click:  DONATIONS TO BLACKHEART RADIO ARE GRATEFULLY ACCEPTED!     Tonight:  A great conversation with Margit where we discuss ancient arts, the sacred marriage, being vs. doing, firewalking and why she isn't teaching Feri Tradition. Margit is a BlackHeart Feri Initiate, a Reclaiming Teacher in Germany and UK, member of a non-religious Western Mystical Tradition, owner of Alte Kunste and Yo Sono.
    Both pages in German but you can email and she'll be happy to send English links or communicate with you via email. http://www.yo-sono.de/ http://www.altekuenste.eu/   We will not be taking calls during this show.  Please feel free to leave your comments on facebook by scrolling down this page.  We never use the Skype option.   For my own Bio's please check  http://blackheartferi.com +  http://www.craftingthewitch.com    

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    Rebuilding Your Life From Within

    in Spirituality

    What does it take to rebuild your life from within?
    Tonight as I am joined by Angie Clowry, a woman known in her community to "Blow Shit Up," connecting about the series of events that led her to firewalking and what it took to become a woman "On Fire!"
    Tune in tonight, 8PM PST!

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    Life Conversations: Let's Talk Firewalking

    in Spirituality

    My guest is, Ben LaVigne. He is a Certified Fire Walk Instuctor and a graduate of the Master’s School, an intensive training in the spiritual principles of prosperity.

    Fire has been around since our beginnings as humans and holds us in thrall with conflicting emotions. Fire is a comfort, a warm home, a tool for empowerment in more ways than one and a source of fear of physical contact with it.
    Fire, and it's offspring, heat are things we were warned about as children and will pass along to our children as something to be wary of.

    Now you can learn another use of fire by walking on it. Sound crazy? I guarantee you it's not. Learn how something as unrecognized as fire, can change your perception of life and the world around you through the act of confronting and conquering your fear, building a coherent bond between you and co-workers, team mates, your family, your friends, and even yourself.

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    Life Changing Insights-Certified Master Hypnotherapist

    in Health

    Life Changing Insights with Dr. Alan Simberg with Guest Belinda Farrell
    As a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Huna Practitioner, and Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Belinda is effective at getting results and enhancing performance in people’s lives.  She graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a B.A. in English and Spanish.  After obtaining a Lifetime Elementary Teaching Credential at Cal State at LA, she taught third grade for five years in Puerto Rico and Los Angeles.  She played the character Snow White at Disneyland, was a TV News Reporter for KABC Channel 7 in Hollywood and worked on the staff of Senator Charles H. Percy (Illinois) in Washington, D.C.
    Belinda trained with Anthony Robbins (author of Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within), and has effectively used these skills in her own life.  In addition to firewalking, (18 times), Belinda was a professional Precision Stunt Car Driver for TV commercials and films.  Her credits include ads for Buick, Cadillac, BMW, Volvo, Nintendo, Audi, Toyota, Lexus, AC Delco Spark Plugs and many more.  She was a film and stage actress, having co-starred on the TVseries Midnight Caller, in addition to making dozens of industrial films, commercials and voice-overs.  Belinda is the mother of two grown children, loves to “workout”, bicycle, rollerblade, snow ski, and just be healthy and have fun.”

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    The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity with Edwene Gaines

    in Spirituality

    Edwene Gaines joins Life Coach Ade for a conversation on "Prosperity". Learn the 4 Spiritual Laws to unlock unlimited abundance.
    Edwene Gaines has made a 100% commitment to the transformation of the abundance consciousness of the world.   She is the author of the book The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity.  An ordained Unity minister, owner and director of Rock Ridge Retreat Center in Valley Head, Alabama.     She is also president of The Masters’ School in Valley Head, Alabama, where she has trained over 400 Master Prosperity Teachers.  She travels approximately 250 days a year presenting Prosperity, Commitment, and Riches and Honor workshops.     She has created and markets CD’s and affirmation cards through her company Prosperity Products.   A Certified Firewalking Instructor, she facilitates the Firewalking Ceremony several times each year.   Call in 347 426 3346 or post your questions on "Ask Life Coach Ade" fan page on Facebook.
    This show will shift your consciousness. Empowering to create a space and a place for inspiration, transformation and healing. For more information about Life Coach Ade visit www.LifeCoachAde.com

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    Motivational Speaker Dennis McCurdy

    in Motivation

    Confidence comes from taking action and setting goals. Dennis McCurdy speaks frequently about personal success and growth. He is a practical and down-to-earth motivational speaker and coach, dedicated to helping individuals grow and reach their potential. Even those who haven’t figured out their direction benefit greatly from Dennis’ vast knowledge and experience.
    Dennis also leads firewalks. Firewalking demonstrates how your thoughts impact everything else in your life. Thoughts change brain chemistry, and that results in an alteration of body chemistry as well.

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