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    Howtoradio #teaching on journaling a few tips

    in Self Help




    WE WAIT For somebody to tell us instead of pushing us to do the best we can do in journaling 

    #coaching is always available for you a 30 minute session just fir you 

    There are times when you have to learn that we have to do what is best and use the tools we can have in our life. 

    #journaling is something we all need to do starting our 2015 

    Reach us on our facebook page www.facebook.com/howtorado

    Email is jaimesjournal@gmail.co


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    Fight Church Radio

    in Entertainment

    the country has gone crazy!
    - today is Black Friday, there are protests planned in 1600 cities, we will try to get an interview from the protest happening today in Portland.
    - Ferguson, Missouri is facing the wrath that was promised before the Grand Jury's decision. We will have a phone interview w Shay Horse, live on the ground from Ferguson.
    - I will recap the last 4 days of protests in Portland from my personal perspective using Denis Theriault's twitter feed as my guidelines, then I will elaborate on each one.
    -over the last week I have witnesses dozens of younger people discover the personal power, and watched other people catch the "activism bug", I will describe what each one looks like.
    - protesting is a tool. we shall discuss what else is in your tool box.
    - dead crows all over downtown? is this an ominous omen of thing to come or a coincidence that the night before the crows were found the Portland Police used sonic weapons against protesters?
    - what it looks like when people interrupt an anti-police march to ask the police for help. smh.
    - are your FB friends racist? should you delete them? let's talk about it.
    - the Doug Fir dropped an extremely insensitive flier for tonight's (now cancelled) dance party. was it racist? was the timing terrible?
    - then the Oregonian continued to be a mockery of journalism by confusing the entire story! bwahahahahaaa.
    - I will release the complete comic line-up for this years Efryting Drive plus drop some of the much anticipated musical guests.
    - we will preview tomorrows big anti-police march which starts at 6pm at the Justice Center.
    you are welcome to call in at 914 338 1847
    as always our delicious smoke good is provided by Gonzo Farms with news updates provided by The Portland Intelligencer , the last newspaper you will ever read.

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    Da Puter Shacks Karaoke 55 Radio Show

    in Music

    This week wenhad palnned for a Country / Bluegrass Show...but we found that not many either likes Bluegrass or just dont sing Bluegrass , so this week we will bring you all our " A Little Country/Rock/Bluegrass " Radio Show. So we will call it the "SHACK MIX"...I will be a Golden Time at Da Shack fir sure, as your DJ and Host, " Da Mouth Of Da South " , Butch Melton brings all the singers on STAGE Monday Night at 8pm USA/EST. Get ready for a super fun packed show...Cover Charge at da Door= F R E E....!!! Indeed, how is that for 2014 fun at home all that God will allow !!! So come on in, get a Table to dance on or under...we will be bringing it Monday Night..." Be There Or Be Square " 

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    Money Strategist & Military Nurse on Read My Lips Radio with Bonnie D. Graham

    in Lifestyle

    READ MY LIPS' akaRadioRed goes beyond the typical blah-blah-yada-yada canned interview, by engaging her guests in spontaneous conversation.


    It's fun to eat lunch out with your co-workers. But business and money strategist Matthew D. Miglin asks, "Who would pay $208,000 extra for lunch? We do, every 40 years." This entrepreneur, coach, former US Marine, former financial analyst, and building contractor is CEO of "Voice of Prosperity" and author of 22 books including "How to Save $500 or More Each Month." Hear Matthew's advice on How Women Can Build Their Financial Fortress To Protect Their Future, How to Make 10% More Money in 30 Days, and How to Reduce Your Financial Stress at Home and at Work. MatthewDavidMiglin.com


    In her book, Women Under Fire: Abuse in the Military, nurse psychotherapist and decorated Vietnam veteran Sarah Blum reveals the shocking prevalence and extent of sexual abuse in the U.S. Armed Forces. She interviewed 60 women veterans from WW II to the present for her book. According to Sarah, America's service women are raped every 20 minutes. Military sexual assaults increased 35% in 2012 and 60% in 2013. And 95% of sexual assaults in the military are from repeat offenders. Sarah, who holds an Aikido Black Belt, teaches Aikido principles to help people stand up to bullies and helps veterans cope with PTSD. Tune-in to hear Sarah's tips anyone can use to deal with trauma. www.womenunderfire.net

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    A Critique of the "Fir'awnic Women" Article - with Umm Hunayfh & Umm Sa'eed

    in Islam

    Umm Sa'eed and Umm Hunayfh critique the controversial article written by Imam Na'eem Abdullah called: "The Advice to the Companion Regarding Choosing a Righteous Wife: 15 Traits of Fir'awnic Women"; which can be found by following the link below:


    Many see this article as an attack on women. Tune in to get our view as we comb through this article.





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    R&H Sports LIVE: Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants Preview Show

    in Sports

    Rattle and Hum Sports Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants Preview Show

    With Host Tommy Smith and guest Matthew Postins

    RattleandHumSports.com host Tommy Smith welcomes Matthew Postins to look ahead to the Cowboys first division game of 2014 when they face the giants at AT&T Stadium Sunday afternoon.

    The Cowboys are off to their best start since 2007 and are starting to get national attention.

    Can DeMarco Murray break Jim Brown’s record of six straight 100 yard rushing games to begin a season and how will the absence of tackle Doug Free impact the so far dominant offensive line?

    What has happened to the Giants, and how will the loss of their standout receiver Victor Cruz help the Dallas defense?

    Dez Bryant seems to be saying all the right things in regards to not being the focus of the offense. Will that change should the Cowboys offense stumble?

    Defensively, Rolando McClain continues to miss time during the week yet shows up big on gameday. What is his status for Sunday as well as Bruce Carter who has been nursing a leg injury?

    The Cowboys are currently favored to win every game on their schedule accept when they travel to Philadelphia later this season. Is that realistic? Just how high is the ceiling fir the Cowboys who have moved up to the fourth favorite to win the Super Bowl?

    Join Tommy and Matthew LIVE at 7:00 PM CDT Friday to discuss all this and more!

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    Two Local Politicians,and a Camp Lone Star Repirt

    in Politics

    On tonites episode we will talk with James Scavetta running fir Florida house district 35, and Robert Neuhausen running for Hernando county Florida district 5 school board,.Plus we will get a Live Report from Camp Lone Star about the happenings at Camp Lone Star, and on the Border there in Texas.6:30pm eastern time, and 3:30pm pacific at www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnation

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    Philly Pressbox Radio Roundtable with Steve (CWit) Cwitkowitz

    in Sports

    Steve Cwitkowitz ("Cwit") from "The Sports Network" in Hatboro joins Jim "Chet" Chesko and Bill Furman on the weekly  Philly Pressbox Radio Roundtable. We'll be talking the Eagles thrashing of the Steelers in the third preseason game, by the way CWit is a Steelers fan, We will talk the 76er's trade of Thaddius Young fir yet another future 1st round pick and we'll even talk the Phillies and a little bit of a hot streak. Where's some Flyers news??

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    #141 BK Barz TAKEOVER On BUSTIN OUT RADIO w/ Elmola Redd & Ms. IJS!!!!

    in Radio

    Ms. IJS At Her Best, Discovering Artists And Exposing Them and their Music to The World does Her Thing AGAIN, Bringing in BK BARZ To Showcase his music and let our listeners in on what he has instore for The Game!

    Tonight 8pm-10pm(CST) and Call in to be a part of the show: 347-838-9127


    "Opening New Doors For Underground Artists!"

    **artists can submit music fir airplay to: bustinoutradio@gmail.com **

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    BeSimply...CycleLife {Flow}

    in Culture

    Birth Life Next

    This segment we will explore...the SUN, the element of fire. Discover and explore with 'she' th gifts of finding, attuning and expressing your inner fire. 'She' will share some simple ways to reclaim your power, discover the masculine energy within you and its relationship with your inner (agni) life force. You will move into the 'next' with more certainity.

    Music Jai Ma Suzanne Sterling Donna DeLory In The SUN Follow the Sun Xavier Rud

    Shining a LIGHT on Sacred Fire

    Life with 'She'

    Suzanne Toro

    Sessions with 'She'

    Banyan Botanicals

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