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    Mighty-Fine Trailblazers Trailride

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    Mighty Fine Trailblazers we are on our way. If you are at Mighty Fine ride we are on our way.

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    Fine Art of Paleontology – Paleo Joe

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    On Wednesday March 11th at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst, please join hosts Ken McKeighen (field researcher for the New Mexico Museum of Natural History) and Ken Boorman as theywelcome the return of Paleo Joe to the show. They will talk about new projects and some great paleontology. Paleo Joe is a Paleontologist, Author, Storyteller, Museum Exhibit Developer among many other things. Please check out Paleo Joes website to find out what he will be doing this Spring.




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    Fine Art of Paleontology - Microfossils

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    On Monday January 12th at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst join Ken McKeighen and Ken Boorman as they discuss Microfossils, smallest of the small fossils in all areas. MICROFOSSILS ARE the tiny remains of bacteria, protists, fungi, animals, and plants. Microfossils are a heterogeneous bunch of fossil remains studied as a single discipline because rock samples must be processed in certain ways to remove them and microscopes must be used to study them. . But it is an unnatural grouping. Nevertheless, this utilitarian subdivision of paleontology, first recognized in 1883, is very significant in geology, paleontology, and biology.




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    The Fine Print of the Presidency

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    Last year this time The Fine Print did a show on America that sparked fear it would be canceled by the FCC. Anytime you have your audience worried you’re going to be canceled for what you say, you’re obviously doing a great job. Tonight’s topic will undoubtedly rise to the occasion.
    Join your hosts as they talk about arguably the single most powerful and influential person in the world: the President of the United States. Tonight’s topic is to teach you about the Office of the President, as Commander-in Chief, head of the Executive Branch of the U.S. government, and leader of the Free World. Those are his functions, and any person meeting the constitutional requirements can take this office.

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    The Fine Print of Bankruptcy

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    Tonight’s show is going to cover a topic that piggy backs off a previous episode, "The Fine Print of Foreclosure."  In that show, guest Latrice Latin told you that bankruptcy is one of the ways people can prevent a foreclosure of their home.  The concept of bankruptcy intrigued the hosts, Bryan Babcock and Seterria Brodnex, who invited Attorney Latin back to the show to discuss bankruptcy more at a later date. That date has arrived.
    Join your hosts and their guest as they provide a more in-depth presentation of the bankruptcy laws and processes available to citizens. Your hosts will also answer submitted listener questions on the topic. Tune in!

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    Fine Art of Paleontology - Ichnology

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    On Wednesday November 26th at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst,join New Mexico Museum of Natural History's field paleontologist Ken McKeighen as he discusses ichnology with his co-host Ken Boorman on the Fine Art of Paleontology. Ichnofossils are trace fossils and can tell us much about the interactions of animals with their environment. Trace fossils include feeding trails, tracks, coprolites, bite marks, insect borings and much more in the fossil record. 


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    The Fine Print of Gossip

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    Whether it’s Teena Marie hipping us to the tea, Adele telling us how the rumor has it, or the Scissor Sisters having a kiki and dishing just desserts, everyone is hot for juicy gossip. The Fine Print is no different in that regard. We live on gossip just like anyone else.
    But gossip is not all fun and games. Sometimes gossip can be harmful; and it is that harm that can cost you in litigation. Yes, gossip can sometimes get you sued (just ask Courtney Love). Join your hosts as they tackle defamation laws. They are spilling tea on tea. Tune in.

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    Fine Art of Paleontology - Bivalves

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    On Monday March 16th at 8pm est, 7pm and 5pm pst,  join New Mexico Museum of Natural History research associate Ken McKeighen and Ken Boorman as they discuss bivalvesin the fossil record. These molluscs are found in many habitats and their hard shell has left a very clear record of their evolution. Please join our open chat during the show by going to Natures Talk Show website.



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    The Fine Art of Paleontology - Australia

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    On Monday February 23rd at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst oin New Mexico Museum of Natural History field researcher Ken McKeighen and Ken Boorman as they discuss the paleontology of Ken Boorman's home country, Australia. From the Ediacara fauna to dinosaurs, Australia has a rich fossil heritage that Ken and Ken will explore. Please visit Natures Talk Show website and join our live chat during the show to ask questions or chat with fellow friends of fossils.




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    Fine Art of Paleontology - Shale and Fossils

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    On Monday October 20th at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst, Join New Mexico Museum of Natural History field paleontologist Ken McKeighen and Ken Boorman as they discuss shale, what it represents and the fossils it contains on the next Fine Art of Paleontology. Shale deposits contain some of the best... fossils with excellent preservation that can include soft parts. One example is the famous middle Cambrian Burgess Shale deposit found in British Columbia or the famous Green River Shale found in Wyoming.



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    Beauty Talk with Sam Fine

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    Join us this Sunday for another inspiring episode of  Beauty Talk with our guest Celebrity Makeup Artist, Sam Fine.  We will catch up with Sam to find out what's new with him and to chat about his work with Queen Latifah on the QL Show.  Follow the conversation on Twitter or Tweetchat.com by using the hashtag #beautylounge. Have questions or comments??? Give us a call at 914.803.4399.

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