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    What Is Real - Where is the magic?

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    What Is Real

    What is real each day to seen and hear things and wonder.  What is real people who you should be able to depend on let you down.  Things that you believe in you find are not what you believed they were.  The government lies along with your employer.  We are are told to spend thousands of dollars on education yet can not find a job.  
    You see people who in the actions so that they are worthless yet if you look at their bank accounts and phyical assets they are finanically doing great.  Yet you have people are have a wealth of character and intellgence and they are strugling to stay afloat.  In many cases working very hard to just keep what little they have now.
    You work and give more then a 100 percent and find out in the end what you believed to had is not yours and that a dollars is worth .03 cent in value.

    So I ask you what is real.

    Zurriane Bennett is the author of 4 books.  Link: amzn.to/1dSt3c6

    Positive Self Defense for Women, Positive Self Defense for Men, Positive Self Defense for Motorcycle Riders, and Positive Self Defense for Entrepreneurs - Now What You Think

    He is also a speaker and inventor.

    He can be reached via E-mail: zzsuccess@aol.com




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    The Wealth and Health Builders Ministry Hour

    in Christianity

    Join Ministter Larry Montgomery, Sr. for a hour discussion of the Word of God and the good news about an OPEN DOOR to prosperity he has made available for his people through this ministry. If you are looking for a great change an opportunity to make a difference in both your personal health and finanical circumstance this discussion may lead you to it.

    God is still in the blessing business and this is your hour to recieve if you are willing to step out on fiath and make a difference in your life and that of many others.

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    De-Stressing Your Money

    in Motivation

    Have you become afraid to go to that mailbox? Are you tired of just making ends meet or not meet? Stop stressing over money and start taking charge of your financial life. Join me, your Motivational Cheerleader along with author and radio personality, Ms. Robin Haynes and financial wizard and former soccer superstar, Mr. Victor Galmaldo as they help us De-stress our Money! 

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    BGE RADIO powered by BlogTalk: The Snelling Report

    in Finance

    Tax Advisor from North Georgia Tax Solutions - Debbie Snelling joins Build Grow and Enjoy with your "August 2014" Snelling Report! 

    August Tips:

    Retirement Plan Options for Small Business
    Leaving A Business: Which Exit Plan is Best
    Cash Flow: The Pulse of your Business
    How to Save for College Tax-Free


    BGE Radio Promoting Financial Literacy and Community Empowerment through Communication



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    Do You Have a "Heart Wall" as an Abundance Block?

    in Self Help

    New research is beginning to reveal that the human heart is much more than just a muscular pump that circulates our blood. Indeed, it appears that the human heart is actually a second brain that holds the key to true inner healing, as well as reaching our highest levels of abundance.

    Due to past experiences and traumas, many people creat a Heart-Wall, literally a “wall of energy” around her heart, for protection.Yet this wall of energy around their heart makes it was more difficult for her to give and receive love..and abundance!

    Join me as I interview Body Code creator, Dr. Bradley Nelson to discover: 

    Tell-Tale Signs that You Have a Heart Wall (here's a hint, take a hard look at your finances!)
    How a Heart Wall literally "stands in the way" of finanical success and love
    How to tear down the Heart Wall to More Openly Receive More (Love, Abundance etc)


    Be sure to join us live to call in and have your questions answered!

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    Comedy or Money Management?: Michael Zhuang

    in Finance

    Michael Zhuang is founder and principal of MZ Capital, a fee-only registered investment advisor firm located in the Greater Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

    Michael earned dual Master Degrees in Mathematics and Quantitative Finance from Carnegie Mellon University. He was also a PhD candidate for Financial Economics. After completing all training and exams, he decided his true calling is not in academia. The PhD training taught him how to think rigorously and research thoroughly.

    From 1999 to 2000, Michael worked as a financial engineer for Societe Generale, the biggest French banking group.

    From 2000 to 2003, Michael was hired by PG&E National Energy Group to launch their weather derivatives trading business. Within 2 years, he became one of the top 3 traders in the field. Nevertheless, he saw first hand the crooked ways of the financial industry where everything goes to make a buck. That experience motivated him to launch MZ Capital.

    Michael is active in the community. He twice sponsored Melodic Impact, a musical fundraiser for kids with cancer. He volunteered as an instructor for Toastmasters International's Youth Leadership Program. He was on the board of Special Love, Inc., a non-profit devoted to kids suffering from cancer. Recently, he also completed Leadership Montgomery.

    Michael's investment approach is based on the Nobel Prize winning research of Eugene Fama. He is also deeply influenced by three people: Warren Buffet on value-orientation and patience, David Swensen on multi-asset-class investing and decision framework, and John Bogle on minimization of costs for clients and stewardship of clients' money.

    Michael is a regular contributor to Morningstar and Physicians Practice. He also blogs at The Investment Scientist and KevinMD

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    How To Get Your Finanical Plan Working.

    in Motivation

    This week Tim talks about what to do to get your Financial Plan in order.
    Also listen in on the Termbusters - You get the lowdown on the rip-offs out there. This week's discussion: Con Artists Posing As Owners of Properties for Rent.
    Finally hear the Smart Money Minute - as Tim coaches you on something smart to do with your Money.  This Week: Avoid Extended Warranties.

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    Moments of Conversation : Transforming your Finanical Mind.

    in Spirituality

    Copyright 2009-2014 All Rights reserved. 
    Intuitive Life and Spiritual coach, Author, Inspirational Speaker Marrian Efua every Tuesday at 10:30 am cst for not my reality conversations. She shares insight on many topics and callers may call in with questions.
    A copy of Not My Reality Encouragement While Dancing in the Storm and Seeking ESCAPE are available at  www.amazon.com
    Guest:  Donnell Byrd , Finanical Advisior from Western & Southern Financial Group
    To schedule a private session or bookings please contact email or at booking@efuaspeaks.com   www.efuaspeaks.com

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    Kingofalltrades Blog Talk Radio

    in Finance

    Join Kingofalltrades.com for a 2 hour finanical discussion show beginning at 8 PM EST.  Callers welcome.  We discuss the general markets and specific trades.

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    Debt Freeship

    in Entrepreneur

    Breaking the relationship between your personal finances and debt that will allow you swiftly become a wealth and investor builder securing your family finanical future.

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    Before You Make Any Decisions - Go To A Divorce Attorney for a Consult.

    in Relationships

    You are considering divorce. Have been considering it on and off for years. You want to sit down with your spouse and talk out the process. DON’T. STOP. PAUSE. Before you go any further with your spouse, it is ESSENTIAL you understand your rights. Even if you think you can have a friendly divorce and create the basics of an agreement on your own – DON’T yet. Hire a GREAT attorney for a 1-2 hour consult and know what your rights are (with your own unique twists) in your state.

    First find a great attorney. You can look in local magazines for the top ___ family law/divorce attorneys in your area. You can get recommendations from people you know who have gone through the process. Don’t be afraid of the cost of a great attorney. Because they are great – they know all of the players in their profession. They have gone up against them time after time. The great attorneys know divorce like nobody else’s business, and they will save you money in the long run. They will also be honest with you about what you can expect.

    Second, pull all of your finances together. Pull any legal documents for companies you both own. Taxes for the last three years. Bills, Accounts, everything. Send an email with a financial statement and your pertinent information a couple of days before your appointment. Bring copies with you. Pertinent information would be: names, ages, how long you have been married, what you own together, children – names and ages, professions, etc.

    Third, find money to have this essential consult. Don’t have money? Oh, yes, I bet you do. I will give you 7 ways you can find the money to make this happen. You have options!

    Special Guest Ms. Cindy Battino, ACSM, CCS

    Brennan Healing Science Practitioner
    Reinvent Your Life with Transformational Healing
    (703) 966-7620

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