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    Smart Marketing for Financial Advisors in 2014

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    This Thursday on the Guide to Financial Peace show, we get down to the nitty gritty of marketing for financial advisors... what's working now, the biggest mistakes to avoid, the tools you must have, and the opportunities that have never existed before in our market.


    Kate Phillips, Partner for Prosperity's marketing and messaging gal, is our special guest. Kate is a financial writer and coach and also our go-to marketing expert. With her help, P4P has doubled  website traffic, increased engagement and conversions, built credibility, attracted new prospects, 

    Today we asked Kate to share some of her "secret weapons" for mass prosperity with you! Listen to hear:

    - The 3 mistakes a lot of Financial Advisors making that stop their phones from ringing,

    - The one strategy you MUST use if you want to turn prospects into clients,

    - 5 free and 2 nearly-free tools that can transform your marketing,

    - Why advertising no longer works - and what does.

    - How to find out what's on your clients' and prospects' minds.

    - How to get found on google (without paying for ads.)

    Kate will also share how she helped Kim Butler reach more than 1500 people in 3 DAYS - for FREE - by having one of the biggest companies in the world help position her as a financial and insurance expert!

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    5 Steps to Financial Stress Relief

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    One of the reasons financial stress affects so many people is that we misunderstand what it IS. One of the myths of financial stress – and there are several – is that financial stress will go away just as soon as our circumstances change… i.e., “Just as soon as I have more money, I will no longer worry about money.”

    Occasionally this is true. But more often than not, “enough” becomes a moving target.

    On today's show No BS Money Guy Todd Strobel and Best Selling Financial Author Kim Butler discuss ways to define what is enough. Also we will be sharing ways optimize your finances by protecting what you have while getting your dollars to do many jobs. 

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    When is Your Financial Independence Day?

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    Should you work a job you hate just for paycheck?

    Does financial freedom seem like something for other people or so far off it is hard to imagine?

    Would you be willing to suspend disbelief for a few short minutes if we could could show you how to start your personal journey to financial freedom right now, today? 

    Check out today's show as No BS Money Todd Strobel interviews Kim Butler, Author of Busting The Retirement Planning Lies. 

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    Financial Planning vs. Prosperity Economics

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    On today's show No BS Money Guy Todd Strobel and Best Selling Financial Author Kim Butler are going to focus on the facts, uncover the truth and show in no uncertain terms what makes The Prosperity Economics Movement different, powerful and necessary to help our listeners take back control of their finances and experience financial peace. 

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    Claiming a Space by Patricia Hinkley


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    Financial Planning vs. Prosperity Economics(part 2)

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    On today's show No BS Money Guy Todd Strobel and Best Selling Financial Author Kim Butler are going to focus on the facts, uncover the truth and show in no uncertain terms what makes The Prosperity Economics Movement different, powerful and necessary to help our listeners take back control of their finances and experience financial peace. 

    For more info checkout:

    Financial Planning vs. Prosperity Economics (part 1)



    Claiming a Space by Patricia Hinkley

    Richest Man in Babylon

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    Are You a Financial Advisor Ready to Make a Difference?

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    Are you the type of advisor who is committed to making a long term difference for your clients as well as yourself?

    Are you committed to helping your clients build wealth by using time tested strategies?

    Are you prepared to go your own way, not follow the crowd and so called gurus, but seek the truth at all costs?

    If this describes you, you might already be a Prosperity Economics Advisor.

    On today’s show No BS Money Guy Todd Strobel and Best Selling Financial Author Kim Butler discuss what it takes to be a Prosperity Economics Advisor and also the upcoming Prosperity Economics Summit. 

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    Whats Your Biggest Question about Running a Successful Financial Pract

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    How to Build a Wildly Successful Practice with Plenty of Time Off!


    No BS Money Guy Todd Strobel grills Partners for Prosperity's Kim Butler on how she runs a multi-six figure business - WITHOUT working 50 or 60 hours a week!


    Kim has built TWO different financial practices (one working for with a financial services company, then building her own practice). She is also a coach for Strategic Coach, the elite entrepreneur coaching organization, and she finds time to write books, help Todd Langford conduct Truth Trainings, raise alpacas, be a mom, and enjoy life!


    How does she do it? You asked the questions, and now, we've got answers! In this episode, Kim spills the beans on:

    - How to stay focused on what matters to maximize results;

    - The BEST source to keep a steady flow of prospects;

    - Exactly how to ask clients for referrals and make it easy for them to say "Yes";

    - How Kim tracks her business, and knows where clients are in the process;

    - What tools and programs you shouldn't live (or work) without;

    - Utilizing a team, how to start small, and how to determine if they are a "fit";

    - How to save tons of time with automation, technology, and "collateral";

    - "Marketing assets" that work 24/7!


    Plus, the importance of collaboration in your business, and how to harness that to take your business to a new level!

    Kim is hosting a breakthrough new event for Advisors (especially advisors who include whole life insurance in their toolkit) of learning, masterminding, and networking with like-minded individuals - The Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors!



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    Ready to Radically Transform Your Financial Life?

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    Do you really think it is possible to continue on the same course as those around you and somehow to achieve significantly better results?

    Have you ever wondered if the truly wealthy know something you don’t?

    Are you ready to question and possibly change the way you think and perceive the world around you?

    A couple of years ago I was introduced to The Palm Beach Letter, a subscription based information service founded by self-made multimillionaire Mark M. Ford. Mark promised to share his personal wealth building strategies to subscribers.

    These strategies provide low risk (His #1 Rule of Wealth building is NEVER Lose Money) high return ways to invest as well strategies to make more, spend less while maintaining your perfect lifestyle.

    Today No BS Money Guy Todd Strobel interviews Andrew Dumais, Analyst and Writer at The Palm Beach Letter about a relatively new opportunity, The Palm Beach Wealth Builders Club.

    For more information click the following link:

    The Palm Beach Wealth Builders Club

    **Guide to Financial Peace does NOT receive compensation from Palm Beach Wealth Builders Club. 

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    The Underbelly of the Financial World

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    We all know that there are dangerous financial waters we need to avoid.  Today we'll talk about the worst of the worst, the "Underbelly of the Financial World."  I'll explain why you need to avoid payday lenders like the plague, think twice about title pawning, run away from debt consolidation, and save your money instead of wasting it on lottery tickets.  I'll also share my own (stupid) experiences with all of them!

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    2014 Million Dollar Financial Resolutions part 2

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    So by now many if not most of our well intentioned New Year Resolutions have gotten lost in the busy-ness of our everyday lives. Maybe we were just too busy to make any resolutions, or knew ourselves well enough to avoid another year of personal disappointment? 

    GOOD News! It's not too late to make a 2014 Million Dollar Resolution and on today's show No BS Money Guy Todd Strobel and Best Selling Financial Author Kim Butler will share just how to do it!

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    Grant Connolly - Z Point For Peace and Financial Freedom

    in Motivation

    Grant Connolly will be joining us to discuss his world-renowned clearing technique "Z-Point".  ZPoint is a Meditative Healing Process that can quickly bring you to a place of inner peace and emotional balance on virtually any subject or issue that may be upsetting you.

    It does this by gently releasing your attachment to difficult or stressful feelings associated with difficult memories, situations, circumstances, relationships, ways of being or areas of life that aren't working the way you want them to.

    It lets you move on with your life, to stop thinking about the things that bother or upset you.  ZPoint allows you to experience true peace of mind.  

    On this episode we will talk about ZPoint approaches helping people earn more money by releasing their attachment to all the ways they resist having it. We will take our listeners through a short demonstration on how to release your attachment to all the ways you resist having money. 


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