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    Final Reflect Focus: Song Construction

    in Entertainment

    Today on Final Reflect Focus, we're going to talk about recording. prep work or recording, and adjustments one must make for recording best quality songs possibly in a home studio. or the beginners who are prepping to record your best songs, lets get in the studio an d Grind for the lord!

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    Rancher Lives Matter with Larry Richardson

    in Politics

    In the wake of Lavoy Finicum's murder at the hands of law enforcement, a new movement has taken root. Rancher Lives Matter founded by Larry Richardson, is a movement aimed at redress. The ultimate goal is to return our government back to a government bound by the Consitituinal restrictions as it was meant to be.

    Toinight TFT and SuFYR will be teaming up in another joint station broadcast to reach more listeners just like you.

    Join The Final Thought and their special guest, Larry Richardson, as they take a deeper look into Rancher Lives Matter. Jaime and Jason are live in the studio at 657.383.0227 or visit our studio chat room at www.tftradio.com.

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    If The Pope Resigns Soon It Will Be To False Prophet Of Revelation!!

    in Christianity

    In this episode, I will discuss the recent banter going on over the pope could possibly resign this year.  I will also go on to explain how just because he is resigning does not mean he is ineligible for the false prophet of Revelation.  Actually its quite the opposite, if and when he resigns from this position of the pope.  He will then be elevated to his new position of the second beast of Revelation as the false prophet of Revelation.  And again I will just allow the Lord to lead the broadcast to all the glory and praise be unto God amen and amen!!!!  John 3:16

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    Guilty Mind (Mens Rea) The Untold Truth Behind Ignorance of Law!!!

    in Politics

    Have you ever committed a crime and didn't realize it? We do it every day. Do you deserve to go to jail? Do you think it's fair that laws are passed but not made public? Why do the courts permit such things to happen and allow unsuspecting citizens go to jail for crimes that they didn't know were against the law? Well, it happens every day. More and more families are ripped apart by a system designed to enslave. 

    Why is there not a website that outlines each law and crime including new laws, so that Americans may be kept up to date about the ever growing police state? TFT takes on this issue and tells you how you can defend yourself against charges resulting from unknown laws/crimes.

    As a special addition to the show this evening, we will be placing a call to  FREE THE PATRIOTS to do a special LIVE coverage.

    Jaime and Jason are back at it again in another indepth episode of The Final Thought. Join us as we take on these issues and share the thoughts of Captain Higgins concerning America United. Call in to be heard on the air at 657.383.0227 or join us in our studio chat room at www.tftradio.com.

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    Rob Kapp Arrested, BLM, Rally in Washington D.C.

    in Politics

    It was a day of protest and comradery in the Nations Capitol. All went well until... At the end Rob Kapp, a member of Stand By Me For Liberty, was arrested at the end of the event. At the event there was a few great speeches followed by a march on the White House.

    Tonight we are going to be recapping the event,s touching base on key elements, and getting your input. So tune in, relax and get ready for The Final Thought. Jaime and Jason are back to bring you another informative episode packed with witty commentary. Join in the conversation on the air at 657.383.0227

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    Taking a break from the norm. A celebration of music

    in Music

    We decided tonight to take a break from the usual routine tonight and focus on some good music. Tonight we will be enjoying some great tubes.from some personal favorites, to original amateur artists. If you enjoy old and new music, then tonight's show is going to be right up your alley. Jaime and Jason are back with another episode of The Final Thought. Join us tonight on the show as we feature a special interview and music by Untold Salem. You're invited to call in and ask questions and talk to our guests by dialing 657-383-0227. And just incase you missed last night's episode, we will be adding our new feature, The Shenandoah Speedway block. The show starts at 9pm eastern so tune in and don't forget to log into our studio chat room at www.tftradio.com

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    The Pope...Spawn of Satan, Shoe Company & TPP, ISIS Hit on Huma

    in News

    Pope says Gays aren't "Living in Sin" asks followers for tolerance, Russia defends close encounter with U.S. Navy missile destroyer, ISIS puts out hit on Huma, Pennsylvania set to legalize medical marijuana; Ohio could be next, Louisiana governor signs LGBT Protection order as other states face backlash and more Global News. 

  • 02:45

    Policing the Police Part 1

    in Politics

    How did we go from protectors and crime prevention, to violent instigators and revenue collectors? In a time of turmoil and a growing police state, what can be done to reform a broken system and restore faith in our law enforcement? The Final Thought dives into these and other questions in an attempt to get to the bottomm of the story. Why are rape kits going untested, murders going unsolved, and violent crimes increasing while victimless offenses, fineable offenses, and revenue collecting on the rise? We answer theses questions and more tonight with our premier episode.

    Join us and call in. Wether you agree or not, we want to hear from you. Joins us live on the show at (657) 383-0227 or meet us in the show chatroom and share your thoughts during the episode.

    Call in and have a chance to win tonights on air giveaway. It's going to be an awesome show. We invite you to participate and join in on the conversation with your hosts, Jaime Potts, and Jason C. Kubin.

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    in Entertainment

    Ervin is the Executive Producer of Hip Hop Legend Scarface's new CD "Deeply Rooted". He's also played keys and produced records for Kanye West, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Janet Jackson and many other artists. Currently he's on Tour with Rapper The Game, his last CD "Infectious" was Straight Fiyahh.  Ervin lastest release October 42, is dedicated to his mother.  

    Follow Ervin on Facebook and Twitter.

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Alvin Pope!

    in Music

    Since moving to Delaware, Alvin Pope lives right down the road from yours truly - but we've never met - we'll speak for the first time to each other when he visits on 3/24/16.  Through our family's time in Baltimore, then in Florida, I've kept in touch with one of Alvin's best pals.  Kim Giles has been advising Alvin and promoting him for some time.  With this latest project, "The Good Life", there was a special bond formed with another musician, Nils :)  The popular Contemporary Jazz guitarist pulled out the stops to help make Alvin's Baby SPARKLE!

    Our guest is a truly remarkable gentleman.  He's a composer, educator, arranger and multi-instrumentalist.  What's so delightul is that Alvin has had many students who have been affected by his passionate devotion to music.  He has a love for Swing and other older styles of music - and he tries to infuse that appreciation into the souls of impressionable youth.  Is it any wonder he named his new CD "The Good Life?"  Alvin's LIVING it by teaching.

    Let's go back in time with this man of multiple talents.  When Alvin first started his musical journey, he gravitated first to drums.  But he discovered that he also enjoyed the timbre of other instruments.  So, this is an artist who ALSO learned how to play piano, alto/tenor sax, guitar AND he sings :)   He has truly spread his wings on this new project - and he has friends who want to share the good news about the GREAT music.  Ready?  Jessy J, Jeff Kashiwa, the late and great Ricky Lawson, and the aforementioned Nils.  This terrific group of energetic artists have given Alvin a gift - and now it's ours to HEAR.  By the time you're through listening to these new songs, you'll be grateful to the Wilmington Public Schools System.  They've managed to produce a Star :)  

  • 01:34

    Diamond's World Presents Novelist MT Pope

    in Books

    Join me as I talk to Novelist MT Pope about his mind-blowing series, "Both Sides Of The Fence 1-4" as well as the other books in his catalog.