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    Final Reflect Christmas Party!

    in Entertainment

    Joing ORL4NDO, Brotha Minista, Nu-Rev, and Doctrinn for a Christmas Party! With great Christmas, Gospel music, a festive bunch of friends, and a fantastic God being present, lets bring in the Lord's birthday with a fantastic party!

  • 01:58

    Final Reflect Focus: Song Costruction

    in Entertainment

    Today on Final Reflect Focus: Doctrinn will be joied by Paradigm Gospel's host Nu-Rev, and Renew Your mind Records' Sam P. To discuss song creation, tactics, Ideas, and expirences. How to make a best song you can without uneeded work, and sound fantastic! 

    In addition, Nu-Rev will be reviewing songs played for constructive criticism. 


    See you there!

  • 02:45

    God's Final Jubilee author Dan Goodwin on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

    in News

    Join us tonight as we talk with Dan Goodwin author of Gods Final Jubilee.  We will be talking about his book as well as the prophecy that is taking place in our world today.

    Evangelist Dan Goodwin has been in the ministry since 1983. He has pastored several churches, authored several books, and has been a full-time Evangelist since 2003. Brother Goodwin preaches Bible conferences, revivals and prophecy meetings across America.

    Here is the link to the listen live &  archive page. It contains the Live stream links at the top of the page and then the archives below.


    https://www.youtube.com/user/TeamKNEIN/featured   link to the youtube channel

    https://soundcloud.com/hagmann-hagmann-report  link to the soundcloud page

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    Game Over:The Final Episode of DBHR

    in Entertainment

    It is the final voyage of Rhonda and Eric as they say goodbye after 5 years and 150 episodes.

  • 01:04

    "Final Authority Debut"-FINAL AUTHORITY on KLJN 107.7 w/Everett Robinson

    in The Bible


    K L J N 107.7

    Join the newest KLJN sensation Ambassador Everett Robinson as he introduces listeners to the word of God in a refreshened, focused, and fruitful way. Prepare to be educated, empowered, welcomed into the discussion, and edified.


    HOST: Ambassador Everett Robinson


    Martha Manuzzi - GLORIOUS

    Smokey Norful - GREAT & MIGHTY

    Visit Our Website   KLJN 107.7

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    The Faith of Jesus - Paper 196 of The Urantia Book - Final

    in Spirituality

    So now we come to our final episode on Urantia Paper 196, The Faith of Jesus.

    We've had such a great time reviewing this paper with old friends and Urantia Book scholars. It may have taken 5 weeks to get through it, but it's so rich, it deserves to be savored. So we hope you'll join us again, for the last bite of this sumptuous spiritual feast.

    In the last few weeks we've read and discussed his exquisite faith, pondering teachings like this, "The faith of Jesus attained the purity of a child's trust. His faith was so absolute and undoubting that it responded to the charm of the contact of fellow beings and to the wonders of the universe. His sense of dependence on the divine was so complete and so confident that it yielded the joy and the assurance of absolute personal security."

    We've explored his nearness to us, his humility and approachability: "The common people heard Jesus gladly, and they will again respond to the presentation of his sincere human life of consecrated religious motivation if such truths shall again be proclaimed to the world. The people heard him gladly because he was one of them, an unpretentious layman; the world's greatest religious teacher was indeed a layman."

    We've marveled at his personal religious devotion and service: "He taught men to place a high value upon themselves in time and in eternity. Because of this high estimate which Jesus placed upon men, he was willing to spend himself in the unremitting service of humankind. And it was this infinite worth of the finite that made the golden rule a vital factor in his religion. What mortal can fail to be uplifted by the extraordinary faith Jesus has in him?"

    This week offers us one more dance with the Universe: "Man's forward spiritual urge is not a psychic illusion. All of man's universe romancing may not be fact, but much, very much, is truth."

  • 00:32

    Nuestra Oportunidad Final.

    in The Bible

    Hoy en día muchas personas no reciben una segunda oportunidad.  En otros casos las oportunidades que algunos reciben, no las aprovechan.  ¿Qué tal nuestra oportunidad por la salvación?  ¿Cuántos de nosotros aprovecharemos  la oportunidad de entrar en el reino de Dios? ¿Cuántos de nosotros rechazaremos nuestra oportunidad final de mejorarnos en justicia por ser servidores de Cristo?  En el programa de hoy, vamos a investigar estas preguntas en La Biblia Santa.

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    The MadHouse Radio Network *The Asylum* Catching Up With Jordan Gaw/Final Drive

    in Entertainment

    Tonight on The MadHouse Radio Network....Mad Man Matt presents another episode of The Asylum....where he welcomes his special.....2x guest.....Jordan Gaw of the band FINAL DRIVE!!! The fellas will be playing catch...as well as discussing what the band has been up too, since Jordan's last appearence on the show. So all you Final Drive fans local, nationwide, and world wide.....Enjoy the show and Welcome Inside of The Asylum on The MadHouse Radio Network!!!!

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    NFL Championship Games Set; NBA News; Final Four Houston Prep!

    in Sports

    We are 75 days away from the Final Four weekend in Houston. This week, some of the NCAA Basketball representatives were in Houston to tout the upcoming annual event and what it means for Houston and Houstonians beyond the court. Doug Hall is the President and CEO of the local committee and joins us live to talk about all things Final Four Houston. You'll also hear from the NCAA's VP of Championships Dan Gavitt. March Madness is right around the corner and we want to make sure you're "Chalk Talk" ready!

    The Houston teams have a lot of decisons to make. The Texans need some offensive help. The  Rockets need help in general... and the Astros are looking to take the step toward a World Series season as spring training nears. 

    The AFC & NFC Championship games are set. We'll have a preview and live interview with one of our NFL experts! It's the time of year where there is a lot of movement around the NFL. Who's going where and what's next on the schedule? Check in for an update on this week's show. 

    And the Houston Rockets are still playing their Dr. Jekyl - Mr. Hyde role. Tune in to hear from head coach J. B. Bickerstaff after their most recent game with the Pistons. How 'bout that game Dwight Howard put together in the team's overtime loss to the Clippers? 36 points, 26 rebounds.... throw in four assists a steal and one block and you've got one heck of a game. The last time a Rocket put up those kind of numbers was 1990 when Hakeem Olajuwon had 35 and 27 vs Detroit.  And only five other NBA players have put up those kind of numbers since 1990. Wow... now that's big. 

    It's a fun hour of sports you don't want to miss! 


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    CHARLES ANTHONY: Death the Final Frontier and the Butthurt Saga

    in Paranormal

    Charles was born in a small rural Iowa town in 1972. He gives a credit to his great parents Gerald and Sally Banks. Charles Banks is the father of three wonderful children: Chelsey, Peyton, and Katarina. He has been married for over 18 years to a wonderful woman Stephanie Banks, both educators. He has been teaching for 12 years and have coached various sports. Prior to his educational experience he worked in the Industrial sector as a Manager. Charles graduated from Graceland University in 2004 with a BA in History and Secondary Education. He also graduated from Grand Canyon University with two Masters degrees; MA in Secondary Education and an MA in Education Administration. He is currently working on his PHD in Educational Leadership. He admits his life has been one of learning. Constantly searching for the truth. He was raised an Episcopalian and was later been baptized within the Protestant faith. He does believe in God, and love his country. November 2014, Charles published my first book: Paranormal Experiences: Death the Final Frontier and Experiences From Beyond: Death The Final Frontier. He states "I am a man looking for answers in an ever growing cloudy society". Around the Dinner Table Religion and Politics The Butt Hurt Saga, his latest book, is available today.

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    Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: Instagram Horror Challenge (The Final Chapter)

    in Movies

    On this week’s Slasher Studios Horror Podcast, we went over the final ten days of our Slasher Studios Instagram Horror Challenge so make sure to listen to an archive through the link below. It’s a bloody good time and thank you to everyonw who was a part of it!!

    Follow us: https://www.instagram.com/slasherstudios/

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