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    The Purpose for the Miraculous

    in Christianity

    Are miracles real? Do ordinary people experience miracles? What is the purpose for the miraculous? These are questions that many are asking concerning miracles and their validity. Join us a we uncover the understanding concerning miracles and their purpose in the lives of ordinary people and christians as well. For more information about this ministry, to book Prophet Douglas for your next meeting or conference, or to sow a finacial seed to support the work of the ministry, visit our website at kogwoc.org

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    in Religion

    "I LUH GOD BUT HE DON’T LOVE ME" - WHEN U THINK JESUS DON’T LOVE U BECAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE THE BLESSINGS. So much is put into "Being Blessed in the City" in today's church culture. "Blessed Coming in and Blessed When you go", we have made The Gospel of The Kingdom of Heaven too much about God's Favor equaling material blessings than the balance of contentment. Thus when many of us cannot get the "favor of God" as defined in church, the material and financial blessings that we have been promised as a "Child of God" or a "Child of the King", it leads to disappointment, depression, bitterness, envy, covetousness etc. I know from personal experience thinking "God don't love me because I did not get this or that". When we measure people's "anointing" by the price of their gators, purse or foreign car it cheapens and waters down the gospel. Is God only Good when we get a new car (the latest model), new house (bigger), job (more money), new man or woman; everything is a blessing measuring contest. Being content is "godliness" according to the bible but in today's church culture it is despised. People are told "you ought to be believing for more", and you need to "step out on faith", which in itself is not a bad thing but the context is key. In too many cases we're not training people to be sons and daughters of the Kingdom but spiritual bastards who can only "Luh God" when there is something that we can "show and tell". Join me on Tuesday from 12 PM - 1 EST. as we talk about GREAT GAIN with Contentment in The Kingdom of Heaven.      


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    Small Business, Big Pressure with Darryl Lyons

    in Business

    Ever feel like your business controls you instead of you controlling your business? Then clear your calendar for next week's episode of Black Belt Sellling! Darryl Lyons, author of "Small Business, Big Pressure" will be sharing wisdom and knowledge for all professionals who driven by success only to find they have no time for the things that really count. The challenges are overwhelming, often leading to a breakdown. Darryl shares knowledge and Godly wisdom to put your life and business in the right perspectives.

    Darryl W. Lyons, is Co-Founder and CEO of PAX Finacial Group, LLC. As well as being a successful small business entrpeneur he also cofounded the radio show, "Financial Mythbusters." Shortly after serving as the Chariman for Brooks Development Authority, , Mayor Julian Castro named a park, "The Darryl W. Lyons Park" in honor of his service.

    Darryl has a BBA Corporate Financial Management and Accounting from St. Mary's University. He and his wife, Caresse, have four children and live in San Antonio, Texas.

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    Baby Boomers to Millennials facing the future; Brent Gardner on the E-I Bank

    in Politics Conservative

    Show time: 8AM-10AM EST

    Today "In the Pickle Barrel" we begin with the realization Baby Boomers have caught up with their financial future and for many it's not that good. We will also be looking at what Generation Xers and the Millennials aka Generation Y may expect when they enter the so called Golden Years? 

    Then we will look at another finacial issue when Brent Gardner—Vice President of Government Affairs at Americans for Prosperity—joins us to discuss the corrupt Export-Import Bank and how it is harming taxpayers.  The bank, which provides American taxpayer backed loans and loan guarantees to foreign companies, has a history of questionable deals and conduct, and is up for legal reauthorization.  

    Join in the discussions in the online chat room or call to discuss the issue live on air at 855-236-2486.

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    Obtaining Supernatural Prosperity

    in Christianity

    Most of all that we do in life is in an effort to find a way to become prosperous. Many Americans spend the majority of their lives trying to figure out how to obtain true prosperity and rarely accomplishing it by conventional means. Most of today's christians are languishing in a place between prosperity and poverty barely able to pay their bills and live an average existence. Join as as we uncover the mystery of how to obtain supernatural prosperity and experience life from an above average perspective. For more information about this ministry, to book Prophet Douglas for your next meeting or event or to sow a monthly $5.00 finacial seed visit our website at kogwoc.org

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    "Planting Spiritual seeds" part 5

    in Health

    Please join Evangelist Yolanda Henderson, CHHC as she finishes up the series part 5 of panting spiritual seeds! Yolanda hopes that everyone has been following this wonderful series and understand how words you speak are becoming good or bad seed producing after it's own kind. Please grab your bibles and follow her as she speaks what's been giving to her by th Holy Spirit.She pray that you will continue to be blessed and for prayer please call 1-888-959-2093. This series will explain:

    Seed law within itself 

    How spiritual babes are conceived through seeds

    Seeds and weeds

    being a seed of Abraham 

    planting finacial seeds


    Thank you again for joing in to listen. Remember the replay is available after the listen later. Your interaction and questions are appreciated.

    Please visit our website for info onHow you can plant spiritual seed In your community www.thegiftoflifecommunityhome.wordpress.com

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    Personal Branding 101 and ft Guest Speaker Philly Legend Reignman

    in Entrepreneur


    Your personal brand is who you are, you must define it, tell your story and share your passions! You are your brand, so brand yourself. Set yourself apart from the rest. 

    I willl be giving my top 10 tips : Branding 101, that has helped my personal brand grow  with great opportunties along the way.

    Class we also will have Guest Speaker Philly Legend Reignman What does MTV and Battle Rap have in common? Reignman aka Izzie Fareal... champion of the ring, when MTV aired its battle rap contest. Reign's laundry list of artists he has official recorded songs with include Harlem's Battle rap legend Murda Mook, YMCMB signee Cory Gunz, and he has performed with icons such as Sean Combs, Method Man, and Sway Calloway. His talent won him a contract with Def Jam Recordings find out more tonight with his inspiring story of him pursuing his dreams to success!!!

    Get your notes ready at 7pm PST/10 pm EST!!!


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    How To Use Social Media and Other Great Tools To Grow Your Business

    in Business

    Join Patty Azar and SVP of National Bank of Arizona as they discuss how to transform your story into a thriving business.  Listen as they discuss how to use social media to build a business worthy of funding and the many options for funding available at your finger tips.  Patty will also spend time answering the most talked about issues impacting your success and joy.

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    Angel Johnstone Shares on The Mompreneur Model with Dori DeCarlo

    in Women

    Angel Johnstone's direct sales experience started with one-on-one sales of Cutco cutlery while she was in college. After several years of work in the insurance and finacial services industry, she became one of a select few to open a regional sales office with Equinox international - a natural products company.  After the birth of her son, she was introduced to Nerium Internaional, an anti-aging company breaking records in the direct sales industry with over 400 million dollars in sales in just 4 years. Angel found their botanically based products and personal development philosophy aligned perfectly with her passion for helping women cultivate more confidence in themselves. She can be found on Facebook at “ConfidenceIsCatchy” or online at www.ConfidenceIsCatchy.com

    Join us on The Mompreneur Model Show Thursday, April 16 10amPT/1pmET and anytime in archive on WoMRadio.

    Our show sponsors are Safety its in the Bag, Breanetta Productions and Jersey Cookie Girl. Meet them and all our sponsors in our Mompreneur Marketplace.

    Be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and email us at dori@wordofmomradio.com with questions, comments and information on how to be a guest.

    Word of Mom Radio - sharing the wisdom of women.

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    Germald Mitchell Discusses Financial Literacy How economics control communities

    in Spirituality

    Tune in 9pm for Thoroughbody Thursday show, sip a cup of Goddess Blend Tea and get ready for the HOTTEST 2 HOURS of your life!  Call in 516-453-9075.

    Tonight our guest Germald Mitchell discussing  Financial Literacy: as well as how economics control communities and how to redirect cash flow. Income opportunities and investment groups. 

    Germald Mitchell has a  Background in Security/ Deputy Marshal, he studied criminal justice,  grew up in Black panther environment,  he now works  with various entrepreneurs and organizations as a Relations consultant, by connecting people together and building relationships, to include Financial Literacy.

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    Stocks Going Up on a Thursday!!

    in Entrepreneur

    "What's this stock business about ?" ,"I want to invest , how can I start ?" "Does it work?" . " How can I learn about stocks?" 

    Some of the questions I have been receiving since I started my journey in the stock industry. 

    I will say this.. We have full access to license market experts who are the Michael Jordan of the financial industry . Our market experts will teach you and demonstrate exactly how to trade while basically holding your hands through it all! Leveraging your Finances 101. Find out much more!

    I will be answering your questions, go over WHY I joined this company, and much MORE ! Tune in this Thursday at 6pm PST #FinancialFreedomUniversity live on the #TheNikkiRichShow network !