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    Movie News and Reviews

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    The Movie Geeks review the latest film releases, and movie headlines, including the line-ups at several upcoming high-profile film festivals, and the current frontrunners for Oscar glory at year's end.

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    The Whole World is a Stage

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    Join our host as we talk about relations ships in and out of the industry. Is settling really a good thing.
    Find out why Jennifer Lopez can't keep a man
    Why Beyonce and other women settle for bad boys
    How to find the right one for you.

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    Essence Festival Part Two on PLUS Model Radio Episode #94

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    Chenese returns to the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans to interview some of todays hottest celebrities in music, film, and television! Part two includes interviews with Valerie Jarrett, SInbad, Dr. Steve Perry, Datwon Thomas, Laz Alonzo, Tami Roman, Shaunie O'Neal, & Evelyn Lozada (Basketball Wives), Lisa Nicholas, Committed (NBC's The Sing Off), Brian Courtney Wilson, Kevin Liles, Detrick Haddon, AJ Hammer, Suzanne Malveaux, Tina Knowles, Vashawn Mitchell, Brian White, Evelyn "Champagne" King, Diann Valentine, Deniece Williams, Isaiah Washington, and Kierra "KeKe" Sheard 

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    The Music of Independent Film, "The Sitting Stone" featuring Ed Elam & Tonya R. Smith

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    The composer of The Sitting Stone Soundtrack will be in the studio with Director Diane Cameron to talk about the inspiration for his original music. Selections from the soundtrack will be featured. Ed will be joined by Tonya R. Smith who plays the character, Belise.

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    Rex Sikes' Movie Beat chats with Barry Sandrew PT 2

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    Dr. Barry Sandrew, PT 2,  founded Legend3D, Inc., and is an internationally recognized visual effects pioneer and digital imaging expert with more than 14 VFX patents and 23 years of feature film and TV experience. In 2001, he developed the Company’s technology for the original patented digital systems and processes for colorization which he then later utilized as the platform from which he created Legend3D’s proprietary 3D conversion software.  He was previously the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of American Film Technologies (AFT), a pioneer colorization company and utilizing his patented technology, AFT colorized more than 200 motion pictures, 170 television programs and 90 animated cartoons under his management, accounting for over 80% of colorized product worldwide.
    After leaving AFT, Sandrew was a founder of Lightspan, Inc. in 1993, one of the largest educational software companies in the U.S.  From 1978 to 1986, Sandrew was on the faculty of Harvard Medical School where he established three laboratories in neuroscience, including the first Neuroscience Imaging Laboratory in the Department of Radiology centering on MRI, CAT, and PET imaging of the brain. Sandrew is also a senior member of the International 3D Society. He has a career record of color converting more than 400 feature films, 70 classic cartoons and 207 television episodes. Sandrew’s stereographic, technical and production expertise has established Legend3D as a leader in the stereo conversion industry.
    Stay tuned to Rex Sikes' Movie Beat for other great interviews, cast & crew listings, events, premieres & more at rexsikes.com  

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    It's About Energy ...Monday Edition

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    Producing America's Resources for Americans.... The importance of petroleum to the present US economy cant be overestimated. It provides about 40 percent of total energy, and a whopping 97 percent of all the fuel used for transportation.

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    The Last Exorcism, Vampires Suck, Nanny McPhee Returns, Centurion

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    Summer ends, not with a bang but with a whimper. But we're making sure we give the season a big send-off on the next FILM GEEK CENTRAL!

    First off, we look at the new horror film THE LAST EXORCISM. This is a supernatural spookshow spectacular that blends old school horror with the more modern storytelling techniques of films like Paranormal Activity. Eli Roth produced (but did not direct) this one.

    We're also one of the only shows brave/stupid enough to review VAMPIRES SUCK. This is a spoof of the Twilight movies from the same guys who gave us the criminally unfunny Date Movie, Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans and Disaster Movie. Why do they get the money to do these films? Because people go see them. Will this be a change of pace or will we rip it a new one?

    NANNY MCPHEE RETURNS, whether we want her to or not. Emma Thompson's pet character returns in this family fantasy that had a successful release overseas months ago.

    CENTURION has us excited, since it's from Neil Marshall. We've dug just about everything this guy has done so far (The Descent, Doomsday, etc.) so the idea of him handling an R-rated mideval adventure tickles us.

    We'll cover all of this plus film news and our DVD Picks of the Week!

    We'll cover all of this, plus film news and our DVD Picks of the Week!
    Hope to see you there, film geeks!

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    Schlitz beer presents 98.9 the station live from cities around the u.s.a featuring talk, music, comedy, new and signed bands, artists adult film stars and comedians

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    Uncredited Rewrite

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    Weekend sports recap! Did the US Women's team have enough to win the World Cup? Did Rory Mcllroy step up?
    Plus Quentin Tarantino: Brilliant filmmaker or Thief?

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    Francis James Life Lessons

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    Film and TV writer and producer Francis James shares his life lessons. Francis has dedicated his life and art to the exploration and illumination of the relationship between our inner and outer perceptions of reality.
    Known as a "perceptionist", Francis sees our present time in TV and film similiar to the era of impressionist when visionary artists broke with tradition.

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    BRAD MILNE-Academy Director, actor, producer

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    A journeyman actor, creative entrepreneur, producer, director and coach with over 250 Acting assignments in the past 20 years, 12 successful years experience as an acting teacher, director, and producer with 10 produced and released projects. As an acting coach Brad has guided more than 250 students in classes, workshops, seminars, bootcamps and in private sessions in both California and Texas. Overseeing the day to day operations at the SAFA – San Antonio Film Academy, he has worked from concept to completion on feature films, TV-Pilots, commercial campaigns, corporate video libraries and more. His coaching of others traverses over three decades when in the late 1970′s he guided freestlye skiers to championship levels through his summer and winter training camps. Less than a decade later and after acquiring the title of 1979 Canadian National Amateur Champion in his freestlye skiing discipline he applied his coaching skills to business where he helped foster success for individuals and companies of all sizes through sales, business development and strategic negotiation consulting. 

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