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    Critics Preview Summer Film Schedule

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    Renowned film critics A.J. Hakari and Mack Bates drop by to discuss the movie release schedule for Summer of 2015. Their goal? To help moviegoers pick the cream of the crop from over 85 summer releases. Mack, an Emmy winner, has contributed freelance articles to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and serves as a staff blogger for Milwaukee Magazine’s official film blog. A.J., the Mad Movie Man, writes film reviews for a number of sites including ReelTalk Movie Reviews, Review Express, Classic Movie Guide and Terror Tube. He is also the founder of CineSlice, his own popular movie blog. This should be another lively and fun episode for movie fans! 

    Among the films scheduled for release this summer, which ones are most eagerly anticipated and why? Some of the contenders are: Mr. Holmes, Jurassic World, Mad Max, Pitch Perfect 2, Tomorrowland, Minions, Spy, Live from New York, Insidious Chapter 3, Pan, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Ant-Man, Southpaw, Fantastic Four, Grandma, Master-Minds, Dark Places, Ricki and the Flash. 

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    Film Critics Predict Oscar Winners

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    Noted film critics Nell Minow, A.J. Hakari and James Colt Harrison drop by to share their predictions for the 87th Academy Awards, which will be given out on February 22nd. For the Best Picture, will panel members pick blockbuster American Sniper or 12-year-in-the making Boyhood or the wildly imaginative Birdman or the gorgeous Grand Budapest Hotel -- or one of the other eight nominees? And who will they predict to win Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress? Listen to find out! 

    All three critics are eminently qualified for this discussion. Nell, the famous Movie Mom, writes commentary for Beliefnet.com and is the author of many film-related books. She’s been featured in such publications as USA Today and The New York Times. A.J., the Mad Movie Man, contributes film reviews to sites like Classic Movie Guide, Review Express, Terror Tube,  ReelTalk Movie Reviews and his own popular blog Cineslice. James, a film historian, served as the premier film critic for the La Jolla Village News and has contributed film commentary to such outlets as Rage Monthly, No Cover Music Magazine and San Diego Metro Weekly.

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    How to Apply for a Catapult Film Grant

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    Lisa Chanoff and Bonni Cohen share advice on applying for their documentary development fund.

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    Hollywood Is Calling- Young Media Critics Film Critic Search

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    Young Media Critics...voices of the future introduces KIDS FIRST! National Film Critics' Search.  
    Young people ages 7 to 14 years old can compete to become a finalist in the National Film Critics' Search and have an opportunity to interview celebrities on the Red Carpet in Hollywood!  
    Young Media Critic Jakiyah and adult co-host Juanita Richburg Seon will give all the details on Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 5 p.m. on Blogtalkradio.com/youngmediacritics. 
    Tune in and get the details! 

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            The COOL CRITICS have been around for better than 4 years.  It was started as an off show with Jay King, who was doing THE WAY I SEE IT and THE MUSIC INDUSTRY.  It was the 3rd show, when the JAY KING NETWORK was founded.  There are so many issues that can be discussed, which many times offers alternatives to what you may be thinking, or what you may be doing.  In life you can start off in Utah, and end up living your life in Canada.  So many people want to come here because the United States is supposed to be a land of opportunity.  You can say a lot here in this country, one of the benefits of it - check out what these COOL CRITICS are saying.........

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           This is the show that marked the 4 year anniversary of the COOL CRITICS which started in 2011.  It's hard to believe that this much time has passed us by, but here we are sitting pretty, after going through a lot of things.  The shooting/killing of Trayvon Martin, the quarrels of Paula Deen - It was during that period of time the three women who were held captive in a Cleveland home, hostage to a now decease local terrorist.  The incident on the bus, where the bus driver gave a female passenger a Muhammad Ali/Mike Tyson uppercut because she spit on him.  The confrontations between the cast, the addition of more critics - the views of many many topics - to be honest - 2 hours is not enough to cover the ground the COOL CRITICS have explored.  Grab a hold of your headsets, or just crack your sound system up and get ready.  There could be hundreds of shows like this, where we had intensity. THE COOL CRITICS!!!! right here on the JKN (Jay King Network)

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    Jamel Northen: Film Maker

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    Today I bring you the the film Maker Jamel Northen

    A native of Philadelphia, PA, Jamel Northern worked for 12 years as a video editor at WTXF FOX-29.  Jamel felt the need to follow his dream of working in narrative film and TV, so he returned to his alma mater Temple University, where he received a MFA in Film and Media Arts in May 2015. During his time in the program he worked on two short films: Groundhogs and Blind Date (his thesis film.) He is currently working on a feature length script while trying to burn off some calories to get his Magic Mike bod on.

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    Critics Pick Top Ten Films of 2015

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    Noted film critics reveal their Top Ten Films of 2015 during this special  Movie Addict Headquarters episode. Diana Saenger, James Colt Harrison, Richard Jack Smith and A.J. Hakari also discuss the most disappointing films of 2015. Which movies will make it to their lists? Here are some contenders for Top Ten status: BROOKLYN, THE BIG SHORT, CAROL, EX MACHINA, JOY, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, THE MARTIAN, THE REVENANT, ROOM, SPOTLIGHT and STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. All four critics have a passion for the cinema and pull no punches with their opinions. Diana, the founder of Classic Movie Guide, also operates Review Express and is entertainment editor for San Diego’s East County Gazette. James, a film historian, has served as premier critic for the La Jolla Village News and contributes reviews to various sites including Review Express. Richard, author of Incidental Gold, does film commentary for ReelTalk Movie Reviews; and A.J. Hakari, The Mad Movie Man, writes reviews for outlets like ReelTalk Movie Reviews and his own popular movie blog CineSlice. 

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    Feature Film Grants with Corky Kessler

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    Top film attorney discusses benefits and how to work AFM, Cannes, and his $200K grant, plus new financing for films.

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    Marvel Film Talk Podcast Ep. 16 CIVIL WAR UPDATES!!

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    Marvel Film Talk Podcast Ep. 16 CIVIL WAR UPDATES!!

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          2015 was an interesting year, and you can say that about all years, that pass.  You could say that about 1905, when 1906 came, something happened, people died, folks got married, the stock market's ups and downs.  Police brutality, fish full of mercury - (lyrics from Marvin Gaye - Mercy Mercy Me -THE ECOLOGY) - what else is new?  We're in 2016, and do you remember Amelia the plane that flew into gonesville?  Well, wonders never stop - and Donald Trump kicks off his claim for the country's throne.  Is the confusion he's having within his own party, just theatre for all of us to focus on, while someone's taking the country out the back door on us?  The Cool Critics are funky - 347-205-9366, ya'll gonna call?