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    Was Hip Hop Healthy? A Historical perspective The Filosophy Fili Fil

    in Poetry

    A historical perspective on the subject of whether Hip Hop was Heathy for its fans and supporters over the years. Many apects of Literal and Mental effects of the Words used  like BIG, PHAT, DOPE and many others are discussed. 

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    RA: Mais de 5 mil estudantes sairam às ruas diz Coordenador da marcha

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    Rádio Angola (RA): Movimento de Estudantes Angolanos (MEA),  que pretendia sair à rua com mais de cinco mil estudantes no dia 30 de Janeiro, para protestar contra a subida exorbitante das propinas de algumas universidades angolanas,  foi impedida pela Policia Nacional. A concentração da marcha seria no recinto da FILDA), FIL- Feira Internacional de Luanda e terminaria no Largo Primeiro de Maio.

    Um dia antes da Marcha, a Rádio Angola entrevistou o senhor Jubileu António Panda, Coordenador da marcha, que garantiu que o governo provincial de Luanda liderado pelo General Higino Carneiro, estava  informado sobre protesto dos estudantes que para além de querem protestar contra a subida exorbitantes das propinas nas universidades também pediam a demissão do Ministro do Ensino Superior, Adão do Nascimento.

    Entrevista conduzida por Simão Hossi Sonjamba

    Perguntas e sugestões podem ser enviadas para info@friendsofangola.org. A Rádio Angola – uma rádio sem fronteiras – é um dos projectos da Friends of Angola, onde as suas opiniões e sugestões são validas e respeitadas.

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    Do Boycotts Work?

    in Books

    The Montgomery Bus Boycott, the South African divestment campaign, Chick-fil-A! Almost anyone can launch a boycott, and the media loves to cover them. But do boycotts actually produce the change they're fighting for?

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    Shark Dropper Episode 97 (Food)

    in Comedy

    The Sharkdropper crew talk about easy bake ovens, local markets, Wattaburger, texas, and fast food logistics. The guys ponder the need for smart watches, talk Comedy Bang Bang, getting rid of the leap year, and improving sports.

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    Revive Radio hosted by, D.King

    in Podcasting

    Tonight we will be discussing the importance of Worship with our guest artist of the week Big Fil.


    #worshipoverswag #IJBME 

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    Food Fun Nation Ep #53 Fast Food

    in Food

    Food Fun Nation Ep #53 Fast Food

    brought to you by www.foodfunnation.com

    Fast food is always on our news feeds on social media and in the news one way or another on a daily basis. We celebrate the fun food fast food talk with you. The Chef will even talk about www.foodfunnation.com and what fast food menu items have been reviewed on the website on The Top Of The Food Chain Page.

    On this show!!!

    Rob 1. Burger King heats up the fast food cheap deal war with McDonald's, Wendy's

    Shawn 2. McDonald's reveals its future restaurant and it has posh burgers, phone chargers and a salad bar

    Rob & Shawn 3. 6 Not-So-Subtle Ways Fast Food Joints Make You Want To Eat At Their Restaurants

    Shawn 4. Chick-fil-A Says Goodbye to Its Beloved Cole Slaw AND THE ACTUAL RECIPE Release by the company!

    Stay tuned... Food Fun Nation Radio "We Celebrate Food With You"

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    Food Fun Nation Ep #52 Staff Party and Last Years foodie News...

    in Food

    We are having a few cold cocktails and having another laid back food fun news style episode. We love sharing our opinions and views with all of you with a side of entertainment. Remember this a pregame 3 drink minimum show, so you never now what will be said with a little liquid courage! From Chick Fil A talk to what a "Dausage" is. Stay tuned, and we will se you there because at Food Fun Nation Radio "We Celebrate Food With You"

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    The Ballot or the Bullet or Bull**** The Filososphy Fili Fil

    in Entertainment

    The Ballot or the Bullet or Bull****  This show is pg rated. Special Christmas feature! You've heard the Grinch that stole Christmas?  Fili Fil does his version with "The Newt GinGrinch that stole Christmas!" Main Topic: Fili Fil goes into the Speech that Malcolm X  gave in 1964 a year before his assassination and how it still has relevance in 2011.  The speech gave motivation to President Johnson to pass the Civil Rights Bill or face a possible revolution - The bill passed 3 months after the speech.

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    Taylor Made Sports With Kevin Taylor

    in Sports

    On this edition of Taylor Made Sports, we recapped the big Atlanta Falcons over the Carolina Panthers.  You'll hear my post game interviews with Atlanta Falcons Defensive End Kroy Bierman, Jake Matthews, and from ajc.com, Atlanta Falcons Beat Writer, D. Orlando Ledbetter.  You'll also hear post game comments from Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn, Quarterback Matt Ryan, Wide Receiver Julio Jones, and Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton.  We also previewed the upcoming 2015 Chick Fil A Peach Bowl and previewed the upcoming week for the Atlanta Hawks with comments from Head Coach Mike Budenholzer.

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    Guns and Butter (Replay) - "The Filosophy" with Fili Fil

    in Entertainment

    Original air date was August 18, 2011. This is replay of "Guns and Butter" from the show "The Filosophy" with host Fili Fil. The relationship between a nation’s investment in waging war or feeding its people. “Guns”=(money & power) and “Butter”=(morals, justice) is an analogy of the model.  Host Fili Fil discusses how this analogy affects our community and how minorities have historically been, for the most part, always on the “Butter” side. Fili Fil also challenges Rush Limbaugh on a comment made August 13, 2011 about "The only thing left for Obama to do is take the farms." A comment Rush made in order to compare Barrack Obama to Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. Fili Fil thanks Rush for making such an ignorant comparison, and explains the history of the farms, how and why they were stolen from the indigenous people and how now Robert Mugabe is correcting those historical thefts.

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    Paul McKinley Taking Over IIls For The Kids Against Transgender Jesse Jacks

    in News

    What You are about ti hear today is why Faith Driven Consumers, Chris Stone, Chick Fil A, Dan Cathy,  Kirk Cameron, Roy Comfort, Hobby Lobby, Mart Green and every Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpas, should sign up for the $10 It's About The Child Conference Houston and the 2016 Presidential Candidates Town Hall www.itsaboutthechild.com. This will be a national conversation Live Streamed around the country on Pay Per View. January 29-31 2016. Ted Cruz, and Carly Fiorina are coming. 

     Paul's organization has blossomed from working with helping former Prisoners to  getting rid of the Homosexual Transgender issues in Chicago. Paul  wiped out Black Lives  Mater in Chicago. He knows the Ferguson Mo. He knows about all of what is happening to our children. He will give details on how the teachers who are 40-60 --years are being eliminated in education,  so that the Homosexual agenda can be implemented.  Under 30 years have been successfully  indoctrinated to be  more tolerant of the Homosexual Movement and to rebel against God. Paul has  been on Fox News, CNN And more. Paul is also familiar with The history of KKK, was started Albert Pike and the Masons. The Black Masons are under the rituals of the White Masons and the sacrifice of lynching  was a part of the ritual.