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    PODCAST: Houston C Tucker of Figment Consulting Discusses Homeschooling Trends

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    Welcome to the Learning Outside the Lines Podcast Series. Today, we are speaking with Houston C Tucker, Founder of Figment Consulting, who discusses key personalized learning and homeschooling alternative trends.

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    Faithful: Can You Love the One You're With -- Write Stuff -- 12/16/2014

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    There are a lot of reasons why people get divorced but among them are the hot issues of infidelity. When a spouse finds out that their husband or wife is cheating on them, it rips apart the fabric of the relationship. Sometimes the tear is so wide and so deep, that it cannot be repaired. Instead, the only option for some is to divorce.

    Is being faithful a thing of the past? We've heard stories of couples who remained faithful through thick and thin, up and down. For some, the idea of having an outside fling would never cross their minds. What has changed in our society that being faithful seems to be a figment of the imagination?

    Among Christians there is infidelity and we're supposed to be the poster children of love, marriage, and fidelity. Yet, it's nothing to hear of the pastor with so-and-so while this person is doing that with someone else. When we make the vow, 'forsaking all others', are we merely doing lip service because it's tradition or do we really mean it? 

    Can we love the one we're with? Can we truly be faithful?

    On this year's last episode of the Write Stuff I'll be talking about this issue with Minister Yvette Tatum as we discuss my newest release, The Other Man. You can call in at 646-595-2083, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download the WLUV radio mobile app today. Any way you, can join us. 

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    A Conversation with A Purpose!

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    When we have problems, are not Muslims to pray and seek G-d’s Guidance for solutions? Are we not to ask ourselves, What would Prophet Muhammad do in a situation like this?

    Are we not to sit down together with Qur’an and a firm desire to seek reconciliation, peace, and understanding?

    Confirmed guest Imam Bashir Ali will be with us tonight to provide clarity, insight and provide solutions on the incident that went on at The Mosque Cares convention.

    Bashir is the national as well as the Midwest Convener of Imams in the Community of IWDM

    Bashir was escorted/banned from the convention. In an email from TMC it states that Wallace II will not work or have any desire to communicate with the sectional leaders. There are TMC supporters claiming that Bashir being thrown out is a figment of his imagination. What’s going on? Let’s find out!

    Join Halim Quddus and Nadira Nash

    Our hosts on…A Conversation with A Purpose!

    Wednesday Night

    November 22, 2014

    8:00 PM eastern


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    HoH ReWIND: Mental Illnesses....Are They Real?

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    This is a House of Harley Rewind from the Diamonds in the Rough Fashion Show 9/19/14.  On this show I had my special Guest Dr. Linda Leech talking about Mental Illnesses and other remarks to other issues...Check out the show and enjoy

    Join us @ 6pm on location at the Diamonds in the Rough: The UNtapped, UNtouched and UNtalked Awareness Fashion Show!!!  We will be discussing mental illnesses.  Is it real or is it a figment of your imagination?  Also we will be discussing leukemia, and prostate cancer with certified health professionals and people that have been affected by these illnesses. 

    THIS IS NOT A LIVE SHOW!!!!!  Email questions and comments to houseofharleytalkradio@gmail.com

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    Mental Illness: Is It Real?

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    Join us @ 6pm on location at the Diamonds in the Rough: The UNtapped, UNtouched and UNtalked Awareness Fashion Show!!!  We will be discussing mental illnesses.  Is it real or is it a figment of your imagination?  Also we will be discussing leukemia, and prostate cancer with certified health professionals and people that have been affected by these illnesses.  Call the show at 347-884-9373

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    Bless You Boys Podcast 107: Luke Putkonen is not a figment of your imagination

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    The morning after the Tigers are one-hit in the middle of the night, Al, Kurt and HookSlide struggle their way though discussing the worst 5-3 team ever, dead arms, not-so-imaginary relief pitchers, Andrew Romine, jinxed ballplayers and the umpires not telling anyone about new rule interpretation.

    Bless You Boys Podcast 107 has a running time of 54 minutes and features Al Beaton, HookSlide, and of course, Kurt Mensching.


    If you believe a certain vocal segment of the Detroit fan base, the Tigers are (voice of Comic Book Guy) the worst 5-3 team ever. EVER.
    The bullpen finally didn't give up a ninth inning run Friday night. Let's not mention the bottom of the ninth wasn't played...
    Same pitcher, different season. Phil Coke is getting rocked. The Tigers have seven lefties in Toledo, but not one of them would be an upgrade to the Detroit bullpen?
    Joe Nathan: "I have a dead arm." Brad Ausmus: "Joe is still the closer."
    Numbers support Nathan's annual 'dead arm' period.
    Grantland: Trust in Dombrowski.
    The Detroit News' Tony Paul writes the Tigers may (and should) keep Drew Smyly in a relief role. Isn't Smyly more valuable to the team pitching 160 innings instead of 80?
    Anyone else prefer to see the Tigers play Andrew Romine over Alex Gonzalez at short?
    Both Avisail Garcia and Jose Iglesias are out for the season with injuries, while Brayan Villarreal is buried at Triple-A.  Every young player involved in last year's three-team trade is jinxed!
    West coast baseball is a PITA ... especially for Rick Porcello.
    Seems the umpires have changed their interpretation of the "transfer rule" and didn't tell anyone.

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    BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!  Yes, that's right we have received your emails, your tweets and comments and the crew at Real Talk Live 216 is bringing back IS HEAVEN FOR REAL PART II?  This time around Real Talk Live 216 is going more in depth about seeing God in the 3rd millennium, unlocking the mystery behind near death & out of body experiences, is their life after death and your favorite IS HEAVEN FOR REAL? & does it really exists or is it a figment of our imagination

    OUR SPECIAL CALL IN GUEST is MICHAEL BECKWITH. YES MICHEAL BECKWITH from the Agape International Spiritual Center and DIANE CORCORAN from the International Association for Near Death Studies.

    So tune in on this Saturday August 2, 2014 at 7:3Opm EST for IS HEAVEN FOR REAL PART 2?              Call (646) 929-0243 to speak LIVE with our special guests Michael Beckwith, Diane Corcoran and YES HOLLYWOOD AND OUR GIRL SPITFIRE AKA THE ORACLE!  




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    Round Table Talk w/ Queen NeéNeé

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    Come join NeéNeé tonight as she talks about haters. Tonight's Topic: Are Haters Real? Or Are They A Figment Of Your Imagination? Do we tend to conjure up haters? Do people really hate you because you are you? Call in and let us how you feel about the hate and hating.

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    Denny Daniel, Curator The Museum of Interesting Things

    in Self Help

    If you want your event to be more than memorable, then you'll want to go to one of his events to pick out the items for your event. In the meantime, join again for a lively discussion of all things: Innovative, Inventive and Interesting.

    Tonight’s guest, is the Curator of The Museum of Interesting Things, who you may have seen in person at Figment Festival, Ted Talks, TedX, also online, seen the articles from his museum on his website and can see him this week at Steampunk and I’ll ask him to tell us all about that a little later. 

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    Getting to know J.L. Sapphire

    in Books

    Call in to find out exactly what inspires J.L. Sapphire when she's creating books and characters; are any of the things she writes about inspired by actual events or is it all just a figment of her wild imagination and give feedback on her novella My Secret Life: Confessions of a Housewife. 

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    Lack of Respect: The Death of Chivalry

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    Chivalry/Chivalrous (adjective): 1.  Having the qualities of chivalry, as courage, courtesy, and loyalty.  2. Considerate and courteous to women; gallant.

    What ever happened to the act of men opening a door for a woman, or even the simple act of pulling out and holding a chair for a woman to be seated?  

    In today’s world it seems that the art of dating and courting is GONE.  It seems that what we used to call a DATE is now merely a HOOK-UP, which lends to the thought that respectability or chivalry is now a mere figment of our imagination. 

    On this episode of Hot Topics Talk Radio, we’re going to discuss today’s dating culture, and what is now so different today, versus yesterday.

    Our special guest at the top of the show will be Hip-Hop Recording Artist, Billy Bang!!!  You can check out Billy Bang, featured in the new hit, "Candy Rain".

    Join us on Wednesday, May 28, 2014                                             

    9pm Pacific/11pm Central/12Midnight Eastern

    We invite you to call/comment at (646)200-3148.  Or listen online, or from HTTR App, and join the chatroom conversation.

    *Hot Topics Talk Radio is sponsored by SPMG Media, Shades of Afrika (Corona) and Paloma Investigative Services.

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