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    Fidel Baca at Lunch with DriveThruHR

    in Social Networking

    @FidelBaca .....Fidel Baca visits with Bryan Wempen and William Tincup about HR and whatever else keeps him up at night with Corproate America. DriveThruHR more than not talks about Human Resources with HR professionals every day at lunch time for 30 minutes. Give us a listen at (347) 996-5600 and share your thoughts on twitter using #dthr or @drivethruhr. We talk HR along with lots of clever bantor and thoughts every day at 12 Noon Central time at "DTHR".

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    Overcoming Fear to Find Family with Raven Baca

    in Self Help

    Raquel Benavidez welcomes Raven Baca, crafting genius and wonderful mom. Raven has been in my family for over 12 yrs. She is is my son’s stepmother and yes I consider her family. She has been a huge part of the success and love our family shares. Raven will be sharing with us how she overcame her initial fear and insecurities about being a new wife, a new step-parent and having to deal with me, the ex-wife. We’ll be sharing our experience of how two women, who must would expect to be adversaries, changed it all and became each others strongest allies.

    Sharing our family story is so very important to both of us. We understand how difficult it can be to blend families and for everyone to find their space and more importantly, their value to the family unit. Raven is a blessing to all women out there taking on the beautiful task of not just loving and raising their own kids, but loving and raising someone else’s kids, just as your own.

    Raven Baca lives in New Mexico with her husband, Anthony Baca and their four children, AJ, Quinton, Zoe and Aubry. 

    Raquel Benavidez is a blended, broken and dysfunctional family survivor. She has flourished in creating her own new family dynamic. One that is filled with love, support and acceptance for all. Connect with her on Facebook at It’s a Family Affair

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    “Making it Work” with Anthony Baca and Raquel Benavidez

    in Family

    Raquel is overjoyed to have with you Anthony Baca. Anthony is gracious enough to share his story of working through divorce, managing an ex-wife, finding love again in his new marriage, raising 4 awesome kids from two woman and making it all work. Many will say he’s crazy, but he’s one of my hero’s. I’m his ex-wife, by the way.

    Anthony Baca is an entrepreneur and creator of The GoCaddy.  He has had many successful business ventures in his life but I think he will agree that his biggest success is his loving family. Anthony is filled with life experiences of creating loving and healthy blended families. He is great example for men that want to be able to raise their kids after divorce. You can enjoy a family life that benefits all of your children, no matter what the living situation may be. Connect with Anthony at www.shopgocaddy.com. 

    Raquel Benavidez is a blended, broken and dysfunctional family survivor. She has flourished in creating her own new family dynamic. One that is filled with love, support and acceptance for all. Connect with her on Facebook at It’s a Family Affair.

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    Fidel Baca, President, ExponentHR

    in Technology

    Matt Lafata will interview Fidel Baca, President, with ExponentHR, an HR Systems & Payroll vendor

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    in Current Events

    POLITICAL ANIMALS--***-Laventi Beria  Russian Chief of Stalin's secret police executed by his rivals after Stallin's death in 195

    ***General Hideki Tojo--Japanese Prime Minister  World War 2--executed by Hanging

    ***vice Admiral Jame Stockwell viet nam Pow  Later US Senator

    ***USS Pueblo spy ship  Crew relesed from North Korean captivity

    ****BAY OF PIGS American  financed  military action against Fidel Castro

    US Government paid millions of dollars in aid to Castro as ransom

    ***Queen Silvia of Sweden--Agenda fighting world wide abuse of children and pedophilia--sexual exploitation of childre-When her international conference was held in Stockholm in August 1996--It was ignored in San Francisco's media.

    Audio extract of Queen Silvia talking about children

     San Francisco is a hotbed of perversion, ography, prostition and pedophilia.  This vice is also connected to and often supported by prominent politicians, members of their staffs, media and some judges

    ***Sgt Bove Bergdahl court martial---is there a comparison with the ww2  desertion cases involving the military forces on both sides of WW2/

    Private Eddy Slovak US Army was executed in 1944 for desertion

    In the American Revolution, American General Benedict Arnold was court-martialed for misconconduct.   Arnold later  betrayed the Revolution and became a British Army officer


    ***Madame J. C. Walker became the first black woman millionaire--She should be an example for ethnic women to improve their economic situations


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    TRU Talk Radio Episode 100

    in Sports

    After a brief layoff TRU Boxing Headz returns with long awaited TRU Talk Radio Episode "100". Brining you all the best in the sport of Boxing to include WBC Super Middleweight Champ Badou Jack, Regis Prograis, Miguel Flores, Fidel Maldonado Jr, Tino Avila, Maurice Hooker, Luis Arias and many more of our good friends. Arnie Verbeek, Steve Kim, and Mikey Williams also join us to talk a lil boxing while celebrating our 100th show. 

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    Dr. Julio Marmol, former advisor to Fidel Castro & Tad Atkinson, actor/writer

    in Entertainment

    Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol is the son of the principal financier behind Castro's Revolution, Leonardo del Marmol. Due to the close relationship he had with Fidel at that time, Leonardo was able to get the young Julio Antonio's letter detailing his idea about training an "army for the future" into the hands of the new Commander-in-Chief. And so it was that, at the age of 12, Julio Antonio became the youngest Commander in the Rebel Army ("el Commandantico") and the Commander-in-Chief of the Young Commandos of the Rebel Army. In this position, he was a part of the Fidel's inner circle, and so saw firsthand the plans the Castros and their friend, Che Guevara, had for the island of Cuba. Alarmed, he went immediately to his father to warn him of the impending betrayal, only to be met with an outraged dismissal from the house. Utterly disillusioned, he confided everything to an uncle in Havana, only to learn that his uncle had been a spy since World War II. Convinced by his uncle's passion, Julio Antonio underwent intensive intelligence training, becoming the youngest spy in Cuban history before he had even turned 13.

    Over the next decade, until politicians blew his cover in 1971, Julio Antonio took secrets right out of Fidel Castro's very office and transmitted them to U.S. Naval Intelligence at Guantanamo. He became the most-hunted spy in all of Cuba, codenamed by Castro himself as "the Lightning." His cover blown, he is given 48 hours to get off of the island before Cuba's G-2 counterintelligence agency catch up with him to put him before the firing squad.

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS---President John Kennedy The rest of his story

    ***Did Kennedy win the Presidency through vote fraud in Illinois?

    ***Was Ted Sorenson Kennedy's ghost writer of Profiles in Courage?

    ***Were there more than one assasin involved in the Assasination of President Kennedy?

    ***Was Fidel Castro involved in the Assasination of President Kennedy?

    ****Was the Italian and Jewish Mafia involved in the Assasination of Kennedy?

    Historical Audio extract--Boston Symphony Musical memoriaI

    November 23rd--Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)

    The 14th US President Franklin Pierce one the most handsome men elected to the Presidency

    Vice President elbert Gerry--Gerrymandering --election fraud

    Merle Oberman--beautiful actress

    Andrew Goodman one of three civil rights workers brutally murdered




    November 23rd Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)

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    Episode 37, Bikers Wage War Against Child Abuse

    in Youth

    Children, our most treasured beings, are also extremely vulnerable. Sadly, these little people are the victims of abuse every single day, all around the world. If you were abused as a child or know of a child who has been abused, listen in and hear stories that will warm our heart and restore your faith in humanity—stories of empowerment, love, and ultimately, stories of waging war against child abuse—by none other than…BIKERS! These men are the Keepers of Our Children, showing love, safety, and ultimately empowerment as they form a brotherhood around children who have been abused. Join us as we speak to two members from the international organization called BACA - Bikers Against Child Abuse. What a remarkable organization, truly extraordinary.

    “Trust becomes power for the children.” ~Chief, founder of BACA in 1995

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    in Religion

    You know historicaly some of the most CHARISMATIC, INFLUENTIAL and POWERFUL leaders of this world were thus so by using the POWER of their WORDS and SPEECH! Like Adolf Hitler and Fidel Castro for example who were GREAT masters of ORATORY and PUBLIC SPEAKING! They were able to attract and CONVINCE the masses by their WORDS!

    And my FRIENDS and BRETHREN it's time we realize and UNDERSTAND that there is POWER in our tongue to BUILD or to DESTROY! To KILL or to bring LIFE! To CURSE and to BLESS! And that is what this show and SPECIAL service is about TODAY!

    YESHUA himself said "My words, they are POWER and they are SPIRIT!" You see my brethren everytime I come and PREACH and TEACH on this show it's NOT Apostle Jeshurum speaking it is THE HOLY SPIRIT in me! Turn with me to John the 6th Chapter so we can see this in PLAIN LANGUAGE in verse 63: "It is the Spirit that quickens; the flesh profits NOTHING: the words that I speak unto you, THEY ARE SPIRIT, and they are LIFE!"

    So as usual I'd like to begin with the OPENING PRAYER then the ANNOUNCEMENTS and the MESSAGE FOR TODAY!

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    in Politics Progressive


    kuwa Kane tariki ya 5 Kamena 2014, Umukuru w’Igihugu yasabye abaturage kwicungira umutekano kugira ngo bagere ku bukungu nyabwo bifuza. Mu gihe byagaragaye ko ntako batagize, abasirikare n’abapolisi nabo barahari gukora inshingano zabo


    Umuyobozi w’umujyi wa Kigali yavuze ko ubujura buri kuvugwa mu muhanda w’abanyamaguru (car free zone) nibudacika, umujura wese uzahafatirwa azaraswa nta kabuza.

    Ntibakareke Adeline w’imyaka 26 wari nyir’akabari kitwa Isangano gaherereye mu Mudugudu w’Intwari mu Kagari ka Bibare, umurenge wa Kimironko mu Mujyi wa Kigali, bamusanze yiciwe mu kabari ke.