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    Indie Books #105 (P. Sinclair)

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    Tune in and join me as I welcome this week's guest. 

    As we begin our third year of Indie Books, author P. Sinclair joins us to talk about another new release. He'll be here from France to tell us about Descent Into Paradise.

    Shasa, a beautiful Palestinian orphan - who will become one of Israel's most accomplished assassins - finds herself torn between her loyalties to the two men in her life, Major Pete Watson, the dashing special forces leader of America's most lethal anti terrorist unit and his Israeli counterpart, Major Zev Megrid, and her sense of duty to her ruthless boss, the Director of Israel's feared secret service, Mossad. Abu, forced to live in the teeming slums of a Palestinian refugee camp, has only one thing left to live for; revenge, which only Jewish blood can satiate. Juan Rios, having taken over the Family drug business form his murdered parents, is determined to make sure he does not suffer a similar fate. Aware that his own President's security force in Santiago is fluent in Hebrew, his first trip abroad is to Tel Aviv. Sheik Bashir, a wealthy Saudi and former freedom fighter in Afghanistan, has made his decision. Taking his men with him, he gives up the deserts of Saudi Arabia for the desert in northern Iran. He, and his men will join the thousands of fighters already training in a camp called Murat. There, he will continue the fight for the only thing he hates more than the Saudi ruling family are the Americans who put them there. Descent Into Paradise is a chilling journey into a world of violence and deceit on a global stage. The story, relayed through the trials and tribulations of its characters, offers the reader a unique understanding of the passions fueling both the Arab Israeli conflict and the Islamic Fundamentalists ascent to power


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    'Building, Protecting & Saving Our Community of Today' 9/13/2015

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    Join 'Africa On The Move[ today, Sunday, September 18, 2015 from 7 - 9 p.m. est., We will discuss the theme for today's program, which is: 'Building, Protecting & Saving Our Community of Today.' There will be an update of the Kwam Tue Brigade at Malcolm X Park, DC on 10/10/15, the Freedom Ride to Cuba, status of Mumbia * Jamal (Political Prisioners. Speical guest Dr. Daniyel Willis, a national teacher and author will speak on the question of: What is a Community? Join us for a live and indepth discussion tonight by listening in at (323) 679-0841 or join us online.  

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    Haqq Dawah Media Presents: Glad Tidings S.2E.4 What is this Sharia?

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    AsSalaam Alkuim,


    Good afternoon,

    Welcome to season 2 episode 4 of Haqq Dawah Media Presents: Glad Tidings todays episode will cover Sharia. In this episode we will answer the questions that plague us about the law of Allah. What is Sharia? Does it Sharia call for death of thief? Is Sharia something to be scared of?


    All of these questions plus more will be answered.I know that this will be a very enlightening show, and will dispel a lot of the myths, lies, and misunderstanding about Sharia.

    Please don't forget to follow us:

    Twitter: @TheHaqqDawahGrp

    Tumblr: haqqdawah.tumblr

    Blogger: haqqdawah.blogger

    Facebook: /thehaqqdawahgrp

    Youtube: Haqq Dawah Media

    ITunes: Glad Tidings/Haqq Dawah Media  


    Thank you for listening and I pray you enjoy,

    The Haqq Dawah Group

  • "NU Day resurrection and Liberation"

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    TONIGHT Sat. September  12, 2015 on "NU Day"

    Remembering "STEVE BIKO" and introducing the BBB~Co BC Plan  AND: "Why Did Natasha McKenna Die"?  Now the the video has been released, what do you think and what does this help us to better understand about the realities of being in the the custody of the POLICE/ENEMY etc. 

    ALSO: Important Mumia Abu Jamal Medical Emergency Update

    Other Topics for tonight include:   

    The BlacX Community Survival Program session has begun  
    The African Women's Army first official meeting announcement
    New Million Woman March/Universal Movements national membership campaigns
    Insight into the Black women and children US Mass Incarceration  systematic program  
    What role will Black women really play in the upcoming "Justice or Else" 10/10/ 2015 assembly?                    Joining us on the "LIVE LINE" Bro. Zaki Baruti from the St Louis area, who is an activist and former candidate for governor   

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    Messin With Major Tillery - An Unsung Hero In Solitary Confinement

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    Major Tillery stood up to the prison administration: he confronted them in no uncertain terms, noting that Mumia must get to the hospital in time - before he dies. SCI Mahanory Superintendent Kerestes told Major to mind his own business, to which Major replied 'Mumia is my business'. Please join us in standing in solidarity with Major Tillery,who has been transferred and put in solitary confinement as punishment for demanding that Mumia receive medical care.

     1. Call prison officials to demand that Major Tillery be released          from solitary confinement!
     Superintendent Brenda Tritt, SCI Frackville (570) 874-4516 
     Dept. Of Corrections Secretary John Wetzel (717) 728-4109 
     State that you are calling about Major Tillery #AM9786, to demand he be released from the RHU and placed back in general population. 

    Inform them that you aware that he is in the hole and being denied medication in retaliation for speaking up for another prisoner. 

     2. Write Major a letter of solidarity:

     Dear Major Tillery, 

     We honor your brave act of solidarity on behalf of Mumia Abu-Jamal. You urged him to seek medical care and challenged the Prison Superintendent to protect his life. You helped save the life of a fellow prisoner and for that act of solidarity they are trying to bury you in the bowels of SCI Frackville under false charges. No matter how hard they try they cannot hide you under the weight of lies and intimidation. The power of the truth must come to light. Thank you Major Tillery for your courageous service. We salute you! 
     Major George Tillery AM 9786 SCI
     Frackville, 1111 Altamont Blvd
     Frackville, PA 17931



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    Wanda's Picks Radio: Mumia Abu Jamal: Writings on the Wall, Selected Writings

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    1. Muadi Mukenge, Program Director For Sub-Saharan Africa, Global Fund For Women; Member of Board, Priority Africa Network, joins us to talk about the Congolese Independence Day Program, Sat., June 27, 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. at Resurrection Lutheran Church, 397 Euclid Ave, Oakland.  Her talk is entitled: “Women’s Participation in the Peace Process in the Great Lakes Region: Insights From A May 2015 Visit To The Congo.” The fundraising event is sponsored by Congolese United Association (831) 324-3337.

    2. Theodore Lush joins us to speak about the Montgomery, AL, Maafa Commemoration, Sat., July 12, 2015, 10 am. For information visit RememberTheAncestors.com

    3. Dr. Johanna Fernández is assistant professor of history at Baruch College of the City University of New York and a former Fulbright Scholar. She is editor of Writing on the Wall, Selected Prison Writings of Mumia Abu Jamal (City Lights, 2015) and of the forthcoming book When the World Was Their Stage: A History of the Young Lords Party, 1968-1974 (Princeton University Press). She is the writer and producer of the feature length film, Justice on Trial: The Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

    4. 38th Annual Bay Area Playwrights Festival, July 17-26: Amy Mueller, Artistic director, and featured playwrights: Tearrance Chisholm, Hooded or Being Black for Dummies; Kara Lee Corthron’s Welcome To Fear City. Visit PlaywrightsFoundation.org

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    An Unsung Hero - Major George Tillery #Justice4MajorTillery

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    Frackville, Pennsylvania -- Major George Tillery is a Pennsylvania lifer who confronted SCI Mahanoy Superintendent John Kerestes over Mumia Abu-Jamal's deteriorating health. Elder Tillery told the Mahanoy superintendent to get Mumia to the hospital, stating "Mumia is dying." Major Tillery faces acts of retaliation daily as a result of seeking medical assistance for Mumia and others. Tillery has been transferred to SCI Frackville, placed in "the hole" (RHU), on false charges of receiving a letter with stamps concealing drugs. Stamps are taken off of mail at this institution before being distributed to inmates.

    "Major Tillery was retaliated against, moved from SCI Mahanoy and placed in "the hole" at SCI Frackville. He is accused of receiving a letter which tested positive for suboxone under a stamp. All stamps are removed from mail entering this institution. He has been denied adequate medical care, the rash on his body is getting worse and heat mixed with vapors that smell like gas is being pumped through the vent while the one window in his cell is sealed."  

    "...while at S.C.I. Mahanoy I was threaten by my unit manager Griffin stated if i kept complaining about Mumia or writing Grievances, she would Try and have me desinated a Muslim combatant." "... I have a Metal Food slot which the guards put a toilet brush on my food slot so i won't eat. They know on Ramadan you only get one meal. This happens twice a week. Plus my rash the same one Mumia had is getting worst.'  

    Write Elder Tillery

    Major George Tillery AM 9786

    S.C.I. Frackville

    1111 Altamont Blvd.

    Frackville, Pennsylvania 17931


    Enter Your E-mail Address For Updates At: www.justice4Tillery.blogspot.com






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    QSI: The Seerah: Beginnings In The Madani Era; Ijtihaad In America

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    23: 52. And verily this Ummah of yours is a single Ummah and I am your Lord and Cherisher: therefore be regardful of Me.

          53. But people have cut off their affair (of unity) between them into sects: each party rejoices in that which is with itself.

    Mu'adh ibn Jabal states that when the Prophet (pbuh) sent him to Yemen, The Prophet (pbuh) asked:
    "What will you do if a matter is referred to you for judgement?" Mu'adh said: "I will judge according to the Book of Allah." The Prophet asked: "What if you find no solution in the Book of Allah?" Mu'adh said: "Then I will judge by the Sunnah of the Prophet." The Prophet asked: "And what if you do not find it in the Sunnah of the Prophet?" Mu'adh said: "Then I will make Ijtihad to formulate my own judgement." The Prophet patted Mu'adh's chest and said "Praise be to Allah who has guided the messenger of His Prophet to that which pleases Him and His Prophet."[Abu Daud]

    “The goal of our human life is intellectual liberation; to be a free thinker under G’d.” Imam W. D. Mohammed (ra)

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    Tonight Sat. August 8, 2015 on "NU Day"

    August 8, 1978 marks the day that a visible COINTELPRO militaryoperation was implemented and witnessed  which resulted in the first MOVE confrontation with Philly police and leading to the incarceration of 9 Move members with six remaining behind bars today. Hear a LIVE report from Sis. Ramona Africa on the ongoing campaign to FREE the MOVE members and obtain Justice for the 1985 Osage Ave bombing of the MOVE headquarters and also a Special Report and update on Mumia Abu Jamal.  AND:: A year has past since the murder of Mike Brown,, so what's going on in Ferguson now? Hear a report from Bro. Yah.  ALSO: Recently, Baltimore has been called the muder capital of the US. Learn what's really going on and what's happening  now with the Freddie Grey murder .  And of course you have heard by now that another young unarned Black man has been killed by police in Texas... Call in tonight and share your views

  • Proving The World Wrong! When all odds are stacked against you what can be done

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    The headline caught my attention first. “Single mom goes from American Hustle to living her dreams in Abu Dhabi.” It was in the Huffington Post and the story was inspirational . 

    In 2013, her life in shambles, Tenai Benard packed up her three children and moved to Abu Dhabi.  According to the article, “Since their move to the UAE, the kids have grown and matured beautifully.

    After dealing with the reality of their parents' divorce they are excelling and currently attend an American curriculum private school where they are learning Arabic and French.”

    I knew immediately that I had to have her as a guest on my radio show.  She is the epitome of what this show is about. I don’t know if I could be so brave and will ask her to share her journey with us on this show.

    Learn more about her at www.TanaiBenard.com 

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    **Honoring` Mumia Abu-Jamal** on Global Peeks **

    in Culture