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    Love 101: My Fiance was Molested!

    in Culture

    Mercedes Smoak and her fiance Rodlin Gelin join us for an interview about how they have had to overcome Mercedes' history with molestation and abuse in order to arrive at a new place of wholeness in preparation for marriage.

    Tasha Phipps is Miss Love 101, teacher, counselor and life coach extraordinaire. She and her sidekick Andre Harrison, author of From a Fatherless Father to his Sons, dole out Passion Tips of the Week and their frankest advice for lovesick twentysomethings. Need some love advice? Send your letters to tasha@newdmagazine.com

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    Tell Me

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    Tell Me what You Think? Our show is a faith -based talk show that address issues the community is afarid to address. Our sou rce or model for life situations is The Word of God. What issues are we talking about? Education,fiance,marriage, single-life,parenting,what the church is doing to resolve these concerns. This is not a race thing... These are concerns across the nation. The churches have programs ..how affective . Each city,state has prigrams. Many are cropping up everywhere. Tell us what you think?

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    Psychic Dream Interpretation with Charlotte Spicer: Cops, Sean Combs & Fiance

    in Spirituality

    In this segment I gave some information about some of the potential meanings of seeing a police officer in your dreams. Universally they represent authority and order, but moreso your Conscience. Listen to how Sean "Puffy" Combs approaches a dreamer on an auditorium stage and what it means to get engaged in a dream.

    Are you perplexed or horrified by a dream you had? Call in on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 3:00 PM Eastern to have a dream interpreted, learn helpful tips to work with your dreams. You can call 15 minutes early.

    Dreams are the bridge between the subconscious and conscious mind. The goal of Interpretation is to decode these messages to bring you Clarity, Self-Awareness and Peace. When you call, please describe your dream in as much detail as possible, including Colors, Numbers, Emotions, Impressions, etc.

    Dream Interpretation is the platform for these segments but a spontaneous Reading may occur. 

    Click Here to submit questions, dreams or make a donation. Feel free to send dreams prior to calling the show. Please include your phone number. I am available for Private Phone Sessions. Contact me through the website and take advantage of Special Offers!

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    Sweet Dreams, 


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    Being Committed to God in Jesus name, What That Really Means!

    in Christianity

    Merry or happy Christmas to all and to all a good true walk with the LORD. Life is way to short for us to live even a day in a lie or negative state of mind. I see so much sorrow all around and in my own life I am so up close and personal with God and the true nature of truth and life in Christ. Is it or has it been easy? of course not!

    I have discovered probably the greatest battle i face from any given day is in the mind and from there all the goodness of God can flow and bless or even the lies of Satan can infest and cause sadness or depression to set in. The devil is such a liar and I relaized he uses the same old tricks on me and everyone else however this Christmas is different.

    I have something I am fighting for, well worth it my lovely fiance and her love for the LORD and her prayer and childlike faith that grows each day and moves mountains. I see such amazing grace in her walk and mine and the arrows that the enemy fires at us are almost every day and each time they have less effect in a negative sense and we as a couple and as a powerful force stand against the devil and his lies and spread the true natire of the depth of the power of commitment and keeping ones vows to God and staying Holy.

    It's so easy to get thrown off course and my hope and prayer today is that today a supernatural touch from the LORD will encourage you to commit your way to Him today once and for all and stay the coarse even when the road is not easy and things dont go perfect. We all have a choice and we all choose to believe or not to believe each day and with every thought and action so let us decide to get right with God in Jesus  name and so do each day for our life just as Christ Himself does.

    And all in faith and love, fair enough?

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    Speak to a dynamic young lesbian minister who has an affirming message for all

    in Spirituality

    Rev. Abigail Schairer, is a dynamic speaker and talented teacher. She is known for her practical advice and her study of spiritual masters from all the great religions. She believes we are all a part of the human race, here to help create the life God intended us to have – one of absolute fun, complete abundance, and freedom. Her vision is to transform the planet by helping people awaken to their own magnificence and tap into their own connection with the Divine.

    Rev. Abigail founded Center for Spiritual Living, Peninsula (affiliated with Centers for Spiritual Living) in August, 2012 a year after graduation from Holmes Institute of Consciousness studies with her Master’s Degree. Additionally, she successfully founded SisterSpirit Women’s Retreat in 2008 and continues to be the facilitator of the annual transformative retreat. She recently left her 11 career in Development at Stanford University to pursue ministry full time and to live as the example for people to follow their dreams. 

    1. I just quit my job (last day May 30th) at Stanford University to do ministry full time. 2. I'm a lesbian minister (Been married to my wife for 7 years, got "officially" and legally married 6 years ago.) 3. I started on this path relatively young- I'm 35 and have been a minister for 3 years. 4. I started getting serious when my fiance (now ex) left me for one of my friends...then I started dating God. And God sent me 10 dozen roses.

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    Mindset AND Wedding Planning

    in Self Help

    Once you've said yes to your fiance are you being pulled hither and yon by outside challenges, people and ideas? What can you do to stay focused by staying within budget and keeping your fiance happy too?

    There are often too many things to look at, search for or even decide on to keep you sane. Not to worry you can start off on the right foot and stay grounded even throughout the most difficult parts of your wedding planning process. 

    You just need to start with the right mindset. Join me as I discuss what that is, how to get and how to keep it. 

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    E.E.R.S: All Cops Are Bastards | Domestic Abuse Defenders | Listening Lounge

    in Pop Culture

    Thursday at 8pm ET on Ernest Radio Network, it's The Ernest Experience Radio Show.

    Tonight Ernest and company will be talking about the fact that cops are systematically murdering minorities, and getting away with it; the highlight being the most recent case of Eric Garner in New York.

    Also, Ray Rice's fiance Janay Palmer defends Rice knocking her out in an elevator in Atlantic City earlier this year.  Why do women stay with their abusers, even more so in such a public case?  Is she clueless, or are we missing something?

    All this plus NPR news, Accuweather national forecast, the ERN Listening Lounge, and your phone calls at 1.347.989.1942.  Join us LIVE!

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    Voice for the Voiceless - Kim Lain

    in Motivation

    Writer, Kim G Lain, is going public with her experience as a survivor of horrific domestic violence, which left her with broken ribs, and a close-to-death experience at the hands of her ex-marine fiance. Her message to others is that this act of mental and physical violence knows no boundaries with regard to race, socioeconomic status, or religion. Truly, a "nondiscriminatory" plague in our nation today, Lain shares her story about mental and physical pain, enduring torture, and the ultimate triumph of "getting out." As a former journalist, Lain has chronicled her experiences, and as a "Voice for Victims" she is working on her first book, and screenplay. Lain also shares her experience of relying on her faith to guide her, lift her, and ultimately save her, not only from the devastating effects of the physical violence, but from the demoralizing mental torture she endured. As speaker and advocate for victims of domestic violence, Lain emphasizes the importance, and responsibility of "getting out." Truly an inspirational story that captivates and educates, while offering insight and hope to countless suffering women - letting them know that they are not alone, and that they too, can survive! 

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    A pansexual engaged to a gay man? Yes! Celebrating 2nd anniversary today!

    in LGBT

    What happened when Daniel G. Taylor first met his fiance Joshua Lansell-Kenny? 

    How have these two gents managed to co-create a life together that celebrates both:

    an age difference as well as

    two unique sexual orientations?

    Listen to Daniel and Joshua share a bit about their unique relationship as they celebrate their second anniversary as well as one-year engagement!

    Wish these guys a happy Anniversary by sharing a comment in the comment box below!

    To be on this show, click this link to email Soul, host of Gay Soul Talk with details about your show.  

    After the show, click this link to learn more about the Holiday Blues Buster program Soul mentions at the end of the show.



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    3 Wise Wives

    in Blogs

    What are you THANKFUL for in marriage and what have you GIVEN that your spouse can appreciate?

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    BudgetWeddings4U - Engaged Communication

    in Self Help

    Tonight, I am talking about your engagement and how to stay engaged with your fiance' throughout the whole process of wedding planning. It seems like a no brainer, but once that big wedding planning ship barges into your lives, it may become difficult to get a word in to anyone, even your fiance.

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