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    What would you do ff you had lots of money and a business of your own?

    in Lifestyle

    Okay, so you have determined you are sick of working for someone else.  You don't like the power over you and the people all around you who don't work as hard as you do.  What will you do?  Will you keep doing the same thing over and over again or would you figure out a way to acuire knowledge about something you could love to do?  Only you can make these choices to change your daily routine into excitement you felt as a child as you went to higher levels of self-awarness and awareness about the world around you.  

    You deserve excitement every day, not just as a very young child!  You can have that if you plan time that requires your mind, body, spirit participation.  This is the potential of a conscious human being, the god-like potential to  actively create.  Creating brings joy and business can bring joy.  Who takes takes from business?  A thief?  Right?  Who are the thieves in business?  Like a child who had a toy, and, someone took it, we need to say "No!" to those who take from us in business because it is a form of thievery, that, we don't recognize as such.

    Now, that you can see those above who take from you, you can begin to plan free-time (that time away from your income producing time) to build a business of your own doing something you would love to do each day!  If you aren't happy with the business you are in, it could be the rut has overtaken you.  But, a rut, can be smoothed out of a gravel road!  (I love metaphors).  What could you learn in the business you work for that you don't already know ? Remember the "god-like" potential to know and to do all?

    In a business of your own, you reinvest to get more. You can teach others the same, as contractors, so the same ability rather than give-away money to total strangers.   

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    NYCC Highlights, Ebony Cosby Cover, FF with Marvel?-The Grindhouse airs Sat 6pm

    in Politics Conservative

    What's happening, people!  Check out the latest installment of The Grindhouse Saga (airing Saturday, 6pm EST) at Afronerd and AfronerdRadio.com. Join your hosts, Dburt and the Uncanny Daryll B. (Capt. Kirk is out on assignment) as they tackle the latest in pop/pulp/current event issues:  we give the highlights and our impressions of last week's New York Comic Con; the new "shattered" Cosby/Black family cover issue of Ebony magazine is causing quite a stir on the interwebs; our thoughts of last week's The Flash of Two Worlds episode of The Flash; the rumor mill was working overtime with proclamations of Marvel negotiating with Fox (in Sony-like fashion) to get the Fantastic Four under the MCU; there appears to be a silver lining for the Lamar Odom tragedy after all; we finally get around to addressing the Raven Symone ghetto name controversy (and the Ann Coulter smackdown) ; the Democrats had their first of a reported six scheduled debates; Michael Holt (Mr. Terrific) and Anarky mark their debut on Arrow; more diversity and controversy are sure to follow with Marvel announcing "shippiness" between the new female Thor and the new Black Captain America (hmm).  And lastly, can the Mets make it all the way?  Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

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    Man City v Tottenham, Chinese Super League Transfers, USWNT Lawsuit

    in Soccer

    Premier League Re-Design: 0:00-9:24

    Arsenal v Leicester City: 9:24-15:21

    Manchester City v Tottenham: 15:21-29:48

    Chinese Super League Transfers: 29:48-43:04

    USWNT Lawsuit: 43:04-55:17

    TSS Scouting Reports: 55:17-1:04:55

    Join us for our live commentary of Manchester City v Tottenham

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    Episode 1225: Saving Those Who Save Others

    in Training

    Jeff Dill travels the United States & Canada holding workshops to teach firefighters about behavioral health awareness and suicide prevention.  Jeff is the founder of the Firefighter Behavior Health Alliance, the only known organization that collects data on FF/EMT suicides across the United States, as well as globally

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    The Simpsons XI

    in Soccer

    Broadcasting (in spirit) from "America's Crud Bucket" AKA "The World's Fattest Town" AKA Springfield, it's TSS' first all-cartoon soccer team.

    Daryl and Taylor have combed through the archives to select their respective starting lineups composed entirely of characters from "The Simpsons." It's 50+ minutes of glavin-y goodness based on 27+ years of hilarity.

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    FF Lounge

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    FF Help

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    USA v Canada review

    in Soccer

    We review the USMNT's 1-0 win over Canada.

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    Why it's OK to call it soccer ...

    in Soccer

    It's the football versus soccer show. In this special episode, Daryl and Taylor compare British-English football terms with American-English soccer terms, asking where each terms comes from, why we use it and whether the British or American usage makes the most sense.

    (0:00 - 1:03:30) Comparing 11 different British football and American soccer terms:

    1. Soccer vs Football

    2. Field vs Pitch

    3. Uniform vs Kit

    4. Cleats vs Boots

    5. Shinguards vs Shinpads

    6. Coach vs Manager

    7. Man Utd is vs Man Utd are

    8. Outside back vs Fullback

    9. Overtime vs Extratime

    10. Shutout vs Clean sheet

    11. Sideline vs Touchline

    (1:03:30 - 1:04:15) PodcastOne.com ad read

    (1:04:15 - end) Scouting network updates on Chelsea's Ruben Loftus Cheek, Bolton Wanderer's Zach Clough, Benfica (now Palermo's) Bryan Cristante, and Sporting KC (now Porto's) Erik Palmer-Brown.

    Join us for the USMNT vs Canada Rabble broadcast on Friday night by clicking this link: https://rabble.tv/broadcast/56b01fe7320ffe3d3a2af625/view



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    USA v Iceland Review, Pulisic Dortmund Debut

    in Soccer

    (0:00-46:31) - Analyzing the USA's 3-2 friendly victory over Iceland.

    (46:31-53:05) - Discussing Christian Pulisic's competitive debut for Borussia Dortmund.

    (53:05-1:01:50) - TSS Scouting Network Reports

    (1:01:50-1:06:51) - Show-And-Tell

    Click here to help support the show: http://www.totalsoccershow.com/subscribe/

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    Miazga's big move, USMNT vs Iceland, Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid

    in Soccer

    We discuss Matt Miazga's big move across the pond, offer optimistic predictions for the USMNT vs Iceland game and preview Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid via the medium of bingo.

    Join us for love Barca vs Atletico and USA vs Iceland commentary at this link: https://rabble.tv/user/totalsoccer/profile

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    Weekend Recap: Good Times for Liverpool, Chelsea and Leicester City

    in Soccer

    Despite still being snowed in, Daryl and Taylor recap the weekend's action:

    (0:00-4:38) Liverpool 5 Norwich 4

    (4:38-12:00) Chelsea 1 Arsenal 0

    (12:00-20:03) Leicester City Still on Top

    (20:03-27:01) Manchester United's Struggles Continue

    (27:01-42:28) Scouting Network Reports featuring Pulisic, Pugh and Dele Alli

    (42:28-50:44) Expanding the TSS Scouting Network