• Happy Festivus 2014: Tilting At Windmills

    in Atheism

    Please join us Sunday at 10AM CST/11AM EST as we celebrate Festivus.  We will celebrate with the airing of grievances and dirty laundry & then commence with the beating of dirty rugs and dead horses.  We will continue laughing at those who are tilting at windmills.

    The dial in number is 310-982-4273 and press 1 to speak with the hosts.  You can also Skype into the show.

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    Festivus 2013: The Airing of Grievances

    in Atheism

    Please join us for our annual Festivus celebration.  We will recap the year and commence with the airing of grievances.  Please call in and tell us why you celebrate Fesituvs.


    The dial in number is 310-982-4273 and press 1 to speak with the host.  You can also Skyope into the show.

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    Happy Festivus!

    in Sports

    Tonight on What's Your Fantasy, join hosts Jared Ferree & Joe Everett as they celebrate Festivus! 
    Tonight on the show, in the spirit of the Seinfeldian holiday we will "Air Our Grievances" against all the NFL & Fantasy Football Players who let us down during this past season. 
    To help us out will be Nando Di Fino from CBS.Sportsline.com and Gill Alexander from Pregame.com and "The Betting Dork" Podcast.  They'll join us to "Air their grievances" and hope to put it all behind them before we move into 2013. 
    We hope you join us for a fun and therapeutic night getting it all off our chests. 

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    Mayan Calendar & Festivus Celebration

    in Culture

    Please join Raina, Mario, William, Alfred, and Nicome Sunday as they discuss the Mayan calendar and air their grievances for Festivus.
    What is this Mayan calendar and is it dependable? What are your grievances for the year? The call-in number is 310-982-4273. You can also Skype into the show. Time: 10AM PST/Noon CST/1PM EST.

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    The Festivus Show!

    in History

    This week our show is entitled The Festivus Show. Get your metal pole out from the crawl space and gather around the radio as we honor the traditions of Festivus! Listeners are encouraged to call in at (213) 286-6709 and join in the fun. Tell us what really “grinds your gears” about genealogy (airing of grievances) as well as show off your genealogy super-powers and accomplishments (feats of strength). And we’ll have a special discussion about giving back to the genealogy community (the Human Fund). This will truly be a Festivus for the rest of us! And, as usual, you never know what other aspects of genealogy and family history will be covered at GeneaBloggers Radio so tune in! GeneaBloggers Radio is about the most fun you can have with your genealogy on a Friday night!

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    MyCity4Her Radio - Community Feature / Flip Flop Festivus

    in Women

    Monyka Berrocosa, Host and Executive Producer of MyCity4Her Radio talks with  volunteer and patient Toni Brown, Practice Liaison with Dankmeyer, Inc.
    Proceeds from Flip Flop Festivus to be held in Baltimore, MD on September 20, 2013 will directly benefit the groundbreaking research efforts of Johns Hopkins University Professor Dr. David Moller, whose team is on the cusp of creating a lead diagnostic test for Sarcoidosis, which would save millions in healthcare expenses.
    Established in 1998, The Life and Breath Foundation is a 501(c) 3 organization dedicated to raising funds to improve patient care, improve communication between patients and physicians and fund research to find a cure for Sarcoidosis, which affects 1 in every 2,000 Americans. Since its inception, the Foundation has raised over $300,000 for Sarcoidosis research studies. Because of reduced NIH funding, Sarcoidosis research efforts require significant philanthropic support to move forward.   

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    #18: Festivus!

    in Comedy

    It's Festivus kids! That means it's time for the airing of grievances. So call us up and tell us what's pissing you off. Or, call us up and tell us what your grievances against US are! We'll list ours, have a couple of life remotes and who knows what else. Come and spend the holidays with Matt and Jay.

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    A Holly Jolly Festivus

    in Comedy

    Christmas celebrations never end here at IWS! We're gonna celebrate Christmases past, present and future this week! We'll check in with all of our correspondents, be treated to a special Stand Up Comedy Show from Santa himself and get Christmas well wishes from celebrities and friends of IWS all over the world. Plus, a very special performance of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" by the IWS Players.

    Also, we will celebrate Festivus and just might air a few grievances and invite you to call in and do the same! 

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    Merry Christmas - But What Does It Mean?

    in Spirituality

    For all of the nonsense that goes around this time of year regarding "Merry Christmas," "Happy Holidays," "Festivus for the Rest of Us," "Happy Hannukah," and all the others - does one wish one a "Killer Kwanza," or is it something else? - Most of it is surface gloss and irrelevant. What really matters is precisely what one does to celebrate their holiday of choice. I'd rather hear "Happy Holidays" that watch Grandma and Aunt Sue duke it out in a snow covered yard over who that box of wine really belongs to - to site just one example. How do we celebrate the holidays in a way that spiritually meaningful without getting trapped in the materialism and performance based approval systems that have permanently ruined the holidays for so many?

    Equally important is the issue of those for whom the holidays bring more pain than joy. If we are one of those people, how can we move toward healing? If we know one of those people, how might we help them be more comfortable if they decide to attend our holiday event? We'll look at these issues and more today on Interspritual Insights. 

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    Merry Festivus! BAMS holiday show

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    Special guest Kristi Kringle joins us (wearing Crimson) to give her commentary on all things Bama.. The ghost of Christmas present The Legend joins us tonite along with Rock Watts, Bird, CC, and Drew DeArmond as they bring the lumber for all things  Crimson. Ok, is it ok to talk about basketball yet?  Roll Tide, Happy Festivus and Merry Christmas!

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    Red Maryland Radio- Special Tuesday Edition

    in Politics Conservative

    It's a special, all new Tuesday episode of  Red Maryland Radio tonight at 8 PM on the Red Maryland Network.

    On tonight's show:

    Governor-Elect Hogan is announcing six new Cabinet members today. We'll break it all down.
    In the name of science, they've crunched all of the numbers of the days of the year Americans are the most drunk.
    And today is December 23rd. Which means it's Festivus. So we'll do an airing of the grievances. 

    This is why you can't afford to miss this special episode of Red Maryland Radio tonight at 8 PM on the Red Maryland Network.......and don't forget that you can subscribe to all Red Maryland Network programming on iTunes and on Stitcher.

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