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    Leo Full Moon, Planets and Chakra Energies

    in Spirituality

    Join Nicole Smith and Susan Scofield as they discuss the Leo Full Moon, Planets and Chakra energies. For over 25 years, Susan Scofield has been an expert in astrology and tarot.  She can be reached at barnstormerastrologyandtarot@gmail.com on facebook or on wordpress.  Often called a Healer's healer, Nicole Smith is a Soul Integration Accelerator who supports thousands to fully embrace themselves.  Her messages of being authentic and Loving oneself for everything, propels people forward into their fullest potential.  Nicole can be reached by email che@chenergy.us  or on her website http://www.chenergy.us You can also connect with her on twitter, facebook, instagram, or pinterest under chenergyllc.


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    3 Nick Guerra - Talks Guys that are way to SENSITIVE!

    in Comedy

    Nick Guerra is on the podcast trying to shed some light on why people are so sensitve. They take fan call ins to see if Leo is too sensitive or just a man in touch with his emotions, find out on this episode of Yo Leo Show!

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    2: Ryan Cabrera - Talks Hooters Pageant/Girls/Living in Hollywood

    in Comedy

    Comedian/The INSIDER's Michael Yo and Stand-up comedian Leo Flowers talks about couple's counseling and their take on past girls texting while you're in a new relationship! Special guest Ryan Cabrera.

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    Two Black Guys Talk Oscar White Out & Daddy Issues

    in Film

    Michael Yo and Leo Flowers have a new show talking about pop culture and current events. They talk Oscars with Tara McNamara and the guys talk about what make their show so special. 

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    Festival of Leo Full Moon Meditation 2015

    in Spirituality

    Dear listeners, 

    We encourage you to tune in to our new Live Broadcast directly from our website at: http://www.lucistrust.org/stream. The meeting will be held on July 30th, at 7:00 PM EDT. Audio broadcasts from the most recent Full Moon Meditation meetings will also be archived at the above link.

    For more information about the Leo Festival Keynote please visit this link:

    "I am That and That am I." 

    Please visit our webstite at www.lucistrust.org

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    Weekly Astro-Forecast--Leo Full Moon, Sun in Aquarius

    in Spirituality

      Join astrologer Shellie Enteen for a heads-up on the week's planetary energies. Knowing this helps us plan and understand what we're experiencing in our lives and in the world.

    This week's show will highlight the Sun entering Aquarius and the Leo Full Moon.

    Shellie is an Interfaith Reverend with the Alliance of Divine Love and has provided spiritual counseling through astrology for over 30 years. Daily forecasts can be found on her Astralessence Facebook page and a free, monthly e-Newsletter is available through her website. You can also find archives of today's show and more on the Esoterically Speaking Network page on Facebook.  To find out how to get a reading with Shellie, visit her website www.astralessence.com or email her at shellie@astralessence.com

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    Eleventh House Radio: A Leo Full Moon, Radical Aquarius & Bowie's Death Deepens

    in Paranormal

    As the radiance of the Leo Full Moon shines upon us, while Winter storm Jonas has taken a breather, we'll get into the energy tonight, as it illuminates our souls in the dark of the season.  We'll get into the discovery of what might be the 9th planet, and what it might portend for us.  And yes, it does link back to David Bowie, whose mythos is smoldering in shadow and light.

    We'll also do some free readings tongiht as well.

    Please join us.


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    Just Believe with Lisa Tarves Welcomes Leo Brown with LIVE Psychic Readings

    in Spirituality

    Lisa Tarves, Metaphysician, author of the book, "Just Believe",  Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and gifted angel intuitive, interviews experts in the area of metaphysics and spirituality each Sunday at 7 pm Eastern.

    This week Just Believe welcomes back the fabulous Leo Brown:

    Despite the odds placed before him, (told by doctors that he wouldn't live past the age of 30, born with cerebral palsy.) At the age of 21, Leo discovered that he, like others in his family, possessed what people called 'The Gift'. As time went on, Leo decided to take the time to develop his intuition and soon noticed that he could not only help people to heal but heal himself. He is embarking on his mission of helping people from all over the world. With clients ranging from A-list celebrities to the boy/girl next door. Also, Leo is currently working with Lisa and Writestream Publishing on his fantastic tell-all book which will be available soon!

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    Addressing the Problems with Politics in LEO Support Groups w/ Ken Dye

    in Current Events

    The great divider- politics... Support groups have to almost walk on eggshells when bringing up politics. Those of us who follow politics are passionate about what we believe in, and when any mention is made that goes against our personal beliefs, many want to cause dissent and hatred.
    But what happens when those politics affect the very core of our support groups? Do we keep quiet in an effort to keep everyone happy? Don't our supporters have the right to know when someone has chosen not to support our police?

    The LESMA team and Ken Dye are going to address this today- and it needs to be done. It's time we stand up for what we believe in, even if we have to hear things that we do not want to, even if we must face realities that we hoped weren't true. We can't let these things divide us. In this situation, you rise and you face it. Because the TRUTH and JUSTICE for our police are what we are here for.

    Call in to speak with the host: 347-850-8154

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    EP212 Award-winning Journalist Leo Adam Biga Joins Kori on the Back Porch

    in Books

    Award-winning Journalist and author Leo Adam Biga returns to the show to talk about his latest book: Crossing Bridges. 

    Father Vavrina has served as a priest for many years, and has served several missions trips to help the needy. Father Ken worked with lepers in Yemen, and was ultimately arrested and thrown in jail under false suspicions of spying. After being forcibly removed from Yemen, he began his tenure with Catholic Relief Services. First in the extreme poverty and over-population of Calcutta in India. Then with warlords in Liberia to deliver food and supplies to refugees in need. Father Ken also spent several years working with Mother Teresa to heal the sick and comfort the dying.

    Crossing Bridges: A Priest’s Uplifting Life Among the Downtrodden is the story of Father Ken Vavrina’s life and travels – simple acts that moved him, people that inspired him, and places that astonished him. Father Ken has spent his life selflessly serving the Lord and the neediest around him, while always striving to remain a simple, humble man of God.

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    Festival of Leo Full Moon Meditation 2014

    in Spirituality

    Join us for a live broadcast from New York of the Festival of Leo Full Moon Meditation. Simulcast at www.lucistrust.org/nystream

    "I am That and That am I."  Leo stands in a unique relationship to the sun at the heart of our solar system.  The planetary and systemic alignment established at this Festival is a heart/soul alignment.  The heart of humanity, the heart of the planet--the spiritual Hierarchy--and the heart of the sun, create the channel which extends to Sirius, that great "star of initiation" within the universe.  Sirius has a unique relationship with our planet Earth and through Sirius the pure energy of love flows through the solar centre and into the planetary heart.

    This alignment is evocative of the cosmic principle of Love and Freedom, both of which flow through Sirius and Leo into our range of awareness.  These two principles are making an increasing impact on human consciousness, affecting all areas of life.  As we seek to work with these energies and to cooperate with the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, the result should be the increasing manifestation in humanity of the principle of Love and the freeing of human life from the bondage of materialism and all that tends to imprison the human spirit.

    At the time of each full moon Festival, energy qualified by the constellation influencing the period flows into the range of human awareness, establishing the divine attributes in the consciousness of humanity.  This spiritual inflow can be channeled in meditation into the minds and hearts of all people. The technique of meditation governs all expansions of consciousness, all registration of Plan or Purpose and the entire process of evolutionary unfoldment.


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