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    The Don S. McClure Show - WORDS! HOW WE USE THEM

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    The Don S. McClure Show - Words! How we use them

    Words! How We Use Them

    A single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others (or sometimes alone) to form a sentence and typically shown with a space on either side when written or printed.

    To choose and use particular words in order to say or write (something) of value or opinion

    To describe a person or subject.

    To explain your feelings either good or bad in your eyes.

     There is an old saying Choose your words (Carefully) for they may be your last.

    How many times have we used words to express our feelings toward someone?

    Words have always been the foundation to give understanding and to write down a lasting memory.

    For without words we would have no means of communication between one another.

    You can’t express your true love and desire without words.

    Opening Track: Luna Nueva, by India Martinez Jennifer Jessica Martínez Fernández better known as India Martínez (born in Córdoba, Andalusia, Spain, on 13 October 1985



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    How do we overcome the disavantages of our beginning?

    in Romance

    Tonight I am talking to Ava Brown Author of the book Bamboo and Fern, about her life, love and her goals. Ava is a Mother, Wife, Author and Business Woman.

    Growing up in Jamaica, Ava was one of nine children and spent much of her time selling mangoes on the suburban streets of St Elizabeth. Despite often missing school in order to earn the money that the family desperately needed, Ava retained her unquenchable thirst for education. 

    Having begun her life in St Elizabeth, Jamaica, Ava Brown’s inspiring journey tells the story of how she went from a country girl to a corporate queen.

    Join the conversation tonight on 3479457556 prefix with 001 if your're in the UK

    Find out more about Ava@  www.avabrown.org ,
    Trailer: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7csgiyq9iaiziar/Bamboo%20%26%20Fern.mp4
    Twitter: @Avabrown24  Facebook : Ava Brown  https://www.facebook.com/ava.brown.10048

    If you enjoy the show follow me on Blogtalkradio and  check out Ebony @ http://www.ebonyempresstv.com

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    Three Sides to the Story with Author/Director Richard Engling

    in Writing

    Amy Beth welcomes Richard Engling for a creative conversation about story, medium and point of view. Richard, a noted theatre artist is co-founder and Artistic Director of Polarity Ensemble Theatre in Chicago. He is also an actor and author of the novel Visions of Anna and the play Anna in the Afterlife, which along with his late friend Fern Chertkow's novel She Plays in Darkness, comprises the ground- breaking Afterlife Trilogy. 

    We also take a musical romp through the Autumn leaves! 

    And the usual hoopola: Free flow Pop Culture convo, Inspiration to Action shout-outs, humor, music and more!

    Tweet before/during show @abwrites 

    Call during the show 347-857-4505 

    Join us LIVE or later on demand! 

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    Sacred Geometry

    in Self Help

    Since ancient times, people have believed that specific shapes hold spiritual significance: hexagons, triangles, circles and squares. And since there is no such thing as a perfectly straight line in nature, shapes found in the natural world have often been used in religious and spiritual practices and architecture. Catholic churches often have stained glass windows in the shape of a rose, Central American cultures revered the spiral found in shells and fern fronds, and the shape of glittering stars at night have been used by everyone! In Hindu practices it is believed that focusing on shapes can actually carry you into another dimension, a place to access the higher mind. Is this just superstition, or is there really something to it? Call in with your questions and comments to this live broadcast.

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    Friday Night Drunken Trivia Summertime with Fern

    in Comedy


    The only game show where the consolation prize is YOU GET DRUNK!

    Each week we grab a new contestant to see if they can dethrone the DRUNKEN TRIVIA NINJA MASTER (aka The Saucey One).

    We're celebrating Summer Solstice- that's right, the FIRST DAY of SUMMER! 

    So get ready to cool off with Dee, Saucey, and Fern!


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    Feast of the Sea - West Palm Beach's Seafood Festival - September 13, 2014

    in Food

    Join your host Wes Blackman as he welcomes Steve Todd, one of the creators of West Palm Beach's upcoming Feast of the Sea festival, to the High Noon in Lake Worth studios. The event will take place on the waterfront in the area of Clematis Street and Flagler Drive, with music provided at the Meyer Ampitheater and Fern Street stages. The festival will begin at 11 a.m. and run until 10:30 p.m. next Saturday, September 13th. Admission is free, and VIP and Family passes are available for a fee. Proceeds will benefit Future 6 Helping Hand which is a Florida based 501(c)3 providing alternative youth athletic programs and free sports camps in Palm Beach County. We will chat about the origins of the festival and what you can expect if you attend.

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    in Books

     Esta fascinante historia real, la cual lee como la version Castellana de la película “Lo que el viento se llevó” comienza su historia con el noviazgo de Rolando Fernández and Ninina Perea cuales se conocen y se enamoran en la Habana 1939.  Gloria Maria Strassburger relata cómo su padre despues de vivir toda una vida con problemas psicológicos y haberse sometido a miriadas de tratamientos  termino  en un colapso mental.

    Tambien nos relata como los problemas familiares y politicos arrancaron su infancia privilegiada fisica y emocionalmente.  La apropiación de sus riquezas y propiedades por el régimen rebelde. Cómo fueron arrancadas las familias entre sí,  como niños fueron separados de sus padres, obligados a someterse a adoctrinamiento Comunista en Rusia.

    Strassburger escapó ese destino a través de la Operación Pedro Pan, uno de los mayores éxodos políticos de los niños de la historia. Temiendo por su futuro, sus padres la enviaron sola, fuera de Cuba en 1961. Nos habla del terror de ser separada de su familia y vivir en un país extranjero sin ellos.

    Strassburger decribe la desintegración de su familia, como su padre en espiral en la esquizofrenia y el comunismo les obligó a exiliarse, dejando atrás a sus seres queridos, sus hogares y sus identidades para hacer frente a las dificultades de una nueva vida en los Estados Unidos. "Palmeras En La Nieve" es una historia de amor, sacrificio y la supervivencia de la familia. Es un homenaje de una vida perdida para siempre y la adopción de una vida nueva en América.

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    The Fibonacci Series & the Cosmological Constant: Intelligent Design or Creation

    in Education

    The Fibonacci sequence (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89 etc...) is named after Fibonacci. His 1202 book Liber Abaci introduced the sequence to Western European mathematics.  Fibonacci numbers are intimately connected with the golden ratio.  Applications include computer algorithms such as the Fibonacci search technique and the Fibonacci heap data structure, and graphs called Fibonacci cubes used for interconnecting parallel and distributed systems. They also appear in biological settings, such as branching in trees, phyllotaxis (the arrangement of leaves on a stem), the fruit sprouts of a pineapple, the flowering of an artichoke, an uncurling fern and the arrangement of a pine cone.  The golden ratio phi (φ) is 1.6180339887... an irrational number, it has an infinite number of decimal places and it never repeats itself!

    Cosmological Constant (lambda: Λ) is the value of the energy density of the vacuum of space.  The cosmological constant is the simplest possible form of dark energy since it is constant in both space and time, and this leads to the current standard model of cosmology known as the Lambda-CDM model, which provides a good fit to many cosmological observations as of 2014.  Skeptics like to say that fine tuning cannot be proven by science, since we have only one universe to study. However, the discovery and quantification of dark energy has puzzled a number of scientists, who realize that it’s extremely small value requires that the initial conditions of the universe must have been extremely fine-tuned in order that even matter would exist in our universe.

    The Fibonacci sequence and the cosmological constant are evidence that there was intelligent design in the creation of the universe, and it did not come about as a result of random events governed by the laws of thermodynamics, in particular, entropy.


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    Our Stories: Rights of Passage Towards Marriage & Alternative Perspectives

    in Women

    Dearest RED TENT sisterhood!
    On tonight's show Aurora, Katrina, and Zsuszi discuss their perspectives and personal experiences with Marriage, Romance and alternative relationships.

    We tag this episode as an "EMBRACE THE TABOO TO LIBERATE YOU!" Episode. For the WILD WOMEN of CONSCIOUSNESS.

    We ask and answer deep questions like "Why get married?" "Can I have multiple partners?" "Is having children the route I want to take?" 
    In this episode you'll go down the rabbit hole to ask yourself if you do things just because they are societally acceptable.

    Katrina Rainsong Messenger:
    It seems like we all know the Marriage Fairytale, girl meets boy, dates boy, marries boy... happily ever after! Why is it that even tho we all know that relationships are more complex than that we still tend to cleave to the old paradigm? Can we change the traditional narrative? What new stories can we tell? My story is one of marriage, freedom and joy. Here's a tale from the Poly side

    Zsuzsi Fern: 
    Finding support, preparing Rites of Passage and being clear on what relationships mean to you is what marriage is all about.

    JOIN OUR NETWORK! OURREDTENT.COM! Step out of the Box and into our Circle!

    Contact Aurora at ourredtent@gmail.com or aurorakozinn@gmail.com

    Contact Katrina Rainsong Messenger at k.a.messenger@gmail.com

    Contact Zsuzsi at elizabethzfern@gmail.com
    zsuzsifern.com and Endpmsnow.com

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    Friday Night Drunken Trivia, Live!-What!?! Saturday Night Drunken Trivia?

    in Politics Progressive

    Don't worry, you're not still hung over from last Friday's episode of Drunken Trivia! (Or maybe you are- I don't really know you that well!)

    Anyway, to celebrate our Saucey, Sultry and Sassy host, Dee, turning the BIG 35, we are having a special Live Saturday Night Episode in VA Beach! Thats right boys and girls, the gang is getting off Meth Mountain for the weekend for a little well deserved R&R and heading to our friend Fern's (she'll tell you she won last week- don't believe the hype) and what better way to party down and boogie at the beach than with a round of Drunken Trivia Live followed by Drunken Karaoke and Unspeakable Drunken Mayhem!

    So grab a beeer, call in during the show to say Happy Birthday to Dee- and join me Saucey as he matches wits with several of his drunken friends in this special drunken episode of drunken trivia...hey there seems to be an ongoing theme here!


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