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    Fermilab - Forging The Keys To Hell

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    This is a Podcast of a science fiction novel about a particle accelerator (Fermilab) that tears a rip through the fabric of space and time... Narrated by the author, Randy Benjamin

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    Frugal Friday with Fermilab's Troy Dawson

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    Troy Dawson is one of the lead developers of Scientific Linux. He is also one of the lead developers of Fermi Linux. Both versions of Linux are produced at Fermilab. Fermilab is a high energy physics research lab. Scientific Linux is produced to be a common platform for other High Energy Physics lab's around the world, as well as anyone else who wants to use it. Fermi Linux is currently a derivative of Scientific Linux that has been customized for Fermilabs enviroment.
    Troy has been at Fermilab since 1993. He has been working with Linux since 1999. He has been on the Fermi Linux team since 2001. He helped get Scientific Linux started back in 2004.

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    The builders of the world's biggest particle collider are being sued in federal court over fears that the experiment might create globe-gobbling black holes or never-before-seen strains of matter that would destroy the planet.

    Representatives at Fermilab in Illinois and at Europe's CERN laboratory, two of the defendants in the case, say there's no chance that the Large Hadron Collider would cause such cosmic catastrophes. Nevertheless, they're bracing to defend themselves in the courtroom as