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    The LizyT S how is talking to Guru the amazing Marcos Mendosa

    in Motivation

    The LizyT S how  is talking to Guru the amazing Marcos Mendosa

    Born with the ability to play the piano by heart, rather than by ear; Marcos created a way to channel his emotional energy through the beautiful sound of the piano.  This gift has allowed him the privilige to use music as a source of inspiration that can allow people to feelthe beauty of life through the sound of music and lyrical performance arts.

    Through the Art of Public Speaking,  the team and I have created Performance Seminars that are designed to Empower, Engage, and Entertain audiences all around the world by inspiring them to realize how incredible they are, and how much they are truly capable of manifesting.


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    @BigActionGuy R. Marcos Taylor aka @SugeKnight in #StraightOuttaComptonMovie

    in Entertainment

    R. Marcos Taylor is an American martial artist, actor, stuntman, and fight choreographer. He is known for Straight Outta Compton (2015), The Martial Arts Kid (2015), Life of Crime (2013), Dead Man Down (2013)

    At five years old, R. Marcos Taylor wanted to be Superman. When he realized that this couldn’t happen, he decided that learning karate was the next best thing. Marcos went on to earn a black belt in Karate, and along the way he developed a love for many different martial arts. In addition to karate, Marcos has trained intensively in Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Capoeira, and Hapkido, and he has more than twenty years of training in these arts. Marcos holds the rank of Kru in Muay Thai. Marcos also trains in several other martial arts including Kung Fu, Boxing, Judo, Ninjitsu, and Gracie Jui Jitsu. He has fought in tournaments and won titles including the New Jersey State Taekwondo Champion 1994, YB Choi Taekwondo Invitational Champion 1995, and the Muay Thai Warriors Cup Super-Heavy Weight Champion 2010.

    R. Marcos Taylor has worked as a certified personal trainer, gym owner, professional fighter, and bodyguard, and has taught martial arts and self-defense locally and internationally for the last twenty-four years.

    R. Marcos also works as an actor and stuntman. His strongest areas are fight scenes, stunt doubling, choreography, and stunt falls.

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    Brother Marcos-"Is Jesus Enough for You?"

    in Religion

    Is Jesus Enough For You? Focus on God's love and provision for you, not on your circumstances.  The Brother Marcos Radio Show - BrotherMarcosRadio@gmail.com

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    RA: Raul Tati diz que sentença de Dr. José Marcos Mavungo encomendada por Luanda

    in Radio

    Rádio Angola (RA): Tivemos o privilégio de entrevistar o Raul Tati, antigo vigário-geral da diocese de Cabinda para falar sobre a sentença de Dr. José Marcos Mavungo. Raul Tati partilhou a forma apressada como feita a leitura da sentença do Dr. José Marcos Mavungo. O nosso interluctor questiona os motivos do Governo Provincial em continuar a perseguir os membros da extinta Mpalabanda – Associação Cívica de Cabinda naquele parcela territorial. Entrevista conduzida por Serafim de Oliveira.

    Por Florindo Chivucute
    Perguntas e sugestões podem ser enviadas para info@friendsofangola.org. A Rádio Angola – uma rádio sem fronteiras – é um dos projectos da Friends of Angola, onde as suas opiniões e sugestões são validas e respeitadas.

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    Bro Marcos-Jesus our Help in Battle

    in Religion

    Jesus is our help in the battle! Join Brother Marcos as he explores various topics and themes in this episode, which highlights how we should live according to Christ during this wicked generation.

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    Bro Marcos-Personal Revival

    in Spirituality

    In this episode of Brother Marcos Radio, he talks about the personal and spiritual commitment for obtaining a personal revival. The time has come to stop fooling around, and become very serious about Godly things.

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    Bro Marcos-Do You Love the Truth

    in Religion

    "Most religions are a give and take deal, promising blessings or spiritual development in exchange for offerings and devotion. Christianity is different: you believe it because you love truth, regardless of what's in there immediately for you."

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    Into the Cosmos Season Wrap-Up Show

    in Soccer

    Join our hosts Ej Garr and Frank Dell'Apa as we wrap up the magnificent season that ended with a Soccer Bowl Title, as the NY Cosmos prevailed in a thrilling 3 - 2 NASL Championship game this past Sunday at Shuart Stadium.

    Jack Gaeta, Manager of Cosmos Team Operations, joins us to review the campaign and gives us his memories and highlights of the year.

    With the Cosmos earning their second title in three years, the questions are already starting to swell about the product the Cosmos will be putting on the field in 2016, with the losses of Raul and Marcos Senna going forward.

    With more teams joining the NASL next year, our hosts will break down the expectations of the new arrivals in Miami, Peurto Rico and Oklahoma City.

    Congratulations to the Boys in Green who earned the Cosmos their seventh NASL Championship.

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    Shenandoah Valley Happenings November 12th 2015

    in News

    Do you know ways to help reduce the county budget. Ferdinand has some ideas. A newly re-elected candidate violated the 50' rule and was caught talking to voters at the roadside polling station. Why do we need to sign contracts for students we never had? Who will the next chairman of the board of Supervisors. It is that time of the year again. Yes those 501c3's come out of the wood work trying to separate you from your hard earned money. Who are the worst at what they do?