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    Rediscovering Self-Worth through Feminism

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    In today’s difficult world, many people struggle with feelings of inadequacy or negative self-perception based on the messages they’ve received since birth. These negative messages are often related to gender, race, class, sexual orientation, and other aspects of ourselves that make us who we are. Often, these negative messages become internalized and difficult to separate from the truth.
    Based on our article 8 Ways Feminism Can Improve Your Self-Esteem, Shannon Ridgway will discuss the different ways in which those struggling with low self-esteem can utilize feminist concepts to rediscover their inherent self-worth.

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    A Discussion on Female Supremacy and Feminism

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    Female Supremacy is a HOT TOPIC and I have been hearing from many men regarding female supremacy lately who want me to go more in-depth than I did in the previous Female Supremacy show that I did several years ago.  I think it's time to re-visit the issue as it seems to have come to the forefront again recently and is quite a heated topic.  If we sprinkle in feminism on top of it all you have what can only be a very interesting debate. 

    The ever amazing and very scary Miss Taphophile along with the lovely and bossy Mistress Luscious and the sexy Goddess Satine will be just three of my guests who are PRO-FEMALE SUPREMACY.  I have no doubt we'll be joined by even more ladies both for and against by the time we go to air.  So set your phone alarms to Tuesday January 19 at 10 pm ET (9 pm CT, 8 pm MT, 7 pm PT) and join us!  

    For more information about this show including polls and your opportunity to submit your questions and comments for the show you can have your say... CLICK HERE!

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    Exploring the world of Feminism

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    On tonight's episode of the Jason Echolls Podcast.......I will be interviewing DrtyHippiePanda from Twitter and YouTube fame. I will be talking to her about feminism. She has taken on feminist on all social media platforms has they have attacked her for her "internalized misogyny". She is well studied on both the pro and anti feminist sides of the coin. As I interview her we will be talking about not only what she feels "modern feminism" is about today but also her dark past in the world of feminism. We will be taking calls during the interview. So feel free to call in to ask some questions. So buckle up as The Jason Echolls Podcast takes you on another thrilling ride!


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    E-Mail DrtyHippiePanda at drtyhippiepanda@gmail.com

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    Guerrilla Feminism Friday -The Lachrista Greco Plantation

    in Entertainment

    Lachrista Greco Of "Guerrilla Feminism" has decided that the way acknowledge and be mindful of the intersections of oppression was to silence and then use her platform to lie on a fem presenting, poor woman of color, sex worker. 

    Even in the face of evidence, like a true white person, Lachrista Greco is saying... "I didn't say that". 

    We actually have time stamped, verifiable evidence, and Lachrista Greco is doubling down like a conservative christian about baby body parts. 

    It seems bizarre until you realize that it's part of how white supremacy works. 

    Exploit black labor and then when freedom is on the horizon, try to put that black woman's name on a nooose. 

    Confederate Feminism. 


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    Guerilla Feminism Friday - Based on facts

    in Entertainment


    Guerilla Feminism Friday.

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    Episode 3: Black Feminism & Relationships

    in Women

    Bie and Bessem discuss black feminism and the impact on relationships with black men.

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    Join Rita Henley Jensen, founder and editor of Womens eNews, and Rob Okun, Editor and author of Voice Male, as we discuss feminism around the world- what men and women are doing to promote equality and justice for women.

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    Feminism and Its Impact on Society

    in Entertainment

    Feminism is defined as the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

    The fight for feminism began in 60's and 70's. How far have we come now and why is this a big issue?

    We will also look into the group Women Against Feminism. 

    Join hosts Logic, BJ, Char & Jill. Of course me too, Ky!

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    Feminism:  Christian or Anti-Christian.  Is feminism a socialist scheme to destroy the family unit, so that the government can raise the children and turn them into mind control slaves?

    "Women Against Feminism" by Suzanne Venker Three tenants of feminism:  1) Women are imprisoned by their negative view of women and their place in the world.  2)  Injustices perpetrated on women including the fact that they MUST have babies and men do not have to… 3) There is no difference between men and women other than their sex organs. 

    1) Feminism did not liberate women. It has actually harmed women by placing them in a prison of negative thinking and promoted dead-end promiscuity.

    2) Studies show that women today are LESS happy under modern Feminist assumptions and cultural practices.

    3) Women today do not owe feminists for everything. Feminism did NOT give women the right to vote or go to college. Those rights existed BEFORE the "Second Wave Feminism" of the 60's.

    4) The Women's Suffrage Movement was NOT a "feminist" movement: the "Suffragettes" were actually Pro-Life, Pro-Family and Conservative women. (Today's Feminists would reject them, ironically.)

    5) Feminism has robbed women of placing family and marriage at the center of their lives, as the most meaningful part of their existence. Instead, it shames women into believing that career materialism should be placed at the center.

    6) Women should ignore the institutionalized, Feminist cultural prescriptions that demean motherhood and marriage. They should sequence their lives in a way that place family as the most central, meaningful experience of their lives.

    7) Feminism is a finished movement in America.

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    Marriage and Feminism

    in Women

    We're living in a modern world, and for women today that means having modern views on love, career and life!

    Tune-In to our show "Marriage and Feminism" as we talk about how traditional values and modern ideas are evolving and shaping how women make some of their BIGGEST life decisions today. 

    The amazing and talented Holly Foster will be joining us and talking about being newly married and her take on why more women today are staying single longer in life.

    As always we'll be playing the BEST in Pop, Hip-Hop and R&B!

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    Is Feminism Good For The Black Community? And ...On Still Being Invisible.

    in Current Events

    Today we're interviewing Ashley Jones, creator of the FB group, "Black Women Against Feminism," about the Black experience with feminism, and how it is different from White women's, and how it has affected the Black community.

    We'll also be talking about how we still feel invisible in America, when our experiences are dismissed and pushed aside when they don't align with th popular narrative or view.

    We're serving up a strong pot of unapologetic truth, and we have plenty to share.

    Bring your cup!