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    The Power of the Feminine at Work with Lana McAra

    in Women

    Our guest today will also be speaking at The Power of Being a Woman Teleseries. Register for free @ http://powerofbeingawoman.com
    For the past 25 years Lana McAra has been an award-winning, best-selling author of 19 books with more than half a million books sold writing under the name Rosey Dow, because of her skill with character development and understanding why people do what they do.
    She’s the host of the talk radio show Online Events Made Simple and the creator of an innovative marketing tool called InstantClientGenerator™ with results delivered to your email in less than 10 minutes, telling you why your clients buy.
    A project manager for more than 30 years and Internet marketing specialist, Lana McAra is the CEO of Busy Bees Unlimited, a virtual assistant company that takes care of all the dozens of swirling, confusing details around online events so you can be successful in your online marketing and still focus on your primary task—getting new clients and serving them.
    She facilitates telesummits of all sizes, teleseminars, and conference calls attended by people from around the world from the privacy and comfort of your own home.
    Visit her web site at http://BusyBeesUnlimited.com

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    Reclaiming the feminine power within with Nancy Nicholson Kobel

    in Spirituality

    https://leaderinspired.coachesconsole.com/  "Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself.  It is precisely that simple, and it is also that difficult."  Warren G. Bennis (1925 -) Nancy will share her journey to reclaiming her own power which includes both her quiet power and her feminine power. It has been a  journey to wholeness and learning the value of balancing our masculine and feminine energy to have a larger impact on our life. Many of us assimilated into a culture where the masculine was praised and the feminine was put down and we took on many masculine qualities and traits to succeed, suppressing the feminine.  We are returning to a point of balance.  https://www.facebook.com/LeaderInspired

    Nancy is a transformational life and leadership coach and founder of Leader Inspired, LLC.  She works from her heart center, with both men and women, providing the tools and an environment that gets to the core of what is holding her clients back from having the success and joy  they truly desire in life and work.  Nancy has been coaching for 7 years with individuals and groups at all levels of the leadership scale including high potential employees, senior level leaders, entrepreneurs and women wanting to transform their lives.

    Opening and Closing Song:http://alanpetersonmusic.com/

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    Tap Into the Power of the Divine Feminine

    in Education

    Keith D. Young is the father of 2 wonderful sons, a former Detroit Police Officer, Educator and African Historian.

    One day after trying to create a family tree that explored his families past beyond that of his great grand parents and not having much success, Keith became fascinated with history. The history of not only his family but of all African American people, the drum of Africa was calling. His yearning for and study of all things African led to a startling series of discoveries about the true native and indigenous peoples of America and the world. He discovered a world of deceptions, double meanings, symbols and hidden information that the vast majority of people are ignorant of.

    Join us as we speak with Keith about What a Goddess is, Why She Was Erased From History and How to Tap Into the Power of the Divine Feminine. Life-changing, healing and empowering knowledge is going to be shared.

    Bio copied from: http://afroperspectives.com/ap/about/

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    Carla Sanders, Sexuality: Your Sacred Feminine Power

    in Entrepreneur

    In this episode of the Divinely Intuitive™ Business Radio Show, Rev. Anne Presuel, Irreverent Rev, will be interviewing Diva Carla Sanders, Creator and Founder of www.OrgasmicAlchemy.com

    Diva Carla guides rising spiritual women entrepreneurs through their midlife sacred quest into the mystery of their sexuality. She believes that sexual pleasure is every woman's birthright and is a vital nutrient all mission-driven women need to feel inspired, replenished, and in cahoots with the Divine Feminine.

    Her straightforward humor, intelligence, and no-BS belly wisdom bring a fresh perspective to a vulnerable topic. Diva Carla is the founder of the Wise Woman’s Sacred Feminine Power Initiation and presents the Live with Diva Carla radio show packed with leading-edge thought on sexuality, spirituality, and wealth for thriving in the 21st century

    Diva Carla will be talking about how sexuality is the channel through which the Sacred Feminine speaks and works, and how this then empower creativity and confidence.

    Rev. Anne and Diva Carla will be taking your calls and questions, so call in!

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    Encountering the Divine Feminine

    in Spirituality

    Sacred Woman Organization presents for the very first time, series of conversations with spiritual leaders and teachers from many different tribes to talk about the feminine. Our very first segment  'Encountering the Divine Feminine' is our very first creation.

    We are joined by Magdala Ramirez and Grandmother Miriam to talk about what it means to encounter the divine feminine, how we might be able to reach her within ourselves and become stronger in ourselves as women. This series presents to you a detailed glimpse, into the abstract understandings of the self. The wisdom of these leaders may even inspire you to venture into a sacred journey within yourself. So come join us for this series!

    If you have questions, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

    Email us at sacredwoman144@gmail.com

    Please donate to support our work. 


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    Finding Power Through the Feminine with Monisha Mittal

    in Spirituality

    http://www.yourinnerease.com/   Monisha will speak about her journey of transformation, where old models of leadership broke down, leading her to claim her power more fully in her personal and professional life.  Listen to her speak of the many gifts she continues to receive by redefining her notion of power and success, all by integrating her masculine and feminine styles. https://www.facebook.com/yourinnerease

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    in Religion

    In the third dimension masculine energy and feminine energy are very much out of balance. Have you ever played a game where you did not know the rules of the game and yet you kept playing? Like the stock market, for example. How did you do? Most in the third dimension do not know the rules and they don’t know how to succeed or exit the game. Becoming aware of and understanding the rules and the structures of the third and fourth dimensions is a means to step out of the third dimension and choose to live in the higher third and fourth dimensions. Knowing the rules to the games we are playing is a really big deal. Most don’t even explore the rules, because they are too busy moving from past to future and they don’t spend a moment of conscious time in the present.

    One of the most fundamental aspects, or “rules” of the relationship game is to understand masculine and feminine energy. I’m not talking about bodies, men and women, husband and wife, parent and child, or lovers. I refer to your nature and expression of personal masculine and feminine creative energy. Without understanding masculine and feminine energy, we can become very much out of balance.


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    FEMININE POWER ~ Fully access your Supreme Birthright! with Miranda Barrett

    in Health

    Release the belief that power is a dirty word.
    Live in balance between your masculine and feminine energy.
    Honor your feminine essence as a doorway to your spiritual nature.
    Empowerment versus vulnerability and your own autonomy.

    Miranda is a passionate and devoted leader. Her loving and wise support will guide you on a transformational journey as her powerful teachings unveil the truth of who you are. Her gift is to offer potent tools, which inspire exquisite and beautiful self care and empower you to live the fullest and most authentic life possible. As a mentor and guide, Miranda walks her talk and is fearless about her own path of self discovery, as she weaves the sacred into the mundane. The simple, yet powerful premise offered by the mystic Rumi is the foundation of Miranda's philosophy and mission:

    "Never give from the depths of your well, always give from your overflow." Miranda gives Council and Guidance for the Mind, Body and Spirit through her Programs, Writings, Products and Retreats. With a background in Nutrition and Energy work, Miranda is the Creator of "A Woman's Truth and Reiki, The Spirit of Energy, an Author, Speaker and Retreat Leader, a Reiki Master and Yoga and Meditation Guide.

    To claim your free gift of the book "FEMININE POWER ~ FULLY ACCESS YOUR SUPREME BIRTHRIGHT" in PDF format, please visit my website: http://www.mirandabarrett.com/ Under CONNECT, enter the Code "Embody Your Radiant Power" within your message and we will happily send you your own copy. 


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    The Conscious Feminine Leader: business creation from the feminine

    in Women

    It's exciting to announce a show that will go deep into the understanding of what it means to step up in our power from the conscious feminine and what it involves to claim your leadership from this place of awarness. This is a place that involves connection. Connection with yourself. Connection with your heart. Connection with your sex. It's about being fully you in the full flow of opening and surrending to the creation of what is. It's with total resonance in my physical body that I'm writing this description. This in itself speaks something of what this amazing show with Ganna Guglya will involve. From her you will learn what it means to create from the masculine and what's available to you when YOU are READY to claim the full sexual power of your feminine. Feel yourself warmly welcome.

    Learn more about Ganna: http://www.gannaguglya.com/

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    The Feminine Voice & The Cosmic Story on Voices of the Sacred Feminine

    in Spirituality

    At the top of the show, Prs. Cathy Pagano returns for her monthly visit filling us in on the Cosmic Story and what effect the stars, moon and sun will have on us during the month of September.  Shortly afterward, Dr. Miluna Fausch, intuitive reader and spiritual counselor will delve into The Feminine Voice - What it Is and What it Isn't!

    Dr. Miluna will share why your voice matters now more than ever, the anatomy of a supported voice, amazing facts about the voice and you'll learn the difference between the natural voice and the electronically altered voice - beyond the obvious, of course.  Vocal violence, cultural habits that might be costing you money and tips for women to be heard are all on our agenda tonight!  Tune in!

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    Using Your Feminine Power to Reinvent Yourself and The Power of Your Smile

    in Lifestyle

    Entrepreneurial leader, business consultant, and author Nancy Fredericks says if women used more of their feminine powers in the workplace, they'd see more success. Nancy has worked with Fortune 50 corporations and wrote the book, Dancing on the Glass Ceiling, in which Nancy talks about the uniqueness of women and how our characteristics make for excellent leaders.

    Nancy’s an expert in corporate leadership issues with an unsurpassed understanding of the distinction between how men and women think and react in business.

    She co-authored Dancing on the Glass Ceiling: Tap into Your True Strengths, Activate Your Vision, and Get What You Really Want Out of Your Career(McGraw-Hill). The breakthrough philosophy of this book draws on Nancy’s executive coaching/thinking partner/consulting background with men and women, as well as research and focus groups.

    And, Smilologist Dr. Dacher Keltner says your smile can take you a long way in life. He shares with us the reesult of a smile study. The findings of Dr Keltner and his colleagues, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, are among the first to show that differences in the extent to which people express emotion may be stable throughout their lives and dictate personal and social success.” So take responsibility for your happiness right now. Don’t play the BLAME game. Stop expecting others to make you happy and start doing it for yourself. Now! Dr Keltner claims he can predict a person’s future by judging the strength of their smile. 

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