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    Divine Feminine as the Warrior Archetype

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    Discipline is the Embodiment of that Focus which Will get your MANIFESTIONS FLOWING.

    Here I decipher an Oracle Card!

    much gratitude

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    How The Divine Feminine Climbs Mountains

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    Strategising all your elements is a useful mechanism to access solutions to challenges.

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    Empowerment for the Woman

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    How The Divine Feminine takes Her Leap of Faith

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    Ladies, taking that FIRST STEP to DARE apply change in your Life, is THE LEAP OF FAITH. To hold your FOCUS for your manifestation may be unsettling, however, such method will give you more benefits than losses.

    As you take that step of change LEAN ON WISDOM.

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    How Do You Bless Yourself Divine Feminine.....PART 1

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    #250 Guest Karen Tate and the Sacred Feminine

    in Spirituality

    Please join Dave the Mystic on Monday, November 16th at 8PM MST with returning guest Karen Tate. As an independent scholar, speaker, radio show host, published author, sacred tour leader and social justice activist, Karen's work for three decades has been inspired by her interests and passion for travel, comparative religions, ancient cultures, women's her story and the resurging interest in the rise of the Feminine Consciousness. Her work combines feminism, spirituality and uplifting women, all of which are highlighted in her projects.  We will talk about the Divine Feminine and Karen's fourth book, the anthology Voices of the Sacred Feminine: Conversations to ReShape Our World which includes the wisdom of noted visionaries and scholars who she has interviewed.

    Karen's previous books include: Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations, Walking An Ancient Path: Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth, and Goddess Calling: Inspirational Messages and Meditations of Sacred Feminine Liberation Thealogy, and the anthology Voices of the Sacred Feminine: Conversations to ReShape Our World.

    For her webradio show Voices of the Sacred Feminine Radio -


    Contact Karen at:  ancientcultures@ca.rr.com

    Karen’s books can be ordered from on-line sellers including Amazon but if you prefer not to support multi-national corporations and ultra-conservative causes, order the book from a local book seller or directly from the author using her website www.karentate.com if you are in the U.S.

    Thanks for joining us!



    Dave the Mystic

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    Angry Devas Radio Show: Moonday Madness, The Divinity of Pleasure

    in Spirituality

    Sign up for the Great Blak Mamma of Creation book study by SUZAR here: 



    Sign up for the Angry Deva's Coven, the Priestess of DARK Innana here: http://www.angrydevas.com/the-priestess-of-dark-inanna-coven.html


    you may also write to me for private mentorship sessions and consultations here: angrydevas@gmail.com


    We Dish on EVERYTHING. From clothes, current events, black female enterprise, black feminism, black female rights, black female sexuality, black female health, black female wealth and most importantly BLACK FEMALE SOVEREIGNTY!


    While Iyanla mite "help" you "fix" your life: the Angry Deva's help you GET YO LIFE! 

    In all thy Getting, get an Understanding.


    The Original Mother, the Black Wombyn is the last to awaken to her Divinity and Divine Place in the Cosmos. We are the place to discuss all the things they DON'T WANT us to talk about or focus on. Tune in daily, write to us to be a host, and share! This is FOR US and BY US. so lets SUPPORT our OWN

  • Emergence of the Feminine

    in Spirituality

    It's time for the masculine and feminine to come together as one and bring the earth back into balance like it was ment to be. We must speak it pray and fight if necessary!

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    Spirituality - Emphasizing The Divine Feminine: The Motherhood of God

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    Experiencing & Proclaiming the Motherhood of God!

    This week features a show on The Motherhood of God.  We know we are the Children of God, but gratefully, we are not the children of a single-parent universe. We literally do have two Divine Parents - a Spirit Father and a Spirit Mother. More and more women in spiritual community are heeding the call to minister to their sisters around the world and proclaim this expanded perspective of the good news that God is our Mother as well as our Father. As we realize and appreciate the loving and nurturing personality presence of our Divine Mother Spirit we truly do feel increasingly at home and nurtured within our local universe. Furthermore, when we reflect on these revelatory words from The Urantia Book, we begin to more fully experience the Motherhood of God: If you truly desire to find God, you cannot help having born in your minds the consciousness of the Supreme (God the Mother).

    As God is your divine Father, so is the Supreme your divine Mother, in whom you are nurtured throughout your lives as universe creatures.  (117:6.2)

    The local universes are characterized by dual supervision, the beginning of the father-mother concept. The universe father is the Creator Son; the universe mother is the Divine Minister, the local universe Creative Spirit. (33:5.1)

    The morontia soul of an evolving mortal is really the son of the Adjuster action of the Universal Father and the child of the cosmic reaction of the Supreme Being, the Universal Mother. The mother influence dominates the human personality throughout the local universe childhood of the growing soul. (117:6.5)

    ...each Creator Son accompanied by a Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit, that being who is destined to become the Divine Minister, the Mother Spirit of the new local universe. (22:2.2)

    Explore the Divine Feminine!




  • Healing The Divine Feminine....Balancing The Goddess Energy

    in Spirituality

    This week Robyn and Melody will explore the purpose of the Divine Feminine in all of us, with an approach to how it can be healed. Yin and Yang, Male and Female, are present in us all.  However, as we have been guided, for the most part, by patriarchal societies, the Divine Feminine has been suppressed with little regard for its importance. This has promoted imbalances in both the Masculine and Feminine nature in all of us.

    This is the second part in this series, we hope to open up your thinking by finding your own inner nature and discover ways to appreciate these two forces to love, heal and heighten awareness. This can be a very intense moment when you discover you may have suppressed your own divine nature and you learn to embrace who you really are and live to your fullest potential in life. As always Melody and Robyn will discuss solutions and share their experiences and stories. We encourage dialogue so please call in with questions and/or life experiences.

    You can follow us every day in this new paradigm when you join our Facebook group at Full Circle Consciousness and follow us on Twitter @Melody_Robyn. You can also find Melody and Robyn on their own business websites. Find Robyn at YourCreativityCoachbyRobynMcClendon.wordpress.com and Instagram @rarebirds. Melody can help you start a blogging business at Designwrx.com

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    Divine Feminine Aspect? What is the Goddess energy? Planet Venus aspect

    in Spirituality

    This show is discovering who and what is the Divine Feminine energy all about?

    Planet Venus and mention of  the late Elizabeth Claire Prophet energy..

    Is it ok to be a Goddess yourself? Taking a look at the Gaian Priniciple and Sophia aspect of the Goddess.

    Holy Spirit is Divine Feminine aspect.