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    Coffee with Conrad - Seeking God and Felons with Guns

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    Today on Coffee with Conrad

    Luk 6:12-13  And it came to pass in those days, that he went out into a mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God.  (13)  And when it was day, he called unto him his disciples: and of them he chose twelve, whom also he named apostles;

    Holy Fire Japan

    Should EX Felons own Guns? 




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    Eric Holder Moves to Give Felons the Vote.

    in Politics Conservative

    Eric Holder moves to give Felons the vote.  What about the Democrat Party attracts the Felon vote?


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    Felons: Struggle For Education & Jobs

    in Culture

    Felons: Struggle For Education & Jobs
    Health Segment

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    Felons Applications

    in Work

    Study Application process for felons.  Do an Application letter and mail it out as part of your job search process.
    Be honest in your approach. Read felon friendly articles, learn what you can about How to get a job when you are a felon.
    Search places that possibly do not do background checks.
    Find free background checks and find out what you can about you. Improve your approach in the area of first impressions.
    Do an employer role place.  Call a past employer and pretend you want to hire "you". Find out what is said about you as a past employee. Then better prepare to address concerns.

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    BLACK people who served time for Crime, still paying the price Today when freed

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    BLACK people  who served time for Crime, still paying the price Today when freed

    There will never be a revolutionary movement in this country that doesn’t fully unleash and give expression to the sometimes openly expressed, sometimes expressed in partial ways, sometimes expressed in wrong ways, but deeply, deeply felt desire to be rid of these long centuries of oppression [of Black people]. There’s never gonna be a revolution in this country, and there never should be, that doesn’t make that one key foundation of what it’s all about.

    Bob Avakian, Chairman of the 
    Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, 

    A growing number of states are pushing inmates out of prison in early release programs designed to reduce overcrowding and save money. But faced with a tight job market and few employers willing to hire someone with a criminal record, many former inmates are likely to end up right back behind bars.

    Last month, California began releasing prisoners deemed at low risk for re-offending. Colorado, Oregon, Kentucky and Connecticut, all wracked with budgetary issues, have instituted similar moves as a way to cut costs, while others, including Michigan and Mississippi, are considering similar initiatives.

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    The Conservative Refuge: 4/28/2015

    in Politics Conservative

    On tonight's show:

    Coverage and commentary on the latest with regard to the Baltimore Riots.

    Some thoughts on the reaction to the riots in the media and on social media as well.

    Some historical context with a look back at the 1968 Baltimore Riots.

    As an impact of these events, should Governor Hogan, after dealing with this crisis, veto some passed bills in what has dubbed "The Year of the Criminal" in Annapolis?

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    Whites were much more likely than blacks or Hispanics in a nationwide poll to say “yes” when asked if they could imagine a situation in which they’d approve of a police officer striking an adult male. What’s your answer to the question?

    Yesterday was the Easter weekend and many people attented sunrise easter services around the world, but how many of those people really understand what the word easter really means and where it came from?

    Will convicted felons wrongly imprisoned ever get a fair shake in today's society.

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    Ugly truth ep6

    in Current Events

    1. Why is it so difficult for convicted felons to find work

    2. Reality t

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    Military ~ Challenges for Felons

    in Jobs

    While doing job search be sure to tell everyon that you are a veterans. You gained skills that are proven effective. There are employer incentive for hiring Veterans. Veterans with disabilities. Government Jobs. Veterans with felons. Make a list of our skills. Make a list of jobs you would like to have. View this list of fortune 500 employers by states. Make contact, and get back to work.
    Have in hand a resume for each job you want. Create a master application. List your personal information; past work history. List contact info on past employers. Include performance, awards, special projects, promotions. List education info. List references who have given you consent to use them.   

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    Prisoners in Prison + POW's/US Soldiers= PTSD

    in Self Help

    “MOTHER HORRIFIED AFTER JAILED SON PICTURED WITH SWOLLEN EYE AND ROPE AROUND HIS NECK”http://blacklikemoi.com/2015/03/mother-horrified-after-jailed-son-pictured-with-swollen-eye-and-rope-around-his-neck/

    Since the last week of March, social media continues to blow up commenting on this story. So much so, we wanted to hear your comments live on “talk back Tuesday’s.” Unfortunately too many mothers have cried over their sons being incarcerated, but how many of us focus on the safety of prison life? It may be more American to focus on the conditions of our loved ones who go off to war. Nevertheless, both present with more similarities than differences, when they return to civil society. Both prisoners and soldiers live in war zones that require them be in survive or die mode. Living at code red for a significant amount of time and then returning to civil society without any real transition comes down to trained assassins living in communities that do not recognize them. We only assume and make judgments about where they’ve been, and demand that they just fall in line with the rest of us. With social media giving us a glimpse of prison reality and our war hero’s returning home physically but function like they are still in level 5, means that we have to get real about PTSD and other mental dysfunctions brought on by extreme life experiences. Lets Talk!

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