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    Business & Legal Week in Review 5/19/15 LIVE

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    Welcome to Understanding the Law: Week in Review. The show is hosted by Peter Lamont. For more information about UTLRadio please visit www.utlradio.com. On this episode we discuss:

    Biker gang shootout kills 9 outside Waco, Texas, restaurant
    4 passengers on train that derailed in Philadelphia file lawsuit over injuries 
    Supreme Court rules felon can sell gun collection -- with restrictions 
    Before You Take Pictures on a Plane 
    Wal-Mart Settles Sex Discrimination Suit
    AMC's 'Walking Dead' Appeal Comes Up Short 
    Rappers Say SFPD Had no Cause for Arrest
    Ill Woman Calls Wells Fargo an Abuser 
    Dov Charney Sues American Apparel for $20M
    Man Saves Dog's Life - And It Bites Him in The Butt  

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    Join our guest today Lena Pullman AKA Battle Cat- A young Black American Single mom gets fired up over the disrespect coming out of the black community for life liberty and property. She hopes to make a difference by being brutally direct in her message to the blacks in America. After seeing the likes of our very own convicted felon Eric Holder mr radicle himself and Al Sharpton, The usurper Obama and other blacks in power tag teaming the thugs to kill steal as destroy- ref scripture ( satan comes to kill steal and destroy) all in the name of false claims of discrimination every time a black criminal is killed or even arrested by a police officer she went viral with her message on you tube- Don't miss this exciting show at 2 pm EST- THIS SHITS ABOUT TO BLOW !!! 

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    *His Story & His Glory* Past, Present & Future of a 3time Convicted Felon.

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    *His Story & His Glory* Past, Present & Future of a 3time Convicted Felon. 

    Three strikes laws, also known as habitual offender laws, are state laws that provide for a much harsher punishment, generally a life sentence, the third time a person commits a felony. But, for Minister Ramon Carter things turned out Different. He's a FREE Man. A Father. A Husband. And Business Owner.

    When I asked Minister Ramon about his Past Life this is what he said: "I started hustling in 1989 flipping a little here and there, and as the years went by my hustling increased to bigger weight. Even though I was in school hustling I maintained a 3.0gpa and a JOB, only the hustlers knew that I was hustling. I caught my first convictions in 1998 for drug possession where I was sentenced to 5yrs but served 2 1/2yrs. After my release in 2000 I said that I was going back and ball till I fall even if I was on parole for 2 1/2 more years..July 7, 2001 I caught my third drug conviction and was sentenced to 5yrs, but because I was on parole for 2 1/2yrs I was sentenced without benefit of probation or parole and did 7 1/2yrs flat, but through the grace of God I was granted parole to a halfway house in 2006, then released on February 12, 2007."

    To hear more about Minister Ramon Carter compelling story, Join us LIVE January 3, 2014 at 10pm as we discuss His Story & His Glory! 646-378-128 *If you or someone you know is a convicted Felon..this is a show you dont want to miss* THIS IS REAL LIFE REALITY!!!

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    #Howstupidisthis? (Bring back our Girls!)

    in Politics Conservative

    #Howstupidisthis? (Bring back our Girls!)
    World marketplace = no US middle class
    Dams & Reservoirs equal water supply
    Bill Clinton is not a Felon - He's a deserter?

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    Tarhaka presents Law vs public policy

    in Current Events

    Special guest Chief Paul Murray


    Don't miss this powerful broadcast


    Employment with the Dept. of Justice as a Deputy U.S Marshal, his primary jurisdiction nationwide in conducting and investigating felon fugitive matters involving escaped federal prisoners, probation, parole, and bond default violators, and warrants generated by Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) investigations and certain other related felony cases. Domestic Criminal Investigations,Fugitive Task Forces, International    Investigations, Electronic Surveillance   Unit provides covert support such as telephone monitoring, electronic tracking and audio-video recording. Analytical Support Unit   researches  information during fugitive investigations and also oversees the Warrant Information Network, Protecting the Courts Providing personal protection to federal judges, court officials, witnesses,Prisoner Custody and Transportation of individuals arrested by all federal agencies and responsible for the housing and transportation of prisoners from the time they are brought into federal custody until they are either acquitted or incarcerated. Prisoner Medical Care, Witness Security provides for the security, health, and safety of government witnesses, and their immediate dependents. http://www.newdebtelimination.com

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    What's Masculinity Got to Do With it - with Laxman Belbase

    in Culture

    What is the role of masculinity in conversations about violence against women and girls? Why has the release of the film, India's Daughter which allowed us to hear the voice of a convicted felon threatened the very idea of it? Most importantly, how can the essence of masculinity be used towards finding ways to prevent violence against women and girls?

    Join me when I speak to Gender Advisor for Save the Children in Stockholm, Laxman Belbase as we explore these areas.

    Laxman Belbase is an experienced social worker, advocating human rights of children & women with proven record of quality programme development, implementation and advocacy in the field of child rights & social justice at national, regional and global levels, for the last 12 years.

    Pioneers works around engaging boys and young men in creating safe spaces for children & women at community level and mobilise communities to address violence against women and girls, child marriage, sexual abuse & neglect, corporal punishment, violent punishment of children, domestic violence, addressing masculinities, sexual & reproductive health & rights (SRHR), sexual and gender-based violence and gender rights in general. Had worked , for 3 years, as an Academic member for Bio statistics in Department of Public Health and Biometrics in Department of Pharmacy in Asian College, Purbanchal University, Nepal.


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    Jill explains the cause a brutal attack and malpractice of her terminal illness

    in Politics Progressive



    April 7, 2014 was an ordinary day for Jill Brenneman. That day would forever change her life when two thugs working on Houston Attorney Percy Isgitt's behalf brutally attacked her with injuries severe enough to require hospitalization. Pery Isgitt's thugs brutally shook Jill's head joking that they were going to turn her brain into scrambled eggs.  Jill tried to get away until being caught and thrown into a large rock in a drainage ditch. The men stated thinking Jill looked "hot" and discussed raping her unil a neighbor scared them away. The men wanted Amanda Brooks location and Jill refused. 

    Jill developed severe lower back pain just days later that sent her to the hospital. However, she was treated by a misogynist doctor named Faisal Daud. Daud during the intake questionaire became upset at Jill's decision to be dNR Do Not Resucitate and diagnosed her as a psych patient. Jill actually had two problems. One, Jill has a Greenfield Filter in her chest to prevent blood clots from getting into the lungs. This filter was later discovered by a different medical practice to be broken with a piece stuck into the spine. Jill bloated 30 plus pounds in three and a half days but doctors saw her as a psych patient and dismissed her complaints of severe pain and rapid weight gain. Doctors also noticed a Deep Vein Thrombosis of which they treated her while in the hospital but gave her none to take home and no prescription.  

    A week later Jill was now 50 pounds heavier than a month prior and could not longer walk. She went to another hospital which diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis from the middle of her chest to her feet. Meaning blood could not use the primary veins to bring blood back to the heart and brain Jill's condition is fatal. Jill is now trying to raise money for $2000 in bloodwork and $500 in medications. Dontate here:  http://ow.ly/KpMpe


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    Shooter Confesses To JFK Conspiracy

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    On this episode Jim discusses the claim made by convicted felon James Files that he was the grassy knoll shooter in the JFK assassination plot. Real estate heir Robert Durst arrested for murder. Is the Fed poised to raise interest rates? The U.S. is about to hit the debt limit again. Yahoo's new password system, and YouTube makes available 360 degree videos.

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    Tony Trupiano: The Voice of the People for Moday, March 9, 2015

    in Politics Progressive

    On Monday, March 9, 2015 joining Tony on The Voice of the People is:

    Don’t forget we now have an App for the show.  Just visit Igluradio.com and download it today.

    Attorney and MSU Law Professor joins Tony to discuss a new amicus brief that defends the true will of the people of same-sex marriage.
    Teacher, community member, taxpayer and felon?  OK, well maybe not THAT dramatic, but this is what happens when money influence police instead of the people who pay taxes.  Is this unconstitutional?  You decide.
    Shannon Garret Ready to Run on a new initiative to help grow and build the Democratic bench AMONG WOMEN!  Awesome interview!
    Mike Berkowitz from the Sierra Club on the GOP plan to insult the environment and how their “plan” would only make things worse, yes, seriously.
    Joe DiSano, The Voice of the People Political strategist on Candace Miller, Bill Schuette, and potential raises for members of the Detroit City Council and City Clerk, Janice Winfrey.
    Chris Savage from Eclectablog.com on the week that was, and what a week that was indeed!

    You are always welcome to join us on-air by calling 855-381-8795. Find us on Facebook by searching for Tony Trupiano: The Voice of the People and AUNAmerica, and on Twitter @tonytrupiano and @aunamerica.