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    Jane Diehl and The Feldenkrais Method

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    Jane, a local South Bay resident and Redondo Beach school board member,  has been a Physical Therapist for 34 years, working with both adults and children.  In addition, she has been a Feldenkrais Practitioner for 18 years!  She served as an Instructor for Awareness Through Movement at Torrance Memorial Hospital for 10 years, an Instructor for seminars on Improving Golf, Tennis , Walking and Running and as a guest lecturer for Cerritos Community College Physical Therapy assistant program.  She is a Certified Instructor for Bones for Life and was recently Interviewed for Yoga Source Journal  Winter 2000.
    Jane believes that it is her dharma to teach and share her love of the Feldenkrais Method and says that people seem to find her at time when traditional methods of healing haven’t worked for them.  Her gift is just what they need at that moment.
    Liste to Jules Mitchell of the South Bay Yoga Conference ask Jane all about the Feldenkrais Method

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    Feldenkrais and Parkinson's

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    Irene Pasternack tells us how you can use the Feldenkrais Method to improve your balance, prevent falls, cope with freezing, maintain facial mobility, speech volume and swallowing, and find greater comfort and ease in day-to-day activities. The show includes a short Feldenkrais lesson to improve posture, comfort and stability in sitting. In addition to making you feel more comfortable, this lesson helps improve the mobility of your neck, head, and eyes, and has a direct impact on your balance in standing.

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    Feldenkrais and QiGong: Embodied Presence and Healing

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    Thousands of years old, Qi Gong, derives from many shamanistic practices that are even older. In these long-ago times, everyone did everything in accordance with nature. They observed harmony in the spiraling cycles of degeneration and regeneration. They became aware of this same spiraling in the human experience. Over time, the spiraling relationship between humans and nature became known in Chinese thought as The Five Element Theory. This same ancient body of thought recognizes all disease as “dis-ease”—as stemming from an imbalance of Qi. Western practices tend to treat disease after it manifests. Qi Gong arose to cultivate the vital life force that would ward off dis-ease by addressing imbalances as they evolved. Fostering harmony creates wellness: in your body; between your body and your mind; in your connection to others; and in your connection to nature. Nature cannot exist separate from your body, your mind, or from other living beings. This is a truth in Qi Gong as well as in Feldenkrais.
    Special guest Carrie Lafferty has been in the healing arts exploring her own inner world and guiding others to do the same for over 26 years. She is a Physical Therapist, Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, Master Qi Gong Teacher and has studied core shamanism with Michael Harner, Nicki Scully and indigenous shamans in Guatemala, Mexico, China & Tibet. She has maintained a meditation practice for over 15 years. Carrie has a healing practice in Seattle which focuses on awareness based practices for connecting to your own inner healer and guide http://movementfromwithin.net
    Visit www.HelloDrCJ.com for more.

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    THE SEARCHER'S ROAD MAP with Guest Naya Diva

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    Inspired by own her personal journey of health, healing and discovery, Naya founded Boulder Medicine Wheel (now Indigenous Alchemy) in 2012. A graduate of the Master's Program of the Healing the Light Body School of The Four Winds Society, where she studied with Alberto Villoldo, she is accredited by The Four Winds Society to teachthe Inkan Medicine Wheel. 


    As a former community college instructor, certified Feldenkrais practitioner and Awareness Through Movement teacher, Naya has been practicing alternative healing and energy work since 1990. A full mesa carrier in the Andean lineage, she has travelled to Peru to work directly with the Q'ero shamans of the Andes and Sacred Valley, and has studied the energy healing practices of Slavic shamanism with Ladmira, a Siberian medicine woman of Northern Mongolia. Today, in addition to teaching the Medicine Wheel in Boulder, Naya offers individual healing sessions, classes and ceremonies through Indigenous Alchemy.


    About Indigenous Alchemy: Your Path to the Future through the Ways of the Ancients


    Through workshops, ceremony and private sessions, Indigenous Alchemy brings ancient healing traditions to the modern world, to help you live the life you have imagined, with joy, abundance and authenticity.  


    Upcoming Classes: (info on website)

    Boulder Medicine Wheel (2015 course begins in February)

    Despacho Workshop (Saturday, March 7, 2015)
    Dying Consciously Boulder (March 28-29)

    3rd Annual Cross Cultural Shamanic Conference (May 1-3) - Boulder




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    Feldenkrais - movement without pain

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    Interview with Robert Boyd. Learn about Feldenkrais Method and how it can help you to move without pain again.

    Feldenkrais Method helps musicians, dancers, athletes, children with special needs and anybody who wants to improve quality of life and learn to:

    * Ease chronic discomfort
    * Improve posture and flexibility
    * Prevent injuries
    * Reduce stress
    * Improve concentration

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    Anat Baniel: The Anat Baniel Movement Method

    in Self Help

    So often what we do when something goes awry with our body is to take a pill, masking the symptoms but not changing what caused the problem. Instead, it is possible to take advantage of neuroplasticity, that ability our brain has to change. Anat Baniel has developed a way to interest our brains in making changes, that in turn, allow our bodies to behave differently. She’s sharing the method she has developed—after many years of working with Moshe Feldenkrais—that, she says, can enable you to eliminate pain, heighten vitality, reach new levels of physical and mental fitness, and reverse the symptoms of aging. This is a woman you must hear! Click to  Visit Anat Baniel's site and buy her books.

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    The Edge with Cassandre Dayne

    in Writing

    Join Cassandre Dayne on Sunday, September 7th, 2pm EST, as she takes guests to the very edge of their artistry. Up this week? The lovely and talented Renee Rose. Renee Rose is a modern dance teacher, Feldenkrais Practitioner(R), energy worker and kinkster. Named Eroticon USA's Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, her books are all centered around her favorite kink: spanking.  She also writes naughty BDSM books under the name Darling Adams. WIth titles including The Darlington Incident, Safe in His Arms, and The Devil of Whiskey Row, you're certain to find something scintillating and sinful - spanking style.

    Come join in the lively interaction as Cassandre probes all the delicious reasons Renne is a spanking lover or spankee in D/s terms. Call in to ask questions and find out what makes her naughty side tick.


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    Cynthia's Story

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    Our guest today, Cynthia Kopyar is a licensed Physical Therapist and a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. Cynthia loves her healing work because,"When we feel better in ourselves we can be better in the world.And if each of us are better in the world,we will be in a better world".

    Over the Years, she has worked with a wide range of clients, from infants to seniors and any age in between.Cynthia had the "privilege of serving on on the medical staff for the 1984 Olympic Trials". After several years of practice treating orthopedic and neurological cases, she decided to further her education and training at the Feldenkrais Institute in Milan Italy.

    Cynthia now focuses on Movement Awarness Education and Training          

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    Nika Annon Interviews Alan Questel

    in Self Help

    Join Nika Annon (www.nikaannon.com) as she interviews, FELDENKRAIS Professional Trainer, Alan S. Questel.

    Alan is known for his clarity, creativity and down to earth style of teaching while bringing a depth of understanding, humor and a gentle human perspective to learning the Method.  Trained by Dr. Feldenkrais, he teaches in Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs in the USA, Australia, Europe, Japan and South America. He is the author of Creating Creativity and creator of Pregnant Pauses – Movement for Moms as well as numerous Feldenkrais-Awareness Through Movement CD sets for the public. His current trainings are in Malmo, Sweden; Cali, Colombia and in Santa Fe, NM. To learn more about Alan and his work, visit www.uncommonsensing.com/

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    Ask Herbal Expert Susun Weed & Human Evolution Activist Louise LeBrun

    in Self Help

    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with Louise LeBrun. Louise is the founder of the WEL-Systems Institute and creator of the WEL-Systems body of knowledge, including Quantum TLC™, The CODE Model™ and CODE Model Coaching™ Certification.  The WEL-Systems® approach to accelerated evolution is a tested, refined, proven and replicable process that has been available for close to 25 years. 

    Author of 5 books and creator of more than 40 unique audio products, Louise's commitment to her own continuing evolution ensures that her curiosity is fed and her discoveries are shared. Louise shares the belief that the future of the world is in the hands of women!

    this episode Q&A- includes:

    • honey as a wound healer..

    • feldenkrais method exercises..

    • moving from heroic tradition to wise woman tradition..

    • chod practice from tibetan buddhism to feed your hungry demons..

    • 7 medicines created for chronic problems wanting a holistic approach- serenity, story, faith, lifestyle, herbal, pharmaceutical and hi-tech medicines..

    • dry eyes and options to heal..

    • psoriasis as a risk factor for inflammation/ high c-reactive protein, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol..

    • chocolate and avocado compete with cholesterol..

    • linden infusion brings down inflammation and c-reactive protein.. hypericum oil on area of psoriasis..

    • always dried herb used for infusion..

    • and much more..



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    Feldenkrais tips and tools: Movement from Within

    in Caregiving

    Join us as Feldenkrais practitioner, Carrie Lafferty, teaches us about this healing modality that can re-educate the way you sense your movement and heighten your self-awareness. Self-care at its best! Get inspired to tap into your vast potential as a human being as you become more graceful and more comfortable in your body. Get clear with your intent in all areas of your life! Carrie has been a healer for nearly 26 years, her work influenced by the energetic principles of Qi Gong as well as her background in physical therapy and shamanic studies. Find her at Movement From Within in Seattle. 

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