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    FIERCE Friday: Wasn't that a party!!

    in Women

    Talking about the 2013 FIERCE awards presented by Kingsway Mall that were held on Oct. 28 at the Mayfield Theatre in Edmonton!! The energy! The excitement! The tears!! The surprises!!!
    It was another night of empowerment, cheers and the most inspirational night of the YEAR!!! Join founder/producer Tamara Plant for a recap of the event and hear what we've got planned for the 5th anniversary! 

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    FIERCE Fridays: Get off the bandwagon!

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    The week has shifted from attacking Miley and her tongue-wagging ways to commenting on Elle Magazine's decision to put a coat-covered Melissa McCarthy on their fall cover. The outrage!!
    Tamara will be discussing why it's important NOT to jump on the drama of the week and to stay focused on things that matter.
    PLUS 'Twas the week before FIERCE... 10 days until the FIERCE awards!! 

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    Temple Hayes: When Did You Die?

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    Midlife means change. Age brings wisdom. Therefore many of us on the Feisty Side of Fifty seek greater purpose, meaning and joy in our lives. And that’s where Temple Hayes comes in.

    Temple is a spiritual leader, radio host, founder of two nonprofit organizations and the author of several highly acclaimed books. She’s joining us to share all about her newest work, When Did You Die? 8 Steps to Stop Dying Every Day and Start Waking Up. If you want to move from disconnected and drained to energized and impassioned, you won’t want to miss this one!

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    FIERCE Fridays: Welcome to FIERCE!

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    It's our first official radio show! Join FIERCE founder Tamara Plant and 2012 EMPOWER winner Tracy Zala as we chat about the upcoming FIERCE awards (Oct. 28 in Edmonton), what it means to be FIERCE, and what to expect this year at the event!
    Join us for 30 minutes of awesome!

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    Camden New Jersey's Own Fierce 5 and 73.1 The Beat Live

    in Radio

    Camden New Jersey Girl Teen Dance Group Fierce 5 will be in the building with Tee TheGeneral

    How do young women in a urban city stay out of trouble and active?? We will be live as these 5 inspirational teens tell us how they do it and what motivates them.


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    Florence Henderson, Feisty and Fabulous!

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    Florence Henderson, our favorite TV mom of all time, is returning to Feisty Side of Fifty Radio to share more about her life, her career and her outlook on aging with attitude. Always one to stretch herself, Florence has penned her autobiography, Life is Not a Stage: From Broadway Baby to a Lovely Lady and Beyond, strutted her stuff on Dancing With the Stars, competed on Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off, hosted numerous shows for RLTV and dedicated her time and resources to her favorite charities.

    How does she do it? Let’s find out from this feisty lady herself. Believe me, you won’t want to miss this one!

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    Ana Forrest: Fierce Medicine

    in Spirituality

    Ana Forrest is an internationally-recognized pioneer in yoga and emotional healing, a Medicine Woman, the creatrix of Forrest Yoga and author of the highly-acclaimed book, Fierce Medicine: Breakthrough Practices to Heal the Body and Ignite the Spirit. [Hyperlink for Fierce Medicine: http://www.amazon.com/Fierce-Medicine-Breakthrough-Practices-Ignite/dp/0061864250]

    Ana teaches yoga from an intuitive and highly-developed understanding of the human body and psyche. Native American Medicine and the clinical application of healing modalities—including homeopathic and naturopathic remedies, anatomy, reflexology, pressure point therapy, craniosacral therapies, Shiatsu, chiropractic, polarity and hands on healing—always inform her work. 

    Ana is a certified regression therapist, Reiki Master, ordained practitioner of Native American Medicine and consultant to a number of education and research bodies, including: F.A.R.E. Play (Foundation for Athletic Research and Education) and The University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic. She received a Los Angeles Mayoral Commendation for her outstanding teaching and healing work in the community — the first time a major US city bestowed such an honor on a yogi or yogini! 

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    Lara Reznik: The Girl From Long Guyland!

    in Women

    At our age, we love to reminisce… and no time better represents our rebellious spirit than the late ‘60s. Author Lara Reznik brings back those heady—and hedonistic—days in her riveting book, The Girl From Long Guyland. The novel centers on a successful boomer woman of today who reluctantly revisits her past, only to be confronted with the unlikely combination of murder, betrayal and romance.

    Be sure to tune in to hear the author share all about this tale of past, present and buried secrets!

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    Want a Saner Holiday Season? Expert Tips from Author/Therapist Jude Bijou

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    How would you like to bring more love, joy and peace into your holidays? If that sounds good to you, you are going to want to hear from Jude Bijou, M.A., MFT.

    Jude is the author of the highly acclaimed, award winning book, Attitude Reconstruction: A Blueprint for Building a Better Life. She’ll be joining us to share concrete action steps to help you deal with the often difficult, emotional triggers that come up at this time of year.

    If you “celebrate” the holidays, you won’t want to miss this one!

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    The Biz With D: Interview w/ Anthony Lewis

    in Music

    It’s almost as though Anthony Lewis love for music is ingrained in him; his love of art, somewhat hereditary. His parents were stage performers who could both sing and act. And it is apparent that neither the rhythm, nor the beat, missed Lewis.

    Born in Los Angeles, CA, Lewis first realized his vocal potential at age 6. Though he shared his talent in church, singing remained a personal hobby until he and his sister took to YouTube. As interest piqued among viewers, so did Lewis’ desire to pursue his gift. And his strides are apparent. While singing for producer Donnie Scantz, he impressed industry veteran, Garnett March, and was soon signed to The Chemists. The rest is history-in-the-making as he prepares his debut album and single. With influences ranging from Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake to Michael Jackson, Lewis wants his sound and content to reflect his reality. By delving into and remaining true to his experiences as a teen, he hopes to create timeless music. And it’s exactly what he is meant to do.

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    Mary Higgins Clark

    in Women

    America’s #1 best selling “Queen of Suspense,” Mary Higgins Clark, comes to Feisty Side of Fifty Radio. She’ll be sharing all about her latest spellbinder, The Cinderella Murder, which she co-authored with Alafair Burke.

    If you love a great mystery (and who doesn’t?) you’re in for a real treat. You won’t want to miss out on hearing from the woman who’s gifted us with memorable twists and turns for more than forty years. This one is a special show, indeed! 

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