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    Alternative Feeders

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    With the stuff going on with some feeder producers. Maybe it's time we look to other feeders for our reptiles that eat Rats and Mice. There seems to be a lot of questions about one feeder animal being safer than others. So we will be talking about some of this stuff tonight. So come join us for some fun.

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    From Troubled Breeders to Trouble Feeders

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    The title says it all. We willbe talking aboutsome of the more less hit on things. That go along with our hobbby. Let's go into some detail. About how we do the things that really shows. If a keeper knows their shit or not. It's time to get into the gravy of what keeps me doing this year after year. So join us tonight for a good time . Talking about how to separate the old school people from the noobs. www.hardcoreherpsradio.com www.redneckherps.com www.redneckherpsradio.com

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    Breeding Do's and Dont's

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    This episode will be on breeding rats and other rodents for feeders . Some how to and some bad and good things of breeding 

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    Debate on Monster Fish VS Feeders

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    In this episode of Aquatics Euphoris Aqua Alex and William T will go head to head on issues relating to The fish and the aquariums that they are kept in. Are certain sized aquariums just to small for these particilar monster fish? All you fish hobbyists must have a shared opinion with either William T or Aqua Alex. Aqua Alex is a die hard monster fish guy but I have issues with some of his ethics when it comes to keeping fish that he loves so much. Take part in our debate and you could win a guest shot on my show so call in live at 1-347-677-1837.

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    Author Jules Czudar stops by Good Deeds W/ Dr. Renee Sunday.

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    Mental illness affects one in four people. 

    Jules was born in Budapest, Hungary. He and his family escaped in 1957, right after the Hungarian Revolution in 1956.  Jules attended Calvary Chapel Bible School, Vineyard School of Ministry, and Regent University, where he worked on his Master's in Communication.

        Jules always had a relationship with God, starting early in his childhood. He has lived in California since 1964. Jules served time in the military as a grunt line medic and a paramedic in the Army. He worked in the Mental Health Field in the State of California for over 10 years. It was after this that he got into Business Development and worked for several major corporations including Novell, Merisel and Office Depot.  

        In his earlier years he was principle dancer for The Karpatok Hungarian Folk Ensemble. During the time the story takes place he got involved in the Acting Industry and acted in several TV shows like: The Shield, Unsolved Mysteries, True Blood (Promo), Dirty Soap (Pilot) and Bottom Feeders (Pilot). He also did several commercials including KIA, Sherwin Williams, ESPN and Sprint. Jules had roles in several theater and film productions, most recently “Selling Rosario.”

    “We Have Your Daughter”: Bold & Emotive Memoir Navigates Mental Illness & Courts, as Author Fights to Save Family. 

    Written by Jules Czudar after an eight-year battle to find his daughter, kidnapped by his wife suffering the afflictions of mental illness, “We Have Your Daughter” puts parental rights, mental illness itself and the U.S. court system under the spotlight. While shocking in places yet one-hundred percent true, Czudar’s story opens a vital dialogue into one of society’s most ignored epidemics.

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    RAck Systems , Thermostats and Feeders

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    Tonight we will talk about caging and supplies along with the pros and cons of breeding feeder animals. Also the pros and cons of buying feeders animals.

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    Buckets And Dimes Ep. #3

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    Project Pat and Cright cover the NBA thus far and talk about the All Star game and events.
    Who is the Mid Saeson MVP?
    Rookie of the year?
    Coach of the year?
    Most Improved Player?
    Cright's Top 5 teams so far and his bottom feeders.
    As well as all the news and notes if it is happening in the NBA we have you covered. So Tune in call in and talk some hoops with us!

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    Tearing Others Down Won't Build a Better America

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    Tearing down others is the American way. In America today, people speak love but America's pass time is the tongue. Bridle the tongue America. Gossip is tearing America down. Speak a better America better. There's home grown and transplanted bottom feeders speaking for and to good people. Americans way of live has become one big cesspool. Falling short of the glory of God. Back biting. It's called talk, excessive talk. Anything less than work, leads to poverty. Work leads to prosperity. If American continues to grow poverty, we lose this land of opportunity into a memory of times gone by. Let us again grow prosperity not poverty! Let us again model for the children hope, peace and charity. Americans lets again do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Evaluate Americas leaders. Are people in power exhibiting love for America? Do high profile Americans express love for others? Does decision making of leaders exhibit love of people, love of land or love of money? Bridle the tongue America. The tongue is mightier than the sword.

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    NBS Presents: Buckets And Dimes Ep. 2

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    Join the crew as we talk NBA! Project Pat, R.J. and Cright take you on a ride through the week that was in the league as well as a peak into the upcoming week.

    Players of the Week
    Fantasy Hoops stars and lames along with surprises 
    Power Rankings for the week and Bottom Feeders
    Call in and share what's on you're mind 347-989-1223
    Debate with us and take part in the show that is made for fans 

    Calling all hoop junkies THIS SHOW IS FOR YOU!!


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    Ladies did you know there are actually men out here that seek out vulnerable, wounded women and use them for a lifestyle come-up??? Tangibles like money, gifts and places to stay!? Yes Hontea! These bottom feeders are out there and they have no qualms about asking you for a hand out in exchange for a warm body and a tender ear. They will listen till it hurts, be sensitive and love you up while in your face and while you buy their time with lavish gifts and favors…all the while creating a lavish lifestyle and persona based off of numerous benefactors, just like you, boo. He's a crafty, lazy, charismatic bastard and he's got you, your bank account and good credit in his sights...run bitch run!

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    the rocking dead foREVer rocking on

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    hosted by Rebel Princess, co-hosted by Jade and Raven. playing nothing but the best.

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