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    Fears The power of No! #fear This February 2015

    in Lifestyle

    #fears how to over come the fear is not to go into much detail about your life and how you hate everything there are times you have to keep those voices quiet 

    Fear is something you can help others but first you have to help yourself realize the things that go on in your own life today 

    Fear is something you don't want to be close to in life today it's something you have to over look at times

    Fear will you keep on giving it attention or let it go and keep it moving 

    Fear you got to deal with it in order to survive 


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    Fears how to face them? In February 2015

    in Lifestyle

    Fears what are you scared about 

    Fear do u go to church fear that people will take charge over you 

    Fear. That you will be overwhelmed 

    Fear of having your own business

    Fear is it something that you are stuck on

    Fear of not having money fear of having your own business and being homeless 

    Fear of facing your Giants or facing your pain 

    Fear is false evidence appearing real how real is your situation 

    Fear of not fighting the very thing you know you can win 

    Fear how will you cut this fear out of your life? 


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    Aydian Dowling chats with us about LGBT activism, A Lions Fears, and MORE

    in LGBT

    Aydian Dowling is an FTM transgender activist from Patchogue, Long Island. Aydian documented his own transition on YouTube as a way to voice his thoughts, fears, and successes; as well as offer a support mechanism for others looking to transition. His YouTube channel, A Lions Fears, quickly became popular and to date, has nearly 200 videos, reaches over 11k followers, and has more than 1 million views. In 2011, Aydian was chosen as one of three LGBT persons to have their stories showcased on the Emmy Nominated It Gets Better Project on MTV. Aydian and his now wife, Jenilee, spoke of their soon to be wedding and the challenges transgendered couples face when planning to wed. 2011 also marked the year Aydian Launched Point5cc, the first of its kind, stealth clothing company designed to highlight transgender pride. Point5cc also supply free binders to those in need throughout the community and offers $1,000 scholarships, annually, for individual surgery funds. Point5cc is the first binder exchange program that has been adopted by LGBT centers around the USA and its clothing has been worn by notable advocates such as Dan Savage of the It Gets Better Project, and Buck Angel. Point5cc is also a special feature on the Matthew Shepard Foundation youth website called Matthews Place. Aydian presented to his peers on the topic of Masculinizing Your Body at the 2013 Southern Comfort Conference, in Atlanta, GA; which followed his 2012 presentation on the topic of Emotional Transition. Aydian has also done interviews with Fusion TV, FTM Magazine, the Trevor Project, as well as spoken at colleges such as Montana State and University of Oregon. Aydian continues his mission to help others by answering hundreds of emails a month and documenting his ongoing transition.

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    Don't Fear as You Give Power to Your Fears! and Answering Your Psychic Questions

    in Spirituality

    Have you ever noticed that your biggest fears have come true?  It can be the fear of losing someone in a realtionship.  It can be fears of not having money.  I have read for so many people and I noticed that when people fear they are manifesting fear into their lives. What you are doing is actually giving power to your fears.  Fear and worry are quite interchangeable.  When you fear you are sending this out to the Universe and that's what you will attract. 

    I will discuss fears and also help you to stop fearing!  We all have to work on these issues at times.  Remember, when you start to have a fear say, "Stop!"  This will help clear your mind of thinking and fearing a particular situation.  Some fears stem from insecurites and the past.  So, you need to resolve these insecurites and you will notice when you stop fearing things are going to get better for you.  

    I will also take your psychic questions or comments. 

    For a detailed reading please contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com.  If you prefer you can reach me at Kasamba previously known as LivePerson for a detailed reading.  You can also read my reviews from my clients.  


    If you want to interact with me at Youtube and also watch my videos on predicitons please come to http://www.youtube.com/mia0899cs

    If you can't get through by the web address just go to youtube.com and type in mia0899cs and you will find me. 

    These are the sites that I can be reached.  

    Love and Light, 



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    Push Past Your Fears

    in Lifestyle

    Join us as we discuss fears and where they stem from. Learn to overcome them and start living your life! This will be a light hearted discussion about the different types of fears that we all deal with. Whether it's something small like spiders or something tragic like death, the anticipation of something unpleasant can lead to self sabotage and not living your best life. 

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    in News

    Missing Naila Robinson 5 years old abducted from Bryant School in West Philly!! If seen call 215-686-8477 (TIPS) or text PPD TIP (773847)!! (UPDATED 1/15/13 LITTLE NAILA WAS FOUND!! AMEN) Missing Chauncey Brown, 16 years old since October 16,2012 in Detroit, MI!!  (www.blackandmissinginc.com)

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    Overcoming Your Fears to Follow Your Calling ~ Lisa‭ ‬Ulshafer

    in Spirituality

    Have you ever kept from sharing your spiritual journey or gifts from fear that you may be judged? Who we are and what we are here to do is much larger and more important than our temptation to play it safe from fear of being judged or rejected by society. Too many play it safe, being caught up in fear and insecurity, and are unwilling to stand in their truth.We are often too busy trying to please others or worrying about what others think of us.It isn’t serving anyone for us to do so.We each need to remove our protective shell and reach deep within to connect with our spirit to discover who we are and realize our spiritual purpose.

    Lisa Ulshafer graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Psychology. She founded her company Empowered Living after becoming certified as a Transformational Life Coach in 2006. Lisa is also an author, professional speaker, and spiritual teacher. She assists people in freeing themselves from negativity, limiting beliefs,and self-sabotaging behaviors.

    Lisa’s transformational path also led to the discovery of her connection to the Angelic Realm.To Lisa’s surprise, she learned that she was an incarnated angel in 2006. Six years later, this information was confirmed with much more detail and her book, "Journey with an Angel" was born. Lisa continues to expand and share her awareness and understanding of angels and how to reconnect to these powerful and loving beings.

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    Combatting Fears- Reflections with Charles Spurgeon

    in Religion

    Hello Blog Talk family!  As you are likely aware, there is nothing worse than having to fight the fears of life.  The anxiety that is experienced can feel dibilitating.  We know that God is able, but somehow we lose sight and find ourselves stuck in particular issues of life.  Today, we will continue to be encouraged and instructed by Charles H Spurgeon in his devotional book, "Morning and Evening, An Updated Edition of the Classical Devotional in Today's Language".

    We will also be encouraged by excerpts from my book, "Life Changing Prevailing Prayer", where we will take a look at the dynamics insights for dyer situation.  Both books can be ontained at Amazon.com and many other book outlet stores.

    I pray you are blessed as we seek to grow closer to Christ in our daily lives.

    In need of prayer or counseling? Reach out to our office at 484.626.5024 or reach us on the web at www.hearttoheal.org or www.UlandaDavis.com.

    We look forward to hearing from you!


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    Real Mom Fears - We All Have Them

    in Moms and Family

    Motherhood is no joke.  Nothing can prepare you for it; it’s simply life changing.  So of course it comes with fears, real mom fears – we all have them.

    Fears vary depending on what stage of motherhood we are in and depending on our personality. In this episode of our podcast, Claudia and I discuss some real mom fears.  We know you have some of your own and we don’t want you to ever feel like you are alone in your mom fears.  We may not have solutions for them, but sometimes it’s comforting to just have a community of mothers who understand you.

    Please take a minute to leave us a rating and review.  It helps us grow and helps us know how to help more mothers out there.  Not to mention, the good reviews are really motivating :)

    Please visit us at our blog at http://www.everythingsahm.net/

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    Money Fears Are Keeping You Broke

    in Finance

    It's likely you have many notions about money, fears in your heart that cause you to make bad financial decisions, especially if you grew up in poverty or financial struggle. Today's show is for you, to get you free from the fears. 

    Money is a tool, a resource to have a wonderful life and to help others. How many times have you wanted to do good in someone else's life, even your children, but couldn't because of limited finances. That's what we're talking about today. Armetria Misha and I are unveiling the truth of money and helping you set your mind and heart free.

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    Facing your fears this FEBRUARY

    in Lifestyle

    2015 most of us hid because we're sfraid to open another door another direction

    We thought it was good but then something happened when things got crazy our something happened our emotions probably got in the way and said we couldn't do it 

    Something led us to this place where we hide out and think nobody is looking 

    Fear puts us in a place where we need to change somebodies life but at times we don't do it because of what? 

    It's the fear the frustration the pain what are your fears today?