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    Racism And Favoritism In The WWE True? Or False?

    in Current Events

    In this episode we will discuss the WWE. Is it racism and favoritism going on between the talent and ownership. Tune in and give your opinions.

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    Why Do Parents Show Favoritism To Their Kids??

    in Social Networking

    Let's talk about the favoritism that you may have experienced while growing up or even now as a kid. Join the show at 6:30pm live at (818)301-5834.

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    Does Law Enforcement show Favoritism? (Black vs White)

    in Self Help

    I was talking with a young man who was African American and he asked how come White Americans party they use all types of drugs No Law Enforcement involed?  When a group of African Americans party no drugs involed Law Enforcement breaks the party up?  Can you judge people by  Race?  Does Law Enforcement play favoritism when it comes to race? 

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    The Female Solution: How Do You Prevent Jealousy Between Children After A Baby?

    in Religion

    When a new baby arives, the older children often feel resentment. Parent pay so much attention to the new born that theolder brother or sister may feel they have been replaced. The way we teach siblings to get along is critical to our children learning  how to get along with others in the society - how to share, how to cooperate, how to halp each other. When children are bickering and tattling excessively, that could be a signal they feel they  must compete for love and attention from parents. How do you make sure each child is equally loved? How do you avoid playing favoritism? What if one child has special emotional or physical challenges? Today we look at a few parenting situations in which the adults could perhaps handle things differently in order to change the behavior of their children.

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    in Politics

    Who gives a crap about the National Review? Who even reads magazines anymore? When the girlie mags stop publishing, that’s when you know the writing is on the wall. Penthouse recently stopped publishing, Hustler will soon stop and Playboy doesn’t have naked pictures anymore. If people don’t want nudie mags, who the hell wants the National Review?

    The National Review put out a manifesto, I guess you would call it. The entire issue was a collection of essays from various conservative writers explaining why Donald Trump should not be president. Why he is not a conservative, why he is not a Republican. If you vote for him, you are not a real Republican. That’s what 22 conservative writers said about Trump.

    Notable names included Glenn Beck, Brent Bozell, Bill Kristol, Michael Medved, Erick Erickson and Dana Loesh. Who are these people? In Republican circles they are a big deal. In terms of actual influence, I’m not so sure. What candidate have they supported that has gone on to win? I’m not talking about local races, I’m talking presidential elections.

    You may not agree with everything Sarah Palin says or does. I don’t. But one thing she is spot on with is that Democrats would never to something like this to one of their own candidates. They would never launch a campaign to destroy their frontrunner. It would never happen. Sure, you might see favoritism, but you would never see 22 Democrats write essays for a Democratic magazine with the sole purpose of destroying Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Democrats would never do that.

    Never in history has this been done. Regardless of what you think about Donald Trump, you cannot deny the enthusiasm and excitement surrounding his campaign.

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    Erase the Problem of Bullying with Expert Jill Vanderwood

    in Self Help

    Bullying is not a new topic. It has been around since biblical times with such stories as David and Goliath, and Joseph whose brothers were so jealous of their father's favoritism that they sold him to the Egyptians and told their father he was dead. 

    Today, bullying has taken a a new phase with cyberbullying. Kids can be involved in bullying behind a screen, anonymously in their own homes. 

    Today's special guest, Jill Vanderwood has experienced bullying first hand. In the fifth grade she told on a boy who stole her eraser. All the boys in her class vowed to get her back. The bullying began that year and continued into high school. One boy even brought a gas mask to school for his friend who had to sit next to her in class.

    In her new book, Erase the Problem of Bullying Jill Vanderwood shares her own story along with the stories of others who have been bullied, such as NBA All Star, James Donaldson, who nearly gave up on a basketball career because of the problem he was having with bullies.

    Jill Ammon Vanderwood is the award winning author of eight books. Her books have won the Indie Excellence Award, Gold and Silver Quill from the League of Utah Writers, USA Best Books Award and the National Mom's Choice Award.

     To learn more about jill Vanderwood, please visit http://www.jillvanderwood.com

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    SHINE - How to survive bullying at work...

    in Women

    Today’s guest has been on before and is also featured in our upcoming Your Fulfilled Life Summit;  Dawn is a “whistleblowing pioneer.”

    With 22 years of Human Resources experience and multiple relating degrees, she teaches people how to step into their own “personal power” so they can live happier and more empowered lives. Dawn has been featured on over 40 radio interviews and in seven magazine interviews where she shares empowerment strategies with others who want to have more joy and fulfillment in their own lives and career.


    Dawn has been lauded by the Christian Science Monitor for the work she is doing to empower others. In a recent interview with Lisa Suhay, Dawn was commended for turning a bad situation into something good for others, after she alerted the federal government to actions of her managers at the VA where she worked, alleging favoritism for hiring and training that advanced only select individuals. The Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) organization sent Dawn to Washington D.C. in April 2015, to educate Senators on the need to protect "conscientious whistle-blowers", like herself.  Learn how Dawn turned this gloomy situation into light on today's show. Learn more about her in our summit http://www.YourLifeFulfilled.com 

    Find her on her website www.DawnMarieWestmoreland.com

    HAPPY HOLIDAY'S I have a special gift for you - Your Own University's new e-media book - Get your COPY FOR FREE @ http://www.yourlifefulfilled.com

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    How Do You Prevent Jealousy Between Children When A New Born Arrives?

    in Women

    Sibling rivalry is common in families where there is more than one child. But teaching children how to get along with their brothers and sisters is essential for teaching them how to get along with the rest of the world. How do we help children adjust to a new child in the family? How do we prevent feelings of jealousy and resentment? How do we as parents make sure we're not showing favoritism to one child and neglecting other children? When children are constantly bickering and tattling, that's a sign they feel they need to compete for parents' attention. How do we instill the value of equal importance of all people in the minds of our children? What if one child has different physical or emotional challenges that requires extra attention? How do parents make sure all children feel included in the family?

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    in Religion

    James is known as the most practical and direct book in the New Testament. Join us as Pastor Bill teaches from the 2nd Chapter of James. James is going to come after us in an area of our lives where many need to grow.

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    Favoritism is a Sin/James 2:1-13

    in Religion

    2. James 2:1-13

    Favoritism is a Sin

    1. God states the Command 2:1

    2. The Standard is Demonstrated 2:2-4

    3.  Reasons Why Prejudice is Wrong 5-9
    1. It is inconsistent with God's methods. 
    2. It ignores sin. 
    3. Prejudice is sinful because it is inconsistent with scripture

    4. Sin/Law Liberty 10-11

    Doctrines we are to Live By.

    5. Principles we are to live by  12-13
    1. Let the scriptures, not your heritage be your standard. 

    2. Let love be your law, before you respond to others, think first. 

    3. Let Mercy be  your message.

    The Individual who is motivated by the law of love will exude mercy in their relationships.

    Our lives are real stories that are constantly read by the people around us. 

    What will be the moral behind your story? The Law of love or the sin of prejudice. 

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    Living, Caring, Learning and Sharing W/DON DURANT

    in Writing

    Capital punishment is running rampant in many states.  I do believe that there are many crimes where Capital Punishment is justified, bt in many cases a prison industry with a mind to punish and not to rehabilitate can go hand in hand.  How many times is the wrong person put to death, before finding out there was a mistaken witness...?  Join us as we share thoughts on this special issue, that touches so many lives.