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    Living, Caring, Learning and Sharing W/DON DURANT

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    You can listen in while we are live on air on your phone: 718-305-6322  or click on and listen 24/7/365 : Redevelopment of our communities is a means  used by the wealthy Billionaires to uproot a community and bring in  new residents.  Harlem is an example of this kind of change,and now those who grew up in Harlem would not recognize or appreciate teh changes.  This same thing happened in the Accidental Flooding of  New Orleans.  We blame Katrina, but it really was a flood caused by a faulty dike.  Established residents were uprooted and sent to cities and states far away, so that they could not return, after redevelopment took place.

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    Al Diaz, Dawn DelVecchio Spirit, Mind & Money: A New Conversation about Service

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    Al Diaz and co-host Dawn DelVecchio share their insights on Spirit, Mind & Money: A New Conversation about Service.

    Saturday, November 21st  10am PST

    Dawn DelVecchio is a professional writer, marketing consultant and entrepreneurial business coach. Her diverse career path has included such varied work as: professional kick boxer, kick boxing coach, herbalist, ceremonialist, astrologer, magazine editor and luxury travel writer based in Thailand. Until recently, these diverse career paths shared one common denominator … they kept Dawn locked into financial struggle.

    Today, Dawn attributes the transformational change in her personal, professional and financial life to courageously following her dreams in a way that seemed completely illogical at the time, but ultimately led to her ability to live a life by design. 

    That design includes living in two incredible locations annually: Sedona Arizona and Chiang Mai Thailand. It also includes the incredible success of her first book, Spirit, Mind & Money, which recently hit #1 best seller on Amazon in the Women & Business category within a few short hours of launching last month.

    Dawn understands firsthand the painful disconnect that happens when heart-centered helpers don’t address their relationship to money, and she’s on a mission of sorts, to open up a conversation on this sometimes taboo subject. Her goal is to support people who are called to have a greater impact with their work, so they don’t get stymied by subconscious blocks, faulty vows of poverty and what she calls “Unexamined Money Mantras.”

    To contact Al Diaz: al.diaz4love@gmail.com 

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    PROPHECY ALIVE WITH PROPHETIC COMFORT! Tonight, "Frustration"   Overcoming the Frustrations of Your Assignment  

     The frustrations that come along with your assignment is to separate the "legitimate” emotional feelings of frustration from its full blown negative response. The emotional feeling of frustration deals with the pain and agitation that stem from obstacles which hinder your assignment. But the negative response to frustration deals with the wrong behavior and faulty decisions made as a result of the frustration. Elijah was called to put Jezebel in her place, but instead he ended up in a cave. The problems that frustrate you the most are usually the problems God has called you to solve. And Jezebel proved to be one problem that Elijah refused to solve..

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    Stories We are Afraid to Tell

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    Each of us as individuals and as groups may decide that it is too painful or dangerous to share important parts of our story. What is unspoken cannot be examined for facts that are incorrect or assumptions that that are faulty. Serious life problems may go unsolved preventing both individuals and groups from transforming lives for the better, allowing self-destructive behaviors to continue and preventing more creative living to emerge. Individuals, families and even whole societies my feel stuck in modes of life that are unproductive, unhappy, and missing opportunities to experience joy instead of misery.  Tonight's episode will explore aspects of saying the unsayable.

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    The Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos Show with Tim Cox of 3D Areola & Medical Tattoos

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    Tim Cox loves tatoos and he especially loves doing 3D tatoos for women who have gone through Breast Cancer. Areola are a small circular area, in particular the ring of pigmented skin surrounding a nipple.As a Medical Tattooist Tim Cox  does a wide variety of intricate tattooing. scar camouflage, 3-D areola tattoo, collagen induction therapy, Burn scar camouflage, eye liner, eyebrows, lips. He also does high end custom tattooing as well (ie; portraits, photorealism, cover-ups etc.)

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    Relationship Coaching! Who Needs Them , And Where Can I Get Some? Alicia Speaks

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    Relationship Coaching Is Back, Again!  Just Who Need Them? And Where Can You Get Some Of Them?   Please, join the Tribe, my guest and I Alicia Speaks.   For an 1 hour of lively discussion on the topic of Relationship Counsellors. We will be putting the life back into Partnerships, Contractual Agreements , Companionships, Letters Of Memorandum, Spiritual Agreements, and Significantother's / Significant Other's Contract

    The definition of the word Counsellor Synonyms, Counsellor pronunciation according the the dictionary  is a faulty member who advises students on personal and academic problems, career choices. However, we will be referring to Counsellor who advise other adults on life choices. Our featured Guest will be Alicia Speaks, from www.heart2heartrelationship.net

    The diffinition of these two newly coined terms. MEMORANDUM: A note or record make for future use.   Significant Other, A person with whom someone has an established romatic or sexual relationship. call in at the following number 1-646-478-0270.

  • How Bone Broth Can Eliminate Chronic Disease

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    Bone broth and its healing benefits have been around since the beginning of recorded history.  Our ancestors from every culture around the world have made various versions of bone broth and have known about its nutritious super powers. In fact, it is only in the more recent generations that the knowledge of the benefits of real bone broth has been all but forgotten.  As convenience foods and microwaves were invented and house wives decided to go into the market place, the long hours of slowly cooking bones began its steep decline into history.  

    However (and luckily), with social media and the ever expanding wellness industry, terms like “ancestral nutrition” and “paleo” have reminded us of the importance of returning to real foods and remembering the words of our grandparents: “Eat your soup, it’s good for you.”

    In this episode, Dr. Budweiser, founder of Weiser Living, will dig into this age old superfood and share with you why you should be reviving this ancient recipe and reintegrating it into your daily diet.

    He will cover the following points:

    A Brief History
    The Nutrient Powerhouse Of Bone Broth
    Gelatin, Collagen, Cartilage, Bone and Marrow
    Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals
    Packaged “Broth” Vs The Real Stuff
    Bone Broth and Osteoarthritis
    Bone Broth and Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Bone Broth and Mental Health
    Bone Broth and Sports and Fitness
    The Secret Fountain Of Youth
    Digestive Disorders and Gut Healing
    Bone Broth and Cancer
    How To Make Bone Broth
    Recipe Information

    … and much, much more!

    Meanwhile, be sure to go to www.WeiserLiving.com for more recipes, articles, products, videos and more!

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    Mark West - Author - A Journey to Emotional Freedom - NashvilleAAE

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    Mark West is founder and Director of the Theotherapy Project and is also a Family Mediator trained according to the standards of professional conduct under Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 with additional training in special circumstance of domestic violence.  He has a Masters Degree in Christian Education and serves as an instructor at prison seminars and inmate facilitator training classes.  He is responsible for interfacing with individuals within the judiciary as well as within the corrections community regarding the Theotherapy Project program and its relevance to corrections.  Mark is also an ordained minister with over thirty years of pastoral counseling experience in helping families and youth in crisis.  He, along with his wife Dana and their two grown children live in the Nashville area.

    As small children, we develop beliefs that come as a direct result of the things we experience in our family of origin...whether those experiences were good or bad. Throughout our lives, these strongly held beliefs have deep and lasting impact on our choices, our relationships and the way we view God even as adults. Because of childhood trauma and pain, we sometimes begin to believe lies about ourselves, our relationship with God and our place in this world. Faulty belief systems very often result in dysfunction, depression and destructive behaviors. Understanding God’s unconditional love for us along with the application of sound biblical principles of conflict resolution will bring about deep emotional healing. We can then move beyond the pain of the past and into a place of sustained emotional health.

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    EspreeNet News - Episode 0917

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    On this program: President Obama encouraging eligible lawful to become US citizens, Senate Democrats block 3rd disapproval vote on Iran deal, Fed keeps interest rates unchanged for 82nd straight month, GM agrees faulty ignition settlement, This week in court and much more.

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    TJ Morris ACO's Xeno Linguistics Group w/Emily E. Windsor-Cragg

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    Emily E. Windsor-Cragg, BS MA English Mystical Wisdom. We the People share a common ideology of Wisdom; the same quotes get printed time-after-time in our print media. It seems like a good idea to create a coherent format, a container to put Wisdom IN so it's easier to swallow and quote to our children. Pictures help put across the focus and meaning that we obtain from this English-language culture we live on, so what is familiar makes sense in a wholistic way. Yes, I'm speaking somewhat tongue-in-cheek here. RE-RENDERED NASA & ASTRONOMY IMAGES, so you can actually see something meaningful. A speculative essay has been produced to show how Bureaucracy and Hierarchy are inimical to good Science; that square camera lenses ought to take square images, that 72 pixels per inch can be overcome visually with improved focus, and that the content of Scientisitic imagery in Astronomy and Space Science has disgraced the discipline of validating visual evidence. As a secondary thesis in my manuscript, I speak to the effects of ALL Hierarchies upon any movement on the part of the populace to solve any problem with consensus problem-definition, with wisdom and reasons. Hierarchies operate from dogma, doctrine, policy and procedures that pay little or not attention to the outcomes their faulty data creates nor to the fact they're not-seeing. Author, Emily Cragg, is an eclectic soul and was adopted out of the Elitist bloodline, grew up in the Garment Industry. Survival skills include crochet, health & home-schooling as important to hoard in this down-turning economy. Books by Emily deal with Community Development ["Civil History"], promotion of Leadership skills, governance by consent and semantics. Goal: to know and understand what's really going on in our Galaxy. With Faith, Hope, an attachment to Truth itself, we'll get there