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    Beatle Paul is dead separating fact from fiction

    in Pop Culture

    Beatle Paul is dead - with guest Tina Foster Part 3 of 4
    Tina Foster is an attorney practicing in Seattle and has researched the area of doubles and imposter-replacements, focusing on Paul McCartney, since 2008. She has examined how they are used in psy-ops by intelligence, military, and the entertainment industry. 
    Some of her research is posted at Plastic Macca - Paul is Dead: plasticmacca.blogspot.com In the world of truth seeking, it doesn’t get much bigger than this topic and it is extremely difficult to separate truth from fiction, rumour and misdirection.  And what of the physical evidence, Francesco Gavazzeni (information technology – computer scientist) and Gabriella Carlesi (expert in anatomy & craniometrics) have proved that Paul had been replaced in 1966.
    Listen to the whole show without interuption at

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    NCK & Friends

    in Spirituality

    I am joined again this week by Tina Foster and we continue our discussion of the the PAUL IS DEAD/FAUL phenomena.  Was Paul McCartney killed and replaced in 1966?  Was it just Illuminati directed Astral mind control that redically changed McCartney and The Beatles forever?  Be a part of this fascinating discussion late night Monday @ 1230 am.

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    in Spirituality

    A special treat this week!  Tina Foster (http://plasticmacca.blogspot.com) joins us for an absolutely fascinating discussion of the Faul McCartney/Paul is Dead phenomenon.  Hear why she believes original Beatle Paul McCartney was killed and replaced with a double, aka "Faul", and be prepared to learn of the staggering spiritual motivations and consequences behind it.

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    Rant Sports Radio Episode No. 21

    in Basketball

    Join us for Rant Sports Radio on Wednesday, October 31 as we welcome Rant Sports writers Brad Berreman, Kase Brammer, and Allen Faul to the show!
    We'll be talking fantasy football, NFL Mid-Season Players of the Year, and week 10 in the college football schedule!
    Make sure to follow us on Twitter @RantSportsRadio for more details!

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    The Friday Farcast - Is Paul Dead?

    in Paranormal

    Grab your oxygen tanks, we're going down, slipping through a crack in the world, entering into the labyrinth of illusion and mystery, with the Canadian based researcher, Clare Kuehn,  Clare is a medieval scholar, who has turned her formidable research skills on some of the most conroversial topics of the day. We're talking JFK, 911, free energy and the mystery of Paul McCartney.
    Clare has appeared on the radio with Jim Fetzer and Kevin Barrett exploring the dark crevices of 911.  She's also contributed to a series of powerful aricles on JFK at "Veterans Today."
    On today's show, we'll peel back the layers of the mystery of the man called, "Paul McCartney,"  We'll discuss whether or not Paul is actually Paul and if he's not, then who exactly is the man we know as "Paul"?
    You don't want to miss this episode.

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    74-When do you change direction? In media? In subject?

    in Art

    Artists, when do you change direction? In media? In subject? What prompts this change in your work?
    Pre-record for the show by Wed midnight at 419-862-5665, introduce yourself, talk about your work and how and when you change direction. What does this mean for your collectors?
    Annette Coleman, AnnetteColemanArtist.com, Jim Caldwell, ArtworkNetwork.com, 88 88 ArtLook, 8888ArtLook.com
    Suzanne Frazier, SuzanneFrazier.com,
    Gary Parkins, GaryParkins.com
    Gretchen Hill, GretchenHill.com
    Linda Sole Faul, LongmontStudioTour.org
    Linda C. Everson, LindaCEverson.com
    Tom Supensky, TomSupensky.com