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    Media Response Updates About FATCA and FBAR

    in Politics

    Taking your calls regarding FATCA and FBAR as well as talking about the ZOOMER magazine article, Reuters story on this issue and I've had a response from our finance minister. Our next show will be aired for you on Friday Dec. 2 at 8:30 p.m.! Please tune in then, we look forward to speaking with you.

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    FATCA, FBAR and You

    in Finance

    Are you an American citizen now living in another country? If so, you might not be aware that you still have tax obligations to the IRS, even though you may be paying taxes to your current country of residence. On this week’s Goldstein on Gelt show, Doug speaks to CPA Ron Zalben, who talks about the FBAR and FATCA tax forms, what they are, and why it is so important to file them.

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    The FATCA Foley

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    FATCA, otherwise known as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, has serious unintended consequences which may affect every tax payer in the United States.  Let's discuss this ominous bill and what the implications may be.  Call in with your opinion now also toll-free 888-773-4496.  Look forward to hearing from you.

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    WWIII, Russia Builds, FATCA Fiasco, Chrislam false, Prophecy Headline News

    in Religion

    Don't miss This!
    WWIII or not, Russia Builds, FATCA Fiasco, Chrislam falsity and more  on Prophecy Headline News. Join the Watchman today at 12 noon on Warn Radio

    As Fear over the Russian Buildup in Europe continues Ebola hit west Africa is gripped by the Terror plague. Obama is petitioned for Alaska to secede to Russia while Major Christian pastors push Chrislam. On the foreign front expats know full well the point of FATCA and the payment begins this June.  The USA meanwhile is encircled by enemies as Russia and Iran both push for bases and contacts in the South American and Caribbean corridors.  In the USA worried citizens are talking about Black Hawks clipping their way around the cities in a move reminiscent of Red Dawn. We simply have no right to deny and no defense.
    Then there is the rest of the story...on Prophecy Headline News at Noon!

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    This show offers Biblical analysis, factual information, and viewpoints, which are intended to be useful in arriving at an understanding of the events of our Prophetic time period. This show also has other articles, from which we have gathered factual information and other viewpoints on matters of interest in helping you to gain further insight into the conditions in America and the world.

    Go to www.warn-radio.com  www.warn-usa.com  www.wingswatchman.org

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    FATCA and FBAR Discussion Of Consequences to Ex Pats

    in Politics

    In our first show we'll be taking calls to hear your stories and questions related to the "Hire" legislation. Have you taken steps to renounce? What are your feelings about this issue? How has it affected your family? Did you even owe any taxes? Call in to discuss these and other issues related to FA*T*CA and F*U*BAR. This is your radio show and chance to speak up!

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    Pt 1: Do White Protestant Christian Lives Matter? | Pt 2: Simon Black

    in News

    Rick rips the silence of Barack Obama, the establishment news media, and the Democratic Party Far Left over the execution of Christian students yesterday in Roseburg, Oregon. He asks, “Do white Protestant Christian lives matter?” Rick also wants to know if the gunman was a frequent visitor to Rightwingwatch.com. Rick also reports that Chinese fighter jets will soon join the Russians in Syria. In Part 2, Sovereign Man Simon Black talks about how American citizens are being squeezed out of offshore investment opportunities because of FATCA, and ways Americans can obtain second passports.



    Download MP3

    Simon Black | Sovereign Man

    Read more at https://www.trunews.com/friday-october-2-2015-simon-black/#AHP36tpe0bP7PBFz.99

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    KITM/News/Suge Knight/Currency Law - FATCA/Go Fund Me Rejects Slager/ ROSEBUDD

    in Radio

           Hang on to your hats and prepare your EARS for the sound festival they will come to learn to appreciate.  KINGS IN THE MORNING – we doin’ it baby!!  347-205-9366 is the number for all the JAY KING NETWORK shows function from, so call in, and fall in – we will keep you rolling on the floor ROTF ballin’.  Tickles to the brain, and schooling for the insane – you got to try us on, and see how well we fit.  Tell your friends, spread the word to your relatives – its ON like POPCORN!

    THEN –

                This man has seen the world through the eyes of a man of confidence.  In other words, he's been around and has Godly and worldly knowledge that will benefit the men of today.  These are important elements in life to learn and grow on.  Rosebudd is open to a lot of things and is willing to share his techniques of overcoming the fear of rejection with you. You've seen him in American PimP and now you can speak directly with him via the askrosebudd show. Knowing him will expand your knowledge and increase your confidence in yourself. His methods teaches you to search the one place you haven't ever looked to gain confidence . . . inside yourself.  Yes there is no confidence in this product or that product. Your confidence comes from within and the askrosebudd show will help you reach it. Isn't the game of life about learning and living life to the fullest? Call in to the show 347-205-9366 is all you need to do to get in touch with him. Rosebudd is an author with over 20 books to his credit. And now let me introduce you to the one and only Rosebudd Bitterdose

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    Andrew Hoffman--The Death of All Credibility! #2624

    in Finance

    Fed meeting!

    -all about death of their credibility

    -can't let stocks fall for even a few percent with economy, confidence collapsing

    -GDP report, and ALL economic data - worldwide!


    Chinese QE?

    -would be global game changer, and presage Yuan devaluation (and likely gold reserves announcement)



    WAR ON MONEY! - per article yesterday

    -capital controls, NIRP, FATCA/FBAR

    -JPM no coins in safe deposit boxes, no big cash withdrawals

    -Switzerland, closed all loopholes to NIRP

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    Trunews April 16, 2014

    in News

    lex Newman, an international journalist, educator and consultant drops by in the first half of the show to discuss the underpinnings of the socialist global taxation scheme that has been birthed with out of Obama's Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, otherwise known as FATCA. Later in the program, Augusto Perez shares from the wealth of testimonies and prophetic events he experienced while on assignment from God in Honduras. In particular, from his opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus inside some of the country's poorest public schools.

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    Recent Renouncing Articles, Call Ins Regarding Renoucing

    in Politics

    There have been exciting news articles this week. We'll be talking about those articles and taking your calls with comments and questions. We will be talking with an investor whose blog has been speaking to the FATCA and FBAR issue for many months now. 

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    Why U.S. Tax Laws are Unfair to Expats

    in Finance

    Meet Jim Jatras, a specialist in international relations and a former State Department official, who explains what FATCA is and why he thinks it’s one of the worst pieces of legislation for American citizens. Can FATCA achieve anything positive, or should it be repealed? Find out more by listening to this week’s Goldstein on Gelt show.

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