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    The Power of Poetics Blogtalk Show Welcomes Poet and Author Safiya Stewart!

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    Safiya Stewart is a training and development professional and poet in the DC metro area (Silver Spring, MD). She started writing poetry years ago at the age of nine. Her life and love of poetry drove her to write her first book, Poems of Love and Life from a Simple Black Girl. When she is not writing you can find her with the first love of her life, her son. Her book is available at Amazon.com. She has also been published is such literary magazines as Vox Poetica and you can view her other work on her creative writing blog, Poetry for Life @http://ssspoetryforlife.blogspot.com/.

    One reviewer wrote, "Some of my favorite poems in the world are in this book! I feel every word, followed by feelings of comfort and gratitude for the bravery and personal growth it took for her to share her truth. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It inspires me to do my own writing, my own growing and my own inspiring."

    For additional information about Ms. Stewart, please visit http://www.meetup.c om/DC-Poetry-Project/messages/boards/thread/48639106

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    The Power of Poetics Blogtalk Show Welcomes Esteemed Poet Gary Malone!

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    Gary Malone hails from Athens, Alabama and is a well-known spoken word artist and teacher. His work is regularly acclaimed for its lyrical nature, rawness and honesty. Through the art and craft of spoken word poetry, he has been able to capture the emotions and feelings of a number of issues including race and class, politics, spirituality, love, and often the heartache of life. 

    A frequent guest on national blogtalk radio shows, Gary blows listeners away with his unpretentious style, skill and delivery. So please tune in for an evening of great poetry and dialogue. An open mic session will follow Mr. Malone's reading. 

    "So Good," "Wow," "Strutting Down the Street," and "Playful Children" http://www.internetaudioguy.com/iag/freemusic/mp3downloads.htm

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    The Diva's 205th Blogtalk Radio Show

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    Join the Diva of Days as we discuss this week's show. Topics include Hope/Aiden, Sonny/Will/Paul, Brady/Melanie, Victor/Clyde/Kate, JJ/Eve/Paige. We will also be discussing the firing of Gary Tomlin and the hiring of Dena Higley as new Head Writer.

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    CUFFED? A Film About Addiction, Recovery and Life With Angelica Hester

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    Today it's with great pleasure that I welcome to the show director, editor, producer and creator of Little Birdie Films, Angelica Hester. Angelica is here with us to talk about her latest project, an feature length documentary film called CUFFED? a film that's meant to explore the most important questions about addiction, recovery and life.

    CUFFED? follows the lives of Amir, Daniel, Bart, Tonya, and Gary, all people who have been irreversibly affected by addiction. Their stories are accompanied by expert commentary from highly regarded doctors, therapists, and government officials who have dedicated their lives to the study and treatment of this disease. CUFFED? highlights the arguments of both pro- and anti-Methadone groups in order to investigate the administration, use and misuse of Methadone. In addition to the discussion of current methods of treatment, CUFFED? also brings to light different programs in development to combat addiction without pharmaceutical substitutes. The effectiveness of one-on-one counseling, meditation, 12-step, and yoga are all explored.

    To get involved and support CUFFED? through their Kickstarter campaign, Click Here.

    To check out CUFFED? on Facebook, Click Here and for Twitter, Click Here.


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    The Power of Poetics Blogtalk Show Welcomes Sanctuary the Poet!

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    Sanctuary is a lyricist, poet, and spoken word artist who hails from Alexandria, Virginia. Specializing in urban poetry and prose, he has been writing poetry for almost 15 years. He is an avid reader of many genres of poetry but is particularly attracted to the works of the legendary Tupac Shakur. To find out more about this amazing artist, please visit http://www.sanctuarythepoet.com.

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    Growing HOPE with Kathryn Lang

    in Women


    Let's get RADICAL! If we want to have a life that breaks through the ordinary and expected then we have to be ready to make radical moves.



     Visit the Growing HOPE website and remember to sign up to receive your free download of Scripture Reading List today.

    Connect with the Christian Women Affliate.

    Join Kathryn as she teams up with Lynn, Caroline, and Vahlia on the Discipling Women: Damage Control

    Background music for the RDCSS ad and the Discipling Women ad were provided by Kevin McCleod at InCompetech – check out the wonderful music offered by InCompetech today. 

    Check out Stephen Dorning and pick up your copy of Stars of Kanri.

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    Growing H.O.P.E

    in Women

    Today's show:

    This week on Growing HOPE, I will be sharing ideas for breaking free of the ordinary and convenational thought of "I've always done it that way." It is time for you to live that unique life of peace and joy with a boldness the world will not be able to ignore.




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    Girl on the Edge: A Film By Jay Silverman

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    Based on a true story, Girl on the Edge is a powerful drama from the co-writer of Blue Valentine, Joey Curtis and the Executive Producer and Co-Creator of A&E’s The Cleaner, Jay Silverman. Girl on the Edge follows the journey of a young girl struggling with the aftermath of a horrific trauma, the toll that it takes on her family, and the last chance she has to overcome it in the most unlikely of places.

    Here with us today to talk about the film, the inspiration behind the film and so much more is none other than Jay Silverman. 

    Jay Silverman has excelled as a leading Director, Producer, and Photographer for over 30 years specializing in award-winning television, digital, and print campaigns; having worked with renowned celebrities such as Denzel Washington, Beyonce, Quentin Tarantino, Jamie Foxx, and Ray Charles.  His advertising clients include IBM, Coors, Panasonic, Disney, Budweiser, CBS, ABC, Pepsi & Apple.

    Jay Co-Created and Executive Produced A&E’s “The Cleaner", starring Benjamin Bratt; an hour long drama based on a real life interventionist who uses unorthodox methods to save lives of those who battle addictions.
    Other notable shows include “Roots 30 Year Anniversary Special” for TV One, “The Secret Things of God” for Fox, and “D’Jango Unchained”, a one hour special for Weinstein Company.   

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    Listen to Julie Frost talking about growing up in a military family

    in Military

    Listen 24/7 to this program that aired Feb 25, 2015  to Julie Frost talk about growing up in her Military Family.

    "My Dad was an active duty Air Force officer and pilot for 27 years. He retired as a Colonel stationed at the Pentagon after many moves and deployments. My big brother attended the Air Force Academy and followed in my father's footsteps as an Air Force pilot, top in his pilot training class."

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    Growing H.O.P.E

    in Women

    Today's show:

    You are unique in all the world - so why get in a box that was never designed for you?

    Today on Growing HOPE we are talking about how to break down the walls of the box and then refuse to get back in.



    Visit the Growing HOPE website to comment on the show and to read more inspiration and encouragement. Growing HOPE with Kathryn Lang

    Get a weekly dose of inspiration directly to your email with the Reflections Weekly email

    Become more connected with Growing HOPE and get updates on new book releases and events where Kathryn will be speaking or teaching by signing up for the Moment of HOPE monthly email

    Go on a intergalactic mission of unworldly design with Stephen Dorning - Stars of Kanri

    Learn more about the Christian Women Affliate or join today.

    Begin the journey to indie publishing or find some guidance for discovering your unique purpose with Peculiar Productions - because being normal is over-rated.


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