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    Tracy Stern and Renée Vara , SALON ART SOCIETY (SAS)

    in Art

    Tracy Stern and Renée Vara are pleased to present SALON ART SOCIETY (SAS), a cultural community of visionaries, intellects and art aficionados gathered to share their desire to embrace artistic experiences and viewpoints. Members are given unique access to the arts to spark experimental perspectives and new relationships. SALON ARTSOCIETY Membership is offered in three categories: Lifetime, Founding and Annual Members which provide priority access to a full calendar of exclusive SAS events and prominent listings in a social diary.SAS official launch event will celebrate the opening of NY Armory week on March 2, 2015. The SAS community, its co-founders and 12 SAS Ambassadors will invite their favorites to indulge their artistic impulses and support creative culture.Salons over the centuries consecrated the talents of great artists, writers, designers and intellects by gathering such visionary energies to indulge in exciting adventures, dinners, conversations, parties and performances, artists and literaries met and famously blended with fashionistas, socialites and royalty to manifest cultural history.http://www.varaart.com  http://www.tracystern.com/


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    Inside Hollywood - Real Celebrity Life with Ms. Cheevious: Lisa Jey Davis

    in Women

    Lisa Jey Davis is an award-winning writer, best-selling author, and a former television production talent manager who worked with musicians, fashionistas, celebrities and other characters for shows produced by MTV, CBS, the NFL and many more.

    She is the editor in [Mis]Chief at MsCheevious.com where she "brings the funny" into real life and love. The book by the same name is a new Amazon best-seller.

    Lisa Jey has made appearances on The Doctors TV show and the CW in Los Angeles (among others), talking women's health issues. She is a health & a fitness contributor for LiveStrong.com and blogs for the Huffington Post. Lisa Jey is also a certified Pilates instructor, Lagree Method trainer and yoga instructor.

    When she is not speaking at seminars and events, she offers personal fitness and weight management sessions and teaches fitness classes around the Los Angeles area. Lisa Jey resides in Santa Monica and enjoys every single moment of her life. 

    Visit http://www.mscheevious.com/   Twitter: @Lisajey @MsCheevious

    Connect with Deb at:  http://www.DebScott.com

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    269 Kinds of Fabric & Cloth Continues & New York Fashion Capitol

    in Fashion

    Why is New York a Fashion Capitol?  

    Simply, New York City is a fashion capitol because it is a place where fashion ideas are a reality- every day! It is a melting pot of fashion, glamour and style. It attracts people from around the world and serves as a magnet for emerging designers and fashions entrepreneurs. Many new fashion models’ careers jumpstart in New York. All new waves of design and innovative fashion trends begin first in New York. It is the place to be—for fashion.

    Fashion Styles
    New York City is the home of fashion style icons, all types of department stores and novelty shops. It is associated with the designs of fashion designers and numerous cutting edge newcomers. Bustling with an abundance of fashion designers and their students, the future of fashion styles represent endless opportunities for continued growth of the fashion industry.
    Fashion Events

    The city is famous for its trendsetters and fashionistas. Fashion Week in the city brings in the world's best fashion buyers, clothing designers, and magazine editors. It is a worldwide spectacle that bring to center stage the talents of attractive models, make-up artists, and celebrity hair stylists. The presence of so many talented people in one city is a combination for an explosion of fashion happenings.

    Economic Impact of Fashion Week
    Fashion Week is held in February and September of each year in New York City. It is a major event held in Bryant Park, which is the site of numerous fashion runway shows. The Council of Fashion Designers of America started in 1993 to organize, centralize and modernize America's runways. That helped to increase the impact of new fashions and the runway shows produced many rising stars in fashion designs. This is because they attracted the greatest concentration of design talent in the world. As a result , millions of dollars of revenue is generated during Fashion Week

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    Disposal Fashion VS. Recycled Fashion

    in Fashion

    Greetings Fashionistas!!!!

    Join me in a discussion on what disposal fashion is...Quality vs. quantity (essentially) and how it compares to recycled fashion.


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    Brilliance for Fashionistas!

    in Spirituality

    Bring out the Brilliance in You! Special Edition with Lauren DiLaurio of Feng Shui Fashionista ~ Lauren is a Vibrational Therapist, Chromotherapist, and Feng Shui Expert! She travels the world facilitating courses on the power of gemstones, color, color therapy, vibrational energies, and how it all relates to being fashion forward with the added touches of love, luck, wisdom, wealth, and health! Who says a true Fashionista can't have it all!

    We have the pleasure of hosting a unique magikal workshop that we will be taking on tour. Our first official scheduled date is Saturday December 4th from 10am - 1pm. The location is TBA and will be revealed to you shortly. You never know where we'll be revealing you!
    Today, we'll give the Brilliant Essence Radio Show audience the chance to get a taste of the magik delivered - Call in and get your very own one-on-one Fashionista Brilliance here Live on air!

    If you would like additional information on this one-of-a-kind experience, or for a reservation, please contact us at info@brilliantessence.com or events@fengshuifashionista.com

    Please visit Lauren's site to learn the depth of this fabulous individual at: www.fengshuifashionista.com

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    Pixinista 11-18-2014

    in Video Games

    Delicious fashion Geekery, all for you gentle listener. The bitchiest pixelated fashionistas on the internet.


    *Simulcast on Youtube - http://youtu.be/fDsvx_KoBfI*

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    Pixinista 10-14-2014

    in Video Games

    Your favorite pixelated fashionistas bringing you more of what's hot and and fashionable in the world of geek and gaming. 


    *Simulcast Live on Youtube-http://youtu.be/ddEp8XOi4QY*

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    Collective Fashion Radio

    in Lifestyle

    Collective Fashion Radio

    Join cohosts Nick K, Sarah & JerMagesty as they discuss all around the fashion industry.

    * Free ways to elevate your wardrobe

    * Premiere looks of the week

    * Trends that are so over

    * Mistakes even Fashionistas make

    * Trend alerts

    * Beauty myths

    To listen or join in, simply dial 646-378-1303.


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    Collective Fashion Radio

    in Lifestyle

    Collective Fashion Radio

    Join cohosts Nick K, Sarah and JerMagesty as they discuss the fashion industry.

    * Teens Vogue Awards

    * No shampoo method

    * Trends that are over

    * Ways to dress up your casual pieces

    * Launch Party Attire

    * Fall trends for shorter girls

    * Homemade lip scrub

    * 5 mistakes even fashionistas make

    To listen or join in, simply dial 646-378-1303.


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    Best Of Pixinista-11/12/2013

    in Video Games

    Enjoy this way back when Best of Pixinsta Episode! 

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    Pixinista 7-1-2013

    in Video Games

    The bitchiest of pixelated fashionistas grace the digital airwaves with more talk about what's hot in geek fashion, housewares and whatever!