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    U.S.A. and FASCISM

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    Please join me your host Sean Auten as I begin NWOTRUTHRADIO's first morning show as I discuss the history of fascism and the takeover of american politics. 

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    The Occult, Psychotronic War, and the Rise of Fascism

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    Psychotronic war, or the attempt to render armies and people helpless biopsychologically, and indoctrinated with the attackers ideology, has been develolped by several major countries. 

    With the new rise of both secular and religious anti-Jewish fascism, and the unholy alliance between the political Left and jihadi terrorism, ways of occult defense must be developed against these dark demonic forces.  Only the life-affirmative occult can stop it, and defend against it.  The ground is being laid for the emergence of the anti-Christ by these demonic forces.  The fight occult fight against the last anti-Christ, Adolph Hitler, can help us.

    Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Alesiter Crowley, Dion Fortune and others have worked on defensive shelds.  The Oranur experiment and the projection of life energy via "space guns"can neutalized the deadly demonic psychic forces (DOR=Deadly Orgonbe Energy).

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    Corporatocracy & Fascism

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    6/4/2013 Today's topic - Corporatism, which is a system of government also known as Fascism. We will be de-mystifying the topic and learning that the entire world is operating under this system; and we will be discussing what that means for us all. Hosts for today Jim Edmund and Kimberly
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    A More Perfect Union Or A More Perfect Fascism/Corporatism

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    A more perfect union or a more perfect fascism/corporatism!

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    Tonight's discussion:
    Whatever, buttercup
    Why in the universe do we?
    The advantages to fascism - power in the hands of a few

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    TRUTHTalk: “Dark Horse” of Global Techno-Fascism

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    For this month's TRUTHTalk edition of the show, Debra Rae welcomes Dr. Martin Erdmann, Ph. D., former Prof. of Philosophy at North Greenville University and director of the Verax Institute in Greer, SC. With expertise as a nanotech ethicist, senior scientist, researcher, & author, Dr. Erdmann systematically traces intellectual roots for “the dark horse” of a burgeoning New World Order—this, by fashioning the cultural-spiritual-techno framework for global techno-fascism. Enhanced with neuroscience-based human intelligence, the so-called “New Man” presumes to map this new trajectory for civilization. Will it be a utopian dream? Or Orwellian nightmare? You decide.

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    Trish Causey Discusses "When Fascism Comes to America"

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    "When Fascism comes to America..." Oh, wait. Fascism is already here, and it is alive and well.
    Trish Causey talks with Dr. James Miller about experiencing Fascism in action firsthand at the University of Wisconsin - Stout over a "Firefly" poster he put up.
    Jim Miller is a professor of Speech and Theatre at the University of Wisconsin - Stout, where has been employed since 1985. Growing up in Minnesota, he attended Concordia College in Moorhead Minnesota and then went on to earn a Master's Degree in Theatre from the University of Maine and a double doctorate in Speech and Theatre from Southern Illinois University. He currently teaches courses in all areas of Theatre and Speech Communication, and for twenty years (1987-2006), he was the Director of Theatre at UW-Stout. He is an actor, a director and a designer as well as a teacher, with more than 150 shows to his credit as director or designer over the last 35 years. He lives in Menomonie, Wisconsin with his wife Leslie.
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    Ferguson and America's Hidden Fascist Agenda

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    Ferguson did not come out of nowhere.  America has had a hidden agenda since the 1600s of racism, genocide, and militarism that can be traced on a critical path to the present.  This critical path is the course we are on today, and it has to be understood that the country needs a new direction and transformational leadership to get there.  Today we will shine a flashlight on the above seeds of destruction sown into the foundation of the American empire from the very beginning:

    Racism, Genocide, and Militarism from the beginning to the present.
     The Evolution of Fascism in America.
    Operation Paperclip, the New Jim Crow, and the Prison Industrial Complex.
    Bioweapons, the JFK Assassination, and the People's Temple.
    Global Pandemics, Agribusiness, and Africa.

    As always, you are cordially invited to call in.

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    With the US-EU coup in Ukraine, the Empire has emptied its limited bag of tricks for destablizing governments around the globe. Having exhausted its capacity to launch American invasions paid for by US taxpayers and seeing its terrorist mercenaries failing miserably to challenge the sovereignty of Syria using a Libyan-style coup strategy, it has resorted to bribery of corrupt puppet politicians in the former Soviet Union, traitors to the cause of freedom and democracy.

    Although Assad has not fallen, the goal of destablizing the government is succeeding, albeit at the cost of support of the US population and angering the impatient imperialist Netanyahu as well as the fascist House of Saud. This has emboldened the Empire to double down in Venezeula. The outlines of the New World Order get more clear, yet Americans and Europeans continue to see the obvious pattern. 

    What led so many Ukrainians to fall into the trap of welcoming the EU austerity that will surely follow in the wake of the coup? We discussed that question with Ukrainian economist Eva Bolton.

    Know the truth and the truth will set you free.

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    Master of Puppets: DefCon FUBAR

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    DefCon FUBAR: subjects engage in an orgy of materialism in this season of Hope as the puppet masters stoke the fires of division, denigrate law and order, diplomacy and authentic defense while upholding militarism and economic control.

    Our system is predicated on natural rights, obligatory duties, democratic delegation and republican enumeration and limitation, recognizing the vicious nature of man and pitting power against power to foster liberty. We’ve allowed the push and pull between democratism and power consolidation to smash liberty on the anvil of socialism with the hammer of fascism. We are the puppets in a game rigged by the masters, and we have been conditioned to choose it while directing our angst at the ‘other side.' There is no other side-only liberty or tyranny.

    Corporatism is private oligarchs control over government. Yet, the most useful tool of control is the corporatism of the mind. The oligarchs are the Master of Puppets and we are caught between the hammer and the anvil, but the desire for liberty cannot be smashed without the consent of the governed.  Without puppets, there is no master.

    Tyranny is assured UNLESS liberty-loving people band together right now to restore Constitutional governance from your own neighborhood on up to dismantling the Welfare/Warfare Party. Restoring sound money, free markets, Constitutional Militia of the Several States, religious and civil liberties and a sensible foreign policy of non-interventionism; or watch the statists in both parties push their corporatist agenda to their benefit and our demise. To defeat the lawless hordes of Cultural Marxists, collectivists, oligarchs, useful idiots and fellow travelers especially the Democrat-socialists, first you MUST CRUSH the Neocons. . .for liberty!

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    Carson's Corner: The Election Boycott Advocates.

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    The Election Boycott Advocates welcome a very special guest to the show. Deputy Editor at the Greanville Post, Alya Rea, joins the show to discuss the relationship between the United States, Russia and Ukraine.

    The Following is Rea's bio from the Greanville Post:

    Alevtina Rea is a researcher, analyst and writer and a strong supporter of social justice and human rights. For 7 years (2005 – 2012), she worked as an assistant editor with CounterPunch, a leading left political journal in the Anglophone world that exemplifies, along with The Greanville Post and a small cluster of sites, what an oppositional press should be like. She believes that “the role of the media is to educate, inform and shed light where there is none” in order to counter state-sponsored propaganda. Given the appalling criminality and atrocities committed by Western imperialism around the world, she believes that Russia—by opposing such power, and by her growing cooperation with Latin American and Asian countries— offers a new hope to humanity. Ms. Rea is also a contributing author to CounterPunch, Cyrano’s Journal Today, Uncommon Thought Journal,  and the International Journal of Baudrillard Studies. She can be reached at rea.alya@gmail.com.

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